Special Walt Life Holiday Subscription Box Review | Disney Subscription Service

Special Walt Life Holiday Subscription Box Review | Disney Subscription Service

Oh Today we’re going to be opening up another wall type of box I’ll have linked down below all of the information about the Walt Life subscription Service along with other Walt life unboxing videos just like this one So make sure to check those out linked down below in the description I’d also like to thank Walt life for sending me this box to open it for you guys today But before we open it up, I’d like to take a quick look at the box It says your Walt life adventure begins and it has a lot of really fun kind of hidden Disney characters here on the side of the box. I love how it looks like a treasure chest Let’s open this up Let’s make a wish oh my goodness What This is so crazy In here since Walt life sent this to me personally to open for you guys They included this a very very special note and it says Merry Christmas And it has my name on it and then they also have here on the back a special Walt life member Ornament along with a little note from the Walt Life workshop elves. That’s so cute And they also have a fun little a nice list, which is so so much fun, and there’s little game there at the bottom This is so so awesome So thank you so so much again – Walt like for sending me this fun like custom box for the holidays I really really appreciate it and looking forward to seeing what’s inside. I see some other Fun little letters in here. Oh my gosh So Sarah included this super nice note for me kind of informing me about what life and the special fun Disney Disney Park items that come in each box and there’s even a little picture in there as Well, thank you so so much for the letter. I am very excited to be a part of the Walt life family There’s this really really fun holiday Little confetti in here. Oh My goodness is everywhere. Oh, oh My goodness, hold on a second. Oh my gosh Oh These really really fun Disney parks teacups socks They’re the tea cup attraction and their son. I love my crazy Disney sucks I love doing the Disney style outfits Make sure you guys check out my Instagram if you guys like to see some of those fun outfits And I’m hoping to bring some of that kind of DIY kind of outfit things to my channel. So these are so much fun I love the little attraction ride vehicles Disney parks Everything so this is amazing. I’m very excited to wear these or next I am here on top Is oh my gosh. It’s little Christmas decoration Make sure you guys check out my Disney Christmas room tour video. I’ll have it linked down below I’m gonna put this up on display right after I finish filming this this is a super glittery Winnie the Pooh Christmas tree decoration. It is all sparkly gold and it has the silhouette But we need the Pooh there on it. That’s so much fun. I’ve never seen this before I love the unique items that they send boo next in here. Oh My gosh, there’s so much stuff We have this Walt life coordinate just shared the magic with friends and if we put these won’t life glasses on We look at the light. Oh My goodness. Oh my gosh. It makes it hard when you look at the lady makes like a super big heart Actually like perfect for the holidays because there’s so many fun lights everywhere I also love the Walt length blooming on the glasses too. That’s really fun There’s a Disney Cupcake this is one of the plushy Disney cupcakes as a sorcerer Mickey. I love Mickey and love sorcerer Mickey and Cupcakes are so good as well. So this is a really really fun plush perfectly themed to my channel Keeping with the holiday spirit we have the Mickey Mouse holiday Funko pop, but this is pop number 455 I am very very excited about the holiday pops. They’re releasing this year and it’s Mickey Mouse He’s got a little game present and a special little Santa hat. They’re a little scarf on I Love Funko pops. I’m so so glad they include them in these boxes Along with a bunch of other fun goodies, and it looks like our last item in here is a box Um, what oh My gosh They’re ornaments they are Pixar sketchbook meaning ornaments from the Disney Store The Luxe of alham Buzz and Woody They like don’t sell these little series anymore and I’ve collected all of them, but this is the one that I was missing Oh my goodness I am so excited to add this to my Disney Christmas tree We have as always our Walt life coin We got an A this time make sure to check out my other Walt life videos if you guys would like to see What these little coins do also we have here our classic won’t like book Clark and it has a fun little game on the back And we even have the Walt life puzzle postcard and it has a little coloring page on the back as well And then of course, we have the super fun box inside along with the info for the Walt life social media Which I’ll also have linked down below. Thank you so so much again – Walt life for sending me this amazing box. I Loved all of the items so so much fun I love a little holiday items and everything so fun to get the surprise Disney merch right at your doorstep make sure you guys check out the Walt Life subscription service this holiday season again, I’ll have that information linked down below along with my Instagram Disney cupcake merch website and More videos, I’ll link down below in the description. I hope you guys check those out. It would really help me out So thank you so so much for watching this video Make sure to LIKE and subscribe to my channel for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m all about Disney and as always I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season and Remember to do it you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

David Anderson

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2 thoughts on “Special Walt Life Holiday Subscription Box Review | Disney Subscription Service

  1. Mouse Hunters says:

    We’re thinking about getting the Walt life snack box. you’re review was awesome!

  2. GhostOfDaniel says:

    Your videos remind me of my obsession with Disney. I grew up in the 90's and my wish as a kid was for Disney to build a Star Wars land. I was a huge Star Wars fan too. It's kind of a sad story but basically I worked my whole life to become a Disney Animator and actually made it. I was a top animator on some of your favorite Disney movies. But working there was not what I expected it to be. It's strange how a dream can become a nightmare. I no longer work there and became really depressed about all things Disney. Your videos remind me of better days. My advice: Don't work for them. Let it remain something you enjoy and love! Keep doing your own thing. I am slowly learning to enjoy Disney as an "outsider" again. Your videos are part of my therapy 🙂

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