Something About Castlevania ANIMATED ? (Loud Sound Warning)

Something About Castlevania ANIMATED ? (Loud Sound Warning)

If you see my videos uploaded anywhere else, please tell me! (The whip’s sanctified) You know why you don’t have any friends? You’re a real pain in the NECK! Hehehe Ugh, another Belmont. I hate these guys. WO HO HOH HA HA HA HA HA! (“I’m not petrified?”) (Horrible screams) NOOOO!!!! Hey Belmont Number 5! I’ve been watching you. You know for a human, you’ve been doing pretty good. I already filled my soul quota today though, so you can just go home. H A L L E L U J A H ! Well, well, well.. Another Belmont here to send me back to the grave? (Incoherent Grunts) ..To put me- BLABRABRUHBLABLAGRABLABLALABLAHABA! Back in the grave? Die monster! You don’t belong in this world! (Dracula more like JACKULA) HALLHALLHALLHALLHALLHALLHALL LLELUJAH! The battle has consummated. Please subscribe! That really helps me out 🙂 Gosh, so many Patrons! Thank you all for the support!! (Shirts may be limited!) Why do vampires chew gum? Because they have BAT BREATH! Hehehe

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Something About Castlevania ANIMATED ? (Loud Sound Warning)

  1. mhypersonic says:

    Stand your ground laws shows that simon is an home invader dracula has every right to kill in self defense.

  2. Drew Higdon says:

    0:48 is my funni boy psychicpebbles

  3. VorteXium says:

    2:40 Simon does not care for words, and briefly becomes richter for one line.

  4. KiagoDangerous says:

    Crazed man with whip kill innocent people inside historic castle.

  5. The Salty Dog says:

    Die monster monster you dont belong in in this world

  6. Michael Murphy says:

    Can you remake castle vania in your art style

  7. Newest Boi says:

    Mernos grabs a skeleton, while nobody else notices.
    Everyone: Are you sure about that?

  8. jesus david molina quintero says:

    I Think he did some shortcuts through exploding enemies

  9. kristinpok says:

    Micheal bay

  10. genial gaspar Valencia Sanhueza says:

    2:17 bommmm

  11. pokéman145 says:

    yay this was uploaded on my birthday!

  12. Adelaide Abashov says:

    "You don't belong here" BITCH THIS IS HIS HOUSE

  13. Kezedrix says:


  14. fnaf boi says:

    2:53 and 3:00
    How every elite smash simon/Richter player I spam

  15. Larry Covington says:

    That Medusa part eliminated me

  16. Bones Trousling says:

    Holy water tutorial:
    1. Water.
    2. Put smash melee in it.
    3. Shake well

  17. electronic game boy says:

    Die monster! You don't belong in this world!

  18. Pythias says:

    you just made this look so easy

  19. Kani Henry says:

    My fav part 1:33

  20. ByrneBaby says:

    legit question: could death really be purged with holy water if he's a natural part of life?

  21. Christian Tovar says:


  22. homplun says:

    Good video ?

  23. Frost Gamer says:

    Belmont vs. Christian Kirby vs. Exorcist Luigi make it happen

  24. Gohobogo says:

    2:29 did you just use a Midi Gaur Planes in a Castlevania video?

  25. Aiden Gary says:


    Terminalmontage: explosions

  26. Big Doink says:

    What a horrible night to have a curse

  27. Ludwig says:

    Yo I loved the part where he simply knocks over the big bat, then it spontaneously catches fire ?.

  28. JAMES LE says:

    Dis guy isn’t messing around

  29. JAMES LE says:

    He’s christein

  30. lucario just for fun says:

    2:59 me

  31. Coding Mad says:

    all i can imagine is the power of christ compels you joke

  32. Electric Dolphin says:

    COPPA does not approve

  33. Blade Wilde says:

    This Video Isn't COPPA Compliant

  34. iamtungsten O says:

    Speed run

  35. iamtungsten O says:

    Speed run using hacks

  36. NoothanGaming says:

    Simon is the son of Kirby and destroyer with his holiness

  37. Stephan Zievinger says:

    Well that's was weird

  38. Jyuubi says:

    what is the soundfile that you used for belmont#5 meeting dracula??

  39. marielos flores says:

    1:42 , 3:00

  40. Тимур Гг says:

    Shit, my phone exploded

  41. Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia says:

    Ignored the wall meat.
    Worst interpretation of Castlevania ever.
    I like chicken

  42. Gabriel Aragon-Meier says:

    I am scared about coppa

  43. 2v02 says:

    Task: Restore faith in humanity
    Task completion start
    Goto 1:46
    Task failed

  44. Bootastic 4 says:

    “How many explosions do you want?”

    Terminalmontage: “yes”

  45. Meat Chan says:

    Lol you even got the cooked “pork chop” from the wall reference

  46. Gaming York says:

    Hey make RuneScape!! Something about it!!

  47. It's Me, Boltund says:


  48. William Harris says:

    Well look who joined DanTDM's dab police! ?

  49. The Living Gamer says:

    this is fine

  50. Andria McQueen says:

    if they made a castlevania movie it should b rated R

  51. Jose Gutierrez says:

    Nice megalovania remix.

  52. ZERO says:



  53. Mushroom Animated says:

    Me: You know why your stupid
    Idiot: Why
    Me: Because you are not subscribed to terminalmontage

  54. Beepy. He’s Tiny, but Stupid says:

    Ah yes, my favorite game, uh, wawazzit?

    “Another day of getting your undead home invaded by humans.”

  55. David Muniz says:


  56. David Muniz says:

    In the right

  57. David Muniz says:

    Frank after his dab got me with ?

  58. David Muniz says:


  59. simon olsen says:

    2:05 whispers Skeleton: Nani

  60. Morgan1Hay says:

    The Battle has CONSUMATED!

  61. Gravesyte says:

    well well WEEEEEEELLLL

  62. Ddavi Wolf says:

    I am Dracula, bleh bleh bleh

  63. Daniel 4000 says:

    2:48 Dracula mas como Jackula

  64. Zinedine93 says:

    I just wanted to thank the guy who did the french subs because he translates the joke at 0:18

  65. Ester 0017 says:

    Is fery nice

  66. that one guy says:

    That fucking strut

  67. ぶん太 says:

    十 ハ レ ル ヤ 十

  68. arrow smith says:

    You don’t have fucking uno!!!

  69. cakeba says:

    Please do something about Hollow Knight.

  70. froggerzard6606 says:

    Those sounds that the mummy made those are cod zombie groans does that mean there might be a day that you'll do a "something about nazi zombies" I can always dream I guess.

  71. Marceline Chan says:

    Me decenting to Hell 1:30

  72. Brian Masters says:

    2:53–2:55 that should be his final smash

  73. FredBear567 says:

    Simon: "die monster"

    Everyone: "wrong Belmont but it's still funny"

  74. Kevin Mitchel says:

    Was that…guar plains?

  75. Karnage 2010 says:

    2:43 Randy Marsh OMFG

  76. Slimer The food eating basterd says:

    2:53 how the flames act like in castlevania 2

  77. Lucario 3 says:

    1:12 sans???

  78. Elgran Polar says:


  79. John Calcano says:

    Simon Belmont: The Battle Has Consummated.

  80. CAPGAMER says:

    C mamo ?

  81. Desu's Variety Corner says:


    By Michael Bay…lmont

  82. Walter Comunello says:

    This is so delightfully accurate.

  83. Senior Pudú Mark II says:

    Drink every time you see a explosion.
    Possibly you end Dead.

  84. Endermage77 says:

    Just finished Symphony of the Night

    Can confirm the game gets exponentially easier as it goes on

  85. Long Armed crab says:

    2:27 simons face.

  86. Nemjuteszembe Semmi says:

    Somting abaut undertale

  87. Roo2Gaming says:

    0:13 when i lose at fortnite

  88. race craftr says:

    Is terminal christian?

  89. Araknair says:

    Everything exploding was a nice touch

  90. Hudh Ziyau says:

    if trazan was a op video game character

  91. SuperBastodon says:


  92. Jack Mintz says:

    Monster: *lives in this world*

    Belmont: ANGERY AS FUK

  93. lucas langraff says:

    2:38 here goes Vampire sans lol

  94. Branden Tafoya says:

    Well well ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  95. Kevin Soto says:


  96. JelloFruitIsADeadMeme says:

    Simon is just a boy Karen with a belt.

  97. Chat Chat CHATZO!! Sauce says:

    EVERY speed runner dream to get it that low for 3 minutes lol..

  98. luiginerd4 Productions says:

    Amazing that a evil that has plagued several generations of men can be taken down by one guy with a long piece of string and some Jesus Juice™

  99. Lordcole says:

    0:29 FBI OPEN UP.

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