Sonic the Hedgehog vs Shadow the Hedgehog Animation – Multiverse Wars!

Sonic the Hedgehog vs Shadow the Hedgehog Animation – Multiverse Wars!

Multiverse Wars Sonic versus Shadow Previously on Multiverse Wars Huh!? AH-HAA! Chaos Spear! You! Multiverse Wars Continues Well, if it isn’t fanfiction the hedgehog! You faker! You’re a disgrace to all hedgehog kind! Whatever you say Vegeta. Grrrrr! Huh? Grrrrrr! YAH! Grrr-YAH! Huh!? Guh. Grah! Pathetic! Ah, the truth can really hurt. Begone imposter! What? YAH! Ehehehehe. You can’t escape! Huh!? Hmph. Shadow grunts with effort. Gah! Hmph. You’re tough! Not bad for my rival. Sonic tries to hold in his laughter. AH! Your rival? Sorry but I already have a guy He’s called Metal Sonic Not, edgy dark Sonic Enough of your jokes! Show me your full power! Wow way to sound original Whatever, let’s do it. Both Sonic and Shadow scream. So, do we stare at each other for ten minutes now? No! This is for YouTube! Every second counts! YAH! Gah! Grah! AH! Sonic breathes heavily. Shadow breathes heavily. You’re hard to destroy! Destroy!? This is why you weren’t in Sonic Mania. I mean, even Nack the Weasel had a cameo. Stop trying so hard! Uuuuh! Your insolence ends now! Just shut up and spin dude! Both Sonic and Shadow grunt. Guah! The End? Stick around for the bonus scene. Mike Bettencourt – Writer, Director, Editor, and Producer. Youn – Illustrator and Animator Nicholas Andrew Louie as Sonic Tom Schalk as Shadow Music by Epidemic Sound. Check in the link in the description to join. I’m not done yet! Woo-hoo! Guah! Aaaaah! What!? Grah. Here we go! To be continued… Special thanks to the review board! Thanks for watching!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Sonic the Hedgehog vs Shadow the Hedgehog Animation – Multiverse Wars!

  1. Mike Bettencourt says:

    Thank you for watching! If you would like to contribute with subtitles for non-English speakers in your native language that would be a great help. You can check out more episodes of Multiverse Wars here:

  2. Jullian Murray says:

    One punch man 👨sonic

  3. Jullian Murray says:

    Sonic mani

  4. Julio Mora says:

    Vamos sonic

  5. Julio Mora says:

    Eata fakc

  6. Justin Bomberger says:


  7. maximiliqn stoqnov says:

    shadow never screams for he transform into to go super form

  8. toyota68ful says:


  9. LUAN vídeos says:

    No minuto 3:52 o mario apresi atrás da pedra

  10. Murilo Filho says:

    Make silver vs waluigi Battle

  11. latricia27 says:

    Do shadow and sonic vs wario and mario

  12. Billie Collins says:

    Do sonic vs silver

  13. Isabel Lopez says:

    Copias de Dragon Ball eso me cae mal que hagan sayayines Parece que son Goku😡😠😠😠😡😡😡

  14. Austin Thompson says:

    Sonic wins

  15. Jose Garcia says:


  16. marie gabrielle says:

    Sonic a gagne

  17. JuanAndresElChidori9 OOF says:

    Mario survived!!🤯

  18. Marites Mojica says:

    I think theres going to be a team war of mario and wario vs sonic and shadow becauce saw mario by a rock


    si lo notaron mario sale atras de una roca en el minuto 3:52

  20. Andres Sep says:


  21. Andres Sep says:

    Iowa's a shadowless no offense

  22. VV city says:

    3:52 Mario time!

  23. biju mon joseph says:

    super fdtcgghujgbu

  24. Super Mario 322 says:

    Mario vs Wario pls

  25. adita guzman says:


  26. adita guzman says:

    Vi a mario

  27. Risma Wardati says:


  28. Zenaide Ferri says:

    3:54 o mario la no canto ou impressao minha?

  29. Q Pencilart says:

    Wait Sonic’s full power is Hyper Sonic.. this is like Majin Vegeta vs Ssj2 Goku because Goku and Sonic both hold back.. Sonic has hyper and Goku has ssj3

  30. Maximiliano Silva says:


  31. Maximiliano Silva says:


  32. Sofia Fernanda Lemus Mejia says:

    Part 2 plis

  33. Rafael Rodrigues says:


  34. Duccio Loddo says:

    Sonic – il Film

  35. Keashonna Evans says:

    Mequon Sonic the Hedgehog 1

  36. ShadowWolf Playz says:

    Super Sonics spines are inconsistently Shadows Sonics And Super Sonics

  37. Salafin Ahmad says:

    i like sonic

  38. frank koffee says:

    So original just like all other YouTubers, original

  39. Acermani456 says:

    0:48 what's the song name for this tune?! ITS THE CWC BATTLE ROYALS SONG THAT PLAYS WHEN CHAD WILD CLAY FIGHTS A HACKER!!!

  40. Demon Boy says:

    WAIT I SAW MARIO!!!!!!

  41. T.K.O MEGA ANGRY5000 says:

    IS TIE!!!

  42. T.K.O MEGA ANGRY5000 says:


  43. Nasreen Akhtar says:

    Yup we want to see it

  44. Vertin Vera says:

    it was a tie

  45. Kyoya Tategami says:

    1:06 i love shadows moves and 1:10 i love sonics moves

  46. Kyoya Tategami says:

    3:17 love it

  47. reema singh randhawa says:


  48. Oscar Angls says:

    Shadow winer plis

  49. Milan Zinkevich says:

    3:19 LOL a 4th wall break

  50. Milan Zinkevich says:

    I though mario died when sonic killed him in the video of sonic vs mario

  51. Malik Whitmore says:


  52. noelia soria says:

    is like power shadow love

  53. lorenzo sahadeo says:


  54. Renee Bodi says:

    When Sonic said that did u see shadow's face.
    He was like


  55. minornoisy shadow says:


  56. Taytays Nummies says:

    are you serious thats it that cant be it who won who lost?

  57. Husbee All says:

    shadow:u faker ur a disgrace for all hedgehog kind!
    sonic:Whatever u Say …Vegeta
    Vegeta: Ur a Disgrace for all sayian kind Kakarotto!
    Goku:Whatever u Say Vegeta!

  58. Karina Batista says:

    eu qwelo sonic exe vs sonic

  59. Giancarlo Nunez says:

    Shadows a good character

  60. GROUPE RIADH EL FETH GREF Succursale HAMIZ 02 says:


  61. elizabeth nanua says:

    Nice video Mick bettencourt

  62. Cậu Tuấn Quảng Ninh 0978350768 - 0356488989 says:

    i like watching this video , thank you Mike bettencourt

  63. The Blockster says:

    Ha! Jokes on Sonic cause he wasnt in Sonic Mania either! Classic Sonic was 👌

  64. Avengerman9 and DC Comics man says:

    That was a sick burn Sonic

  65. Angie man says:

    Sonic is never this cocky, even when he was his most, he was never this level of cocky ness

  66. Tuğra Efe Tümtürk says:

    Sonic sonic

  67. evangla akins says:

    I vote for both

  68. estrela cadente says:

    que piada quero ver como se saiam contra o victor

  69. Gaming FireGodzilla says:

    Did sonic say Vegeta

  70. Rafael Alves says:

    I thought u and Sonic's rival was knuckles

  71. rocio palma says:


  72. Scrub MemeLord says:

    Screw Mario he couldn’t beat sonic on his own so he needed shadows body to stand a chance LOL

  73. Neisha-Rose Hines says:


  74. Dogememes forpwes says:

    Shadow is a Vegita clone

  75. Ball YT says:

    Sonic annoys more than shadow in fighting!

  76. Fnaf_ Gamer56 says:

    What ever happened to this

  77. yasho vardhan says:

    sonic win

  78. Kátia Camargo says:

    "Fan Fixion Hedgehog!"

    But he's oficial '-'

  79. StOrMZz Liam says:

    EggMan Made Shadow To Destroy Sonic So He's A Copycat

  80. kerry wright says:

    🌭🌭🌭 chilli dogs

  81. Jury Quitián says:

    me difrase de eso y pelee con mi amigo

  82. Sonic Boom says:

    Sonic Shadow 🤗🖤❤️💙❤️🧡👍💯

  83. yulien Yang says:

    I thought they are friends

  84. radswie lacaba says:


  85. Eric The Fox says:

    3:23 THIS is for YouTube Shadow

  86. Boo Savage says:


  87. cobe stern says:

    I like both

  88. Ociny Marius says:

    Regina the hedgehog

  89. Shane Cross says:

    Shadow is a stinking silly hedgehog

  90. Miriam Padilla says:

    Pie sí sistemas nerviosos

  91. Donna Stephens says:

    looks like sonic and shadow broke thw 4th wall

  92. la estrella Pahola salazar says:

    Sonic ❤️❤️❤️

  93. Noel Dolores says:


  94. EL _KAKASHI says:


  95. Cheryl Kirk says:

    Who do you guys think is more powerful?🤗😊

  96. Ana Todoric says:

    Sonic:oh shadow you look stupid Shadow:oh yeah you look a oh yeah you love eggman hahaha

  97. cherlen a cris fernandes says:


  98. Juana Balam says:


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