Spidey to Cap: “Roger That!” | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – LISTEN | SHORT

Spidey to Cap: “Roger That!” | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – LISTEN | SHORT

Dad, the school
bus is here! Dad: Don’t forget
your umbrella! Ah, OK. [thunderclap] I know it’s not always easy to
pay attention and listen when you’re busy
doing other things but it’s important. It reminds me of
a time I was with Captain America taking
on Green Goblin. [cackling] [engine revs] Moving rather slow
today, Captain! Ha ha ha ha! What’s going on? Green
Goblin getting you down? He just robbed a bank! Bye bye! [grunt] He’s getting
too far away! Let me use my web to sling
your shield even farther! You won’t be able to
control my shield. Here we go! Missed me. Why didn’t you
listen to me? I’m sorry. What
did you say? I said you’d probably have
trouble controlling my shield. Ahh. Sorry, Cap. Slow down and listen before you
do something like that. OK? OK, Cap. Try some “Splatter Pumpkin” on
me! Or should I say, “On you!” [cackle] Agh! You OK? Yeah, be careful, this
goo hardens up fast. Later! [grunt] [clatter] He’s after your
shield. It’s down on
the street. Let’s get it. It was right here. Not anymore! Looks like I have a new Captain
America shield! Do you like it? It doesn’t really
go with your outfit. [crickets] Too bad. It’s mine now. Say good
bye to your shield, Captain. All right, new plan!
Are you listening? You have my full
attention this time, Cap. I don’t have
my shield, but maybe there’s
another way to reach him. [taunting] I got your shield. How? If I throw you
towards Green Goblin, that may get you
close enough to use your
webbing on him. Great idea! [shout] [cackle]
Uh oh. I’m tired of
having pumpkin. Let’s try some
Goblin surprise instead! Captain: I’d like
to play too! I heard that! ♪♪♪ Try a second helping
of Pumpkin Splatter! [splat] Agh! Too much turbulence
there, Goblin? You’re looking
kind of green. Hey. Thanks for
listening that time. My pleasure. Let’s
clean this up. So that’s how I
learned that listening when someone
else is talking can save you a whole
lot of trouble. Thanks, Spidey! You’re welcome.
Spidey out!

David Anderson

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5 thoughts on “Spidey to Cap: “Roger That!” | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – LISTEN | SHORT

  1. Aneja KS says:

    1:18 Captain Weird pose to the rescue..!

  2. Cassie Spear43 says:

    I’m starting to have this feeling that in all the episodes of Marvel Super Hero Adventures, Captain America and Iron Man treat Spiderman like their son. Am I right ???

  3. SpeedyNabit says:

    Doesn’t spidey have school? ???

  4. Abilla Shofi says:

    2:07 Cap are you serious, you even jump over a fance


    Norman Osborn just robed a bank…

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