Spidey & Falcon Take Turns! Marvel Super Hero Adventures – You Go High, I’ll Go Low | SHORT

Spidey & Falcon Take Turns! Marvel Super Hero Adventures – You Go High, I’ll Go Low | SHORT

♪♪♪ Love a good spin
around the playground.I was going to
go on the slide!
I was! No, me! Me! [arguing continues] [sigh] But all good things
must come to… An end! Taking turns might
be a better way to handle this than
arguing about it. My pal Falcon and I
figured that one out when we got in
each other’s way trying to defeat the evil
villain, Hob Goblin. Looks like somebody made
their own drive-thru window. Hob Goblin blasted the
hole with some kind of ray and, and stole
all the money! Well, he won’t get
a chance to spend it if I have anything
to say about it. [car horn honking] [chugging engine] There’s that
high-flying Hob Goblin! He’s so far up there, he won’t even notice
little ol’ Spidey. Whoa! Whoa! Ah! Double whoa! Hey, Falcon, I was
swinging here, buddy. And I need to
get around you. I’m chasing Hob Goblin;
he stole my power-ray! Your power-ray? Well,
he made a giant hole in the bank with it and
stole a lot of money. So if you’ll let
me get around you, then I can catch him! [evil laugh] Neither of you will
every catch me! Hey! [crash] Now, that time you
definitely got in my way. I don’t think so. And now,
Hob Goblin is getting away. Not with Spidey
on the job. Falcon, can you just
stay out of my way? I’ll capture Hob Goblin and
return the money he stole. Sorry, but Hob Goblin
used the power-ray to rob the bank, so
I need to capture him before he causes
more trouble. But I have the perfect
plan to beat him. I swoop in from
above so he’ll be temporarily blinded
by the sun. It’s a good idea
but you’d be better swinging in from below. Whatever the plan, we
can’t both go after him at the same time; we’d just get in each
other’s way again. You’re right. We
should take turns until one of us
snags Hob Goblin. Well, since I’m your
friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, you first. Sounds good,
thanks Spider-Man! [evil laughs] With this power-ray, I’ll be able to rob
every bank in the city! And how many can
you rob without it! Ah! My eyes! [shriek] Your turn, Spider-Man! Agh! [shriek] Your turn again! I’ll take that, Hob Goblin! And I’ll take the last turn. Yeah! Gotcha! ♪♪♪ Hey! Taking turns was
twice as effective as going it alone. And, half as much work!
What do you think, Hobbi? What? [grunts] OK, tell you what. You can take the first
turn, going to jail. [grunts] ♪♪♪ Taking turns sounds like it
could work. Thanks, Spidey. You go first. Oh, thanks! ♪♪♪ Now it’s your turn! Thank you. I’m going
down super fast! Cool. I’m doing that
on my next turn! You see, now you
both get to have fun. And you get to do it
together! Spidey out!

David Anderson

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38 thoughts on “Spidey & Falcon Take Turns! Marvel Super Hero Adventures – You Go High, I’ll Go Low | SHORT

  1. LeeWolf lonewolf says:

    I love spiderman he's my hero

  2. Joshua Gautier says:

    Hobgoblin is crazy

  3. marvelousdcgeek 97 says:

    Weird mix between Falcon's classic and the MCU costumes designs.

  4. G B says:

    Horay for new episodes!! My nephew can't get enough of this series.. thank you!! 🤗

  5. Awesome Person says:

    Mark Hamill is my Hobgoblin

  6. Gabriel Portales says:

    I love the cute little lessons these videos teach.😍😁

  7. Super Bendy says:

    Isn't Roderick Kingsley a fashion designer? Why does he need money for? This is just like the Green Goblin episode.

  8. Steven Bossotron says:

    Isn’t hobgoblin Harry Osborn in a robotic suit

  9. Jaylen Mark says:

    Team work is AWESOME

  10. Eduardo Cordova says:

    We re Real Name of the Hobgoblin.

  11. Subzero says:

    Why spiderman sound miles

  12. Rana Hasaan says:

    Harry Osborn AKA Hob-Goblin Is Already A Billionaire Why Should He Will Rob A Bank

  13. Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal says:

    i like falcon.

  14. BeTheRRex says:

    I hope Spiderman and falcon will work together

  15. Static Gaming and drawing says:

    I'm nine!why an u watching this?

  16. not 911. K? says:

    Why does Falcon need a power ray anyways?

  17. David De Jesus says:

    why would they chose the voice actor of rocket to voice hobgoblin they should've brought back mark hamill to make it look like the 90s spider man

  18. RighteousRebel says:

    This is for babies

  19. Rocket & Groot says:

    This stuff coming out of you?

  20. Marvel/DC Woman says:


  21. viral patel says:


  22. Jane Johnsen says:


  23. BOBGOGONONO says:

    I this Ned or Roderick. I hunk this job is Ned based on design but it could be Roderick

  24. Enzo Chagas says:

    do a episode with spidey and docter strange vs myterio

  25. Devi Ch says:


  26. 1-Bit Bang says:

    Is this the Superhero Squad Show remake

  27. Daniel Rowley says:

    Falcon is the coolest bird

  28. Shayaanm 124 says:

    I like this

  29. Syeda Ahmed says:

    Doesnt spiderman take REAL problems?? What is he doing taking care of kids stuff???😔😪

  30. Sammy The Umbreon says:

    Sad cause I could never do this

  31. ricardo sonic fan says:

    God this the worst show ever

  32. Jad Anouti says:

    They were two ways to the slide

  33. Moza Rega Amari says:

    Hob goblin dude needs to rest hob dude hob goblin you look ugly 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  34. Gulam Nabi says:


  35. Afzal Mohammad says:

    Sam Wilson doesn't like Tom Holland and in this Falcon Doesn't like Spider-Man 😁

  36. Margaret Terleski says:

    Falcon is my kind of bird


    “He stole my Popeyes”

  38. Janice Gella says:

    spiderman is the most coolest superhero ever 😎😎😎😎😉😉

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