Soul | Official Teaser Trailer

Soul | Official Teaser Trailer

What would you want to be known for on earth? ♪♪ JOE:
We only have a short time on this planet… you wanna become the person
that you were born to be? JOE:
Don’t waste your time on all the junk of life. HEDGE FUND MANAGER:
What am I doing? JOE:
Spend your precious hours doing what will bring out
the real you… the brilliant,
passionate you… that’s ready to contribute
something meaningful into this world. ♪♪ JOE:
I got the gig! I really need a
haircut today man, can you fit me in? Whoa! Whoa! Sorry! Aaahh! [Screams] JOE:
Ooof! ♪♪ JOE:
What the…? JOE:
Hello? JOE:
So, what do you want to be
remembered for? 22:
Probably for… doing this funny
cowboy dance? 22:
[Humming] JOE:
Great. ♪♪

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Soul | Official Teaser Trailer

  1. КОТ says:

    *Hello!Who has the letter A in their name, like it !!
    Please rate my videos!

  2. Animatizando says:

    I'm gonna cry

  3. maria sofia cuevas says:


  4. 100 subs without any videos says:


  5. Winston Haralson says:

    Guy drops into the sewer: *flashback to the real videos of people dropping

  6. Marilyn Jane says:

    this is sooo touching!!!

  7. Beni Hey says:

    I got shut while waiting on Joy and fellas. ?‍♂️

  8. Dimas Rianto says:

    It become no.1 trending just because it's from "pixar" not because it is a good trailer or a good movie nit even a good concept. Not gonna watch this.

  9. birdpills says:

    0:54 oOF

  10. Kumar Vaibhav says:

    Finally something original

  11. Sheeza Sarfraz says:


  12. Ghufron Ar-Royan says:

    bet me this movie gonna be a nominate in oscar

  13. Sheeza Sarfraz says:


  14. Sun Byul says:


  15. abderrahim elhamdaoui says:

    Pixar never fails to impress my mind

  16. PsPuNkS says:

    And the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
    goes to…

  17. Ofa KAUFUSI says:

    Jamie fox ?? ?❤️

  18. Kona And Other Things says:

    looks legit

    now I need to go outside and do something

  19. King Yoshi says:

    was it just me or did anyone else notice the van that said MOVIE IT I think it might lead up to something maybe penny wise might be in this movie

  20. Гулниза Шеркулова says:

    0:45 это же Тайная жизнь домашних животных то есть Макс я что-ли единственная тут по-русски говорю

  21. Goat says:

    Edit: thanks for all the future likes

  22. Neon Sun says:

    I’m honestly most excited that the trailer included AJR music

  23. Sebastian Lopez says:

    Pixar ideas
    What if toys had feelings?
    What if insects had feelings?
    What if monsters had feelings?!
    What if feelings had feelings?!
    What if Mexicans had feelings?!

    And now…

    What if musicians had feelings…

  24. ItsJairo says:

    Can we get a Inside Out 2, Coco 2 and a Wal-E 2.

  25. William McAlpine says:

    Is this another animated movie where the black protagonist gets turned into something else 30 minutes in


    We want more KitBull!

  27. Jiu-Jitsu Uncle says:

    Trailer: "Dont waste your time on all the junk of life"

    Plays Fortnite for 10 hours

  28. Mehriddin Nizomov says:

    Trailar:this cartoon is good

  29. theuglyname says:

    Cool, AJR…

  30. Ethic Ethnic says:

    I'm just gonna say it! I love this but, this seems to suffer from the same problem "princess & the frog" had, or even Dreamworks "Spies in Disguise", or disney's "brother bear". Non-White characters, in this case Black, who are not human for most of the film. Thus not properly representing said group. I also hope they have elements of African heritage in this film, since well, Black North Americans are apart of the African Diaspora. Just like Coco, had elements of the Aztec culture (a Native American ethnic group of Mexico) to reflect the Mexican Mestizo characters. Jazz like Rock N Roll & many other "western" music genres, originated from African descent male & FEMALE creators like, Sister Rosetta Tharpe etc. Jazz like Black North American cultures are tied to their various African roots, through percussion, instruments like the Akonting (precursor to the banjo) & etc. Finally, I hope that this film's reference to African American culture(s) is not dumbed down for the sake of being "relatable", which is often a objectively misguided direction. You don't have to belong to a culture to identify with it or in the least relate to its most basic human universals, especially when said culture is underrepresented. FINALLY, please let there be a bootylicious melanated Black female protagonist in this film, BigBooty-Culture does come from African Diaspora cultures after all (ex: Rap, HipHop, Reggae etc). Pixar makes PAWGS, so show the origin of that cultural shift, aka Black women/culture(s).

  31. MyLifeBruah says:


  32. Саргис Хачатрян says:

    I want to see this film in Rus

  33. Gina Cossiga says:

    Pixar and AJR: the collab no one expected but everyone needs

  34. Smelly Punk Rocker says:

    Oh my god!!! It’s not a sequel!

  35. Nova Minecraft and plush says:

    I want to be a replaceable baby’s toy!

  36. Strikefighter Xan says:

    Overture – AJR, The Click Album

  37. Spherical Boss says:

    Feelings and Emotions: exists
    Pixar: It's free real estate.

  38. John Smith says:

    Pixar: Dont waste your time on all the junk of life

    I don't like your tone.

  39. JEANS says:

    drop the blue borbs, RUINED. from SOUL to SOULESS

  40. test email email says:

    So I can't poop now.

  41. What? Ever says:

    At least it isn't sequel!

  42. zaddy ybbaz says:

    I dont get it, did he die?

  43. Tali J says:


  44. Dennis Shih says:

    0:22 Rare footage of me debugging my code

  45. lil mosey says:

    Newt movies please

  46. HypixelShqrk says:

    Who’s this joe guy

  47. Brent Pilgrim says:

    I’m 27 …it’s 10:30 am…just saw this…and that cowboy dance still made me laugh lol…I’m also a musician so definitely watching this

  48. Tali J says:

    When we all die where do we go?

    Do you get the reference? no? Ok.. XD

  49. Tali J says:

    How cute do you want the movie to be?

    Pixar: Yes!

  50. Adam Alemu says:


  51. Jimmehford says:

    finally something stylized by pixar

    took you long enough

  52. nyacem says:

    AJR !!! MY BOYS DID IT !!!

  53. Dan Mizu says:

    Great. That’s gunna be a fortnite dance

  54. Gp 7 says:

    If the music is this good at for the whole movie. I’m down to see it.

  55. Torontorapontop says:

    A Pixar movie that acutally isn’t trash NANI?!?!?!

  56. noah fick says:

    Love these new original movies from Pixar!! These sequels can become too much sometimes

  57. Captain Rogher says:

    AJR Overture (song) ??

  58. Justin Beaver says:

    Trailer: "Don't waste your time on all the junk of life"

    Me watching this in bed :

  59. Andy says:

    Am I the only one not getting this??

  60. Honest Abe says:

    this is going to be beautiful

  61. Captain Crunch says:

    Soul pixar animation: this thing is not gonna be good

    Trending:your chosen

  62. Shrilling Chicken says:

    Roblox: why stop
    JOE: Ooof!
    noob OOF: gOoD OOF lOl
    Roblox: YELL SWEAR 🙂

  63. Mimi Joseph says:

    Wait so did he die when he fell into the hole?

  64. Armand Castro says:

    How many of my tears do you need!? I cried in UP, the ending in Toys Story 3 and that one part with the elephant in Inside Out. Oh and let's not forget Coco. If this movie make me cry, Pixar and Disney can drown in my tears

  65. SeanAmarah's Channel says:

    i love it,,thanks for sharing

  66. ZiF says:

    Bruh logic 0:46

  67. Annadjib says:


  68. Honest Abe says:

    man the piano is beautiful

  69. flxwercxrpse says:

    This probably will make me cry somehow cos all pixar movies have made me cry at least once

  70. Derek Michael says:

    I don’t wanna think about dying tbh…

  71. Hawaiizbest13 says:

    LET'S GO AJR!!!!!

  72. Lera Leush says:

    Me: Wow, such a stunning animation and world full of colors, I love this already and it's gonna be great!

    Second half of the trailer: or better yet, here's an emoji wannabe in a literal void!

  73. Khanadian Geek says:

    Ok. Interested in everything except for Cowboy dance.

  74. Yannis Coetzer says:

    The music n this trailer (AJR) just made me wanne watch this movie

  75. Georgia Luderman says:

    I guess you could say this movie really has soul

  76. L0sts0ul says:

    I have no soul so this movie doesn't pertain to me.

  77. Bobby P says:

    The story of duke Ellington

  78. Official Colors says:

    Made no sense

  79. ZDonkulous says:

    I gotta say I NEVER thought Pixar would make a movie starring a black guy. With movies like Coco and Soul it's good to see they are being more diverse with their movies.

  80. YugiBrony says:

    This already looks better than Onward

  81. MrAstrothousand98 says:

    Only thing I loved more was AJR

  82. Lil Easton says:

    I like it already

  83. Jordan Baumer says:

    Heard AJR Overture in an ad, only reason I clicked.

  84. Germán Sanchez Recoba says:

    Se cayó por la alcantarilla y murió de ahí "Soul"(alma) fin

  85. Dustin Nathan says:

    AJR ????

  86. MCMaltcevHomemadeLifeStyle's says:

    This is Cool movie

  87. Germán Sanchez Recoba says:

    Y vean a ambos lados de la calle antes de cruzar porque puede que RL tiempo de duración del tráiler sea el mismo en que se pierde una vida muchachitos mucha atención ?

  88. Comictoon says:

    Whos joe?

  89. Wei Herng Lai says:

    Song is Overture by AJR

    Who is AJR? Discount Jonas Brothers, but better!

  90. A Person says:

    June 19th 2020

  91. Rennan Macena says:

    i am expected more

  92. MrPabgon says:

    J A Z Z

  93. jon smith says:

    No thanks

  94. Genesis Ansbro says:

    Seems like the main character maybe slipped into a coma of some sort of became unconscious but his conscious or “soul” went where no ones knows of.

  95. Ruz Danielle Garcia says:

    Fingers crossed because i bet i will cry in this film like coco and and finding nemo.

  96. Awesome club says:

    I love the backround music

  97. Samuel Morales says:

    I was liking it until the guy fell down the whole…

  98. theresey g. says:

    new york, babeyyyyyyy!!!

  99. Mista _Wo says:

    Everyone please pursue what you want to be remembered for !!!! Easier said than done, but that doesnt mean its impossible for ya.

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