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Mirror mirror on the wall. Who is the spookiest villain of them all? Me! Ha ha ha ha! Bwahahaha! Ahhh. Welcome to today’s spooky edition of the Disney Princess Club Today we are going to be sharing some facts about the spookiest villains Disney Princesses have ever faced Stay tuned for some spooky facts If you dare! (evil laugh) Well, I love your outfit because of
the sparkles and I love this. It’s dramatic! and the poison apple on your face – what a pleasantry Maleficent I love your horns Thank you! So fabulous! Now let’s get into the spooky facts! Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Fact number one! Did you know Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is the first male villain to appear in a Disney Princess film? And he eats so many eggs! Ew, gross! (cheerful laugh) Fact number two! In Tangled, Mother
Gothel’s dress is from the renaissance from several hundred years ago to show
how old the character is (nervous laugh) What? Would you wear clothes that old? I bet it would be really itchy Great, now I’m the bad guy Fact number three! Ursula was not originally designed as a human octopus hybrid That’s right! it was thought that she’d be another species of a sea creature like a rockfish or a lionfish or have snake-like appearances. What kind of sea creature would you
want to be? Well, I would love to be a whale shark they’re like super big Good choice I’d like to be a megalodon because I’d be huge and scary Wow! Life’s full of tough choices isn’t it! Fact number four! Patience Iago, patience Jafar’s calm demeanor was originally meant for Iago His character was originally fiery
and hot-tempered! Your Majesty certainly has a way with
dumb animals Their personalities were eventually
swapped because they thought that a calm collective villain would be much scarier Yes (bird squawk) (screams) Fact number five! Listen well All of you! Maelficient’s outfit was meant to be as frightening as possible which is why her collar represents the wings of a bat and her long robe! Oh my! is supposed to heighten the feeling of drama (wicked chuckle) How quaint! (screams) it’s a bat! Fact number six! Dr. Facilier’s name comes
from the French word facile Which means easy the reason why they called him that
is because he was trying to lure people into giving him what they wanted at ease
without him having to work for it shady (evil cackle) Now we’re cookin’! All this talk about villains is getting me really spooked Me too Let’s get out of here! Yeah! Thank you all so much for watching And we’ll see you in the next video (evil laugh)

David Anderson

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