Stealing the Friendship (Clip) – The One | Amazing World of Gumball (Season 6)

– So…
– Let’s get started Yeah, not really in the market for a sword I thought you were selling knockoff handbags. – No, there can be only one
– One handbag? No, one friend! Bad idea Yes! Give me the power of your friendship De- friendening empowers me! 🎵There can only be one🎵 🎵There can only be one🎵 – I think it’s on ‘cold’?
– Oh, thanks I’m a ghost, you joke of a jock!
All you’ve done there is turning one stick into two sticks Wrong. I turned it into the ghost of a stick! Uh- *faints in ghost* Gumball! I have defeated all of your friends but one YEAH! YE- Seems he got the wrong end of the stick Sorry, Darwin but there can be only one! I’ve absorbed the powers of Gumball’s friends Surrender to your doom, Darwin! *laughs hysterically* Darwin! Dang, he most’ve gotten that from Leslie! No one can touch HIM on the dance floor What are you doing? I’m using Banana Joe’s powers to irradiate them, it’s gonna take a while There’s only 360 milligrams of potassium in a banana

David Anderson

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