Sofia Carson Gives Lana Condor a Disney Channel Wand Tutorial

Sofia Carson Gives Lana Condor a Disney Channel Wand Tutorial

-I’m gonna jump right in
because everybody kind of knows that, Sofia, you’re
a Disney Channel star. But people might not realize
that, Lana, you wanted to be a Disney Channel star. -I did.
-Stop it! -I wanted it so bad. So, when I was, like,
little, little — I guess I was, like,
in sixth grade. I just believed in myself, and I was like,
“I can do this. Like — Hannah Montana can do it.
So can I.” -Facts.
-Of course. -And so I would literally —
I’m not kidding you guys. I would sign up on those,
like, scam websites. You know the ones
that are like, “Sign up here,
and we’ll make you a star.” And so I did, and, like,
in my bio, I’d be like, “Hi. I’m just, like, a little
girl who has a big dream of being a Disney Channel star.” It never came true. [ Audience awws ]
But that’s okay, you guys! Yeah, it was —
That was my — my — -Isn’t it so sweet?
It’s so pure. -I wanted to be you so bad! [ Laughter ] -That’s the sweetest thing
I’ve ever heard. -I relate because growing up,
same with me. I’m like, “Hannah Montana.
She has two lives… A limo pulled up front like…”
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -And I really wanted
to do the Disney pro– -This.
-Yes! Do you guys know what
we’re talking about here? -Yes.
-You’ve done that? -Yes, I have.
-You’re so cool. -I have. Thank you. -Did you ever used to practice
in the mirror? -Um — I mean, yes. Yes. -Was that just me? Okay.
-Did you? -All the time! I just did it
before I came out here. -I — I — Yeah, I did. I did. -So you’ve done it.
-I have. -Can you give us any tips?
Like, how does that go? You’re watching a Disney film.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I’m not a cool person,
but there are a few moments where I’ve felt cool,
and in that moment I was like, “I think this is really cool.” But it’s much harder
than it looks because you can’t look at where
the wand is going, right? So it’s all about periphery. So it’s like — They have
these marks on the walls way — but way far away. And there are, like, these
little tiny, tiny green marks, and you’re holding a stick
that’s not a wand. -Mm-hmm.
-It’s a bright-green stick. And you’re supposed to say,
“Hey. I’m Sofia Carson. You’re watching Disney Channel.” -Ah. She said it. She said it. -And then you have to, like,
choreograph something to do afterwards — like,
something cool and memorable. I know.
And it’s in that moment, too. -That is the worst.
Cool and memorable. -And it’s like,
“Okay, what do I do? How do I make this very neat?” So you have to look —
You have to look at the camera. Do the Mickey Mouse.
-Uh-huh. -And when they actually show you
what you’re drawing, you’re never actually drawing
Mickey Mouse, but it kind of
makes it look like it is. And then it’s the magic
of Disney Channel. -Well, here’s the thing. We’re all about
making dreams come true here, so I thought we should give you
your Disney moment. I actually have wand right here.
Okay? And I thought — [ Cheers and applause ] And I thought —
-Oh, my gosh! -Of course
it’s not going to be Disney. It’s gonna be, “You’re
on ‘A Little Late
with Lilly Singh.'” -Yeah, it’s pretty cool. -And you could draw me
just like that. Um — -Okay.
-But I think you should stand and have your Disney moment…
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Go for it.
-Go. “A Little Late with
Lilly Singh.” Do your thing. -Oh, my — Oh, my God.
Okay. Make it memorable. [ Laughter ] Hi! I’m Lana Condor,
and this is — Oh, man. [ Twinkling ] “A Little Late with Lilly…”
Oh, no. “Lilly Singh.” [ Cheers and applause ] -Amazing!
-Amazing! -I think instead of like —
It was like a blob. -That looks just like me.
-How do you feel? -I feel giddy. [ Audience awws ]
-Aw, I love it. So, I’m assuming you didn’t
register through scam websites to become a Disney star. -No, I didn’t, I didn’t.
No, I didn’t. -How many auditions
did you go on before you got
your first big break? -Oh, God. I went on,
I think, over 200 auditions. Yeah, over 200 auditions.
-I’m sorry. What? -While going to school at UCLA.
Yeah. -Oh. 200 auditions?
-Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes it was twice a day. And I remember it was like —
-What?! -I would go to, like,
take my midterms and go run to auditions
and stuff. It was — It was fun stuff. The day that I got
“Descendants,” I had just finished final exams,
and that’s when I got the call. Straight out of finals.
-Can we just take a moment? ‘Cause this is what
the hustle is all about. This is what the hustle
is all about. -Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -So, both of you have been part
of some massive projects. You probably have fans screaming and stopping you
in all types of places. You’re blushing,
so I can tell this is true. What is some of the craziest
fan experiences you’ve had? -The craziest fan experience. -Besides when I came into your
green room right before this. -Like, when I fanned out
or, like, when — -When someone
has fanned over you. -Oh. Ohh! Okay. So, my brother is in —
My brother is in college. He is educated,
which is awesome. I am not.
-Yeah. -But he —
-What’s your brother’s name? -Arthur.
-Shout-out to Arthur. -I feel like a roast
is about to come. You know what I’m saying?
-He’s more educated. -“But…” -Well, yeah, I mean,
he’s, you know — He’s whatever. He’s fine. And when “To All the Boys
I’ve Loved Before” came out, I started getting, like, way
more FaceTime calls from him… -Mm-hmm.
-…than I ever have before. And I was like,
“Wow! Like, this is great! This is bringing
my family together!” And it was really just him with other girls that wanted
to FaceTime with me and wonder
what Noah smells like. So I’d be like, “Hi.” But you know what? It’s okay. Because if my brother
can get a girlfriend from this, I will be very happy.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Sister of the year.
-Take one for the team. -I’ll take one for the team.
-Yeah. -What about —
Lana, you mentioned — What about people you fan over? Like, who are you a huge fan of? -I mean —
I mean, so many people. Oh, okay. I was at Paris Fashion Week
earlier this year, and I was at a fashion show — I mean, already just being there I was already fangirling
pretty hard. And I sit down, and then
right across from me, there’s, like, mayhem,
all this commotion. And then, like,
the seas part, right? This, like, really beautiful
slow-motion moment. And then all of a sudden,
it’s Oprah Winfrey standing… -[ Gasps ]
-Sitting right — Yeah. Yep. Sitting right across from me.
And I have my mom next to me. And both of us
are just kind of like — Yeah, yeah, holding hands.
We’re just like, “Oh, my God.” And I kid you not —
I did not watch a single thing of the show, nor anything else. I was just, like, staring
at Oprah shamelessly. And I don’t even think
I could even help myself. It was just, like, instinctual.
-Yeah. -Like, I had to.
-Primal. -It was primal.
-It’s primal. -It was like —
It was instinctual. And then after the show ended,
I just kind of — I just gravitated towards her,
and, like, she hugged me. -She hu–
-I think I’m the hugger. I think I hugged her probably.
That makes more sense. -Wait. You hugged —
You hugged Oprah? -I —
-Can you hug me again? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-I’m hugging Oprah! I’m hugging
the leftovers of Oprah! -I mean, I hugged Oprah. -I feel like
my skin just cleared. -Yeah, yeah, everything. Life
just got better in that moment. Everything. Everything.
Yeah, yeah. -That is incredible.
-It was incredible. -What a great story.
I feel better for that story. -Thank you. Anytime.

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44 thoughts on “Sofia Carson Gives Lana Condor a Disney Channel Wand Tutorial

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  7. kdsavage1991 says:

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