Starstruck Sally | Doc McStuffins Ultimate Safari | Disney Junior

Starstruck Sally | Doc McStuffins Ultimate Safari | Disney Junior

“Starstruck Sally.”
It’s always been my dream
to make a documentary movie about toy animals
of the jungle. We’re happy to help,
Wildlife Will. The first animal
we’re gonna film is the rare rainbow koala! But he’s really shy,
so we’ll have to be extra quiet. [Wildlife Will]
Oh, crikey! I see him! Quick, let’s– Hey! Are ya’s makin’ a movie? [all shushing] Hey! What’s that noise? Did ya’s all spring a leak? No, we’re just being quiet, because we’re trying to film
a very shy koala. Oh! Well, koalas are nice, but, uh, can I interest you
in a very stunning, highly talented giraffe
instead? I’m ready for my close-up! [shrieking, grunting] Ohh! That was a little
too close-up. The name’s Sally!
Did I mention I tap dance? Oh, people love dancing movies! -[feet tapping]
-Big crowd-pleaser! Sally, please lower your voice. Oh! (deepens voice)
Big crowd-pleaser! [feet tapping] Shh! (whispers)
Our colorful guy -is right there!
-We found the koala! -We found the koala!
-[Sally scatting] -We found– Ohh!
-Ta-da! [both exclaiming, grunting] -[gasps] Aah!
-Unh– Uh! Oh. I’m sorry. Sometimes when I dance,
I get a little carried away. Bonza! I’m got him! [Chilly]
Ohh, he’s so far up! It makes me dizzy! How are we gonna film him now? Hmm. Sally, do you still
want to be in the movies? More than anything! But I made
such a mess of things. I don’t think I’m ready
for my close-up. Maybe not, but that koala is. [Lambie]
Ohh! He’s so cutity-cute! [Wildlife Will]
Ohh! Good on ya, Sally! Thanks, Sally.
You saved the film! -Ya sure did!
-Bonza! I’d like to thank all of you’s who made this possible. Doc, my tap dance coach,
my jungle pub–

David Anderson

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