Soccer Ball Rescue! Nerf Battle With The Super Hero Kids!

Soccer Ball Rescue! Nerf Battle With The Super Hero Kids!

>>I bet I can kick
that ball farther than you.>>No, you can’t.>>Yeah, I can. Wait! I’ve never been
in this neighborhood. Where are we?>>I don’t know.
Did you get us lost again?>>Um… I think we have to go that way.>>Oh great. We’re never
gonna find our way home.>>This drink is freezing.>>What are you doing out here? I’ve been looking for you everywhere. You’re supposed to go inside.>>I’m coming. I’m coming. This drink is just freezing.>>Well maybe if you
stop drinking it so fast.>>It’s too good to stop.>>If you get brain freeze,
I’m not gonna feel sorry for you. Now, hurry up!>>Hey Cole, see that kid. He totally just gave you a dirty look.>>Yeah. What’s up with that?>>Man this drink is good. That was weird.>>Yeah. But I bet I could kick
this ball over their house.>>Whatever. No, you can’t.>>Oh yeah I can. Watch this.>>You better not lose my ball. Oh great! Now, look what you did.>>Let’s go around and get it.>>You’re the who kicked it. You go get it.>>Let’s scope it out. Oh man! It’s all the way over there.>>Oh it’s gone now, thanks a lot.>>Come on. Don’t give up that easy. It’s our ball.>>The kid who was here
just gave me a dirty look.>>I got the solution for that. Come on!>>Where’d that come from?>>Hurry up! Let’s go!>>What are you doing out here? Hurry up! They’ll be home in a minute!>>Look! She totally just swiped our ball.>>That’s not cool.>>Let’s go get it.>>Did you get the glue?>>No, it’s not out back.>>Why would it be on the back?>>I don’t know. Well anyways, Mom and Dad
are gonna be here any minute, and they’re gonna see this. Well, it’s gotta be around
here somewhere.>>Hey, let’s go look over there.>>No. It can’t be there.>>You need to check upstairs. It’s right there. Let’s go get it.>>Coast is clear. It’s right there, Cole. I’ll go grab it. I got it. Where’d you go? Cole? Cole!>>Look what I found!>>Take that off, it’s not ours. We gotta go!>>Why? It’s a nice shirt.>>Tape is totally not going to work.>>Yes, it will! We just need to find a sponge
to make it good as new.>>Someone’s at the stairs!
Come on! Come on! Come on! Go! No, this isn’t ours.>>Oh, here…>>The sponge is in the pantry.>>Oh!>>Where’d you say the sponge is where?>>In the pantry!>>Oh! Thank you. [screaming]>>What did you do?>>I don’t know but take that shirt off
and let’s get out of here.>>I’m not taking it off. It’s mine!>>We should get out of here, right now! [screaming]>>Uh, too late.>>Take cover!>>What did you two come into our
house?>>Why are you in our house? Have you heard of trespassing?>>Trespassing?! Ever heard of theft?>>Theft? What are they talking about?>>You stole our ball into your house.>>We didn’t try to steal your ball! We were just trying to fix
my mom’s fancy bowl that I broke.>>What?>>Yeah. I was trying to look
for the glue out back.>>Look for the glue out back?>>But we can help you fix it. We break things
at our house all the time.>>That would be great!>>That looks great!>>Let’s have another Nerf war.
That was fun.>>Yeah!>>Thanks Noah.>>Hey guys!>>We had much fun filming
with the Super Hero Kids! We did a video with them on their channel, and there’s a link below
if you wanna go check that out. Remember to like and
subscribe and comment, what was your favorite part of this video. And we’ll see you all next time. See ya!

David Anderson

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