Sled Ahead ? | Doc McStuffins Arctic Rescue | Disney Junior

Sled Ahead ? | Doc McStuffins Arctic Rescue | Disney Junior

[Doc]“Sled Ahead!”Ready for
your first sled rides? -[Stuffy] Let’s go!
-[Doc] Sure! -[Lambie] Yes!
-No, I’m not! -[barks]
-Hey! Uh, Doc,
can I ride with you? Sure. Come on. Sorry, Chilly.
Gigi loves to bury things. The dogs have
their own personalities -and accessories to match.
-[barks] Usually, she likes
to bury this. Now, this pup will do
anything for a treat. Hop on one leg, boy. -[panting]
-[Stuffy] Eh eh eh! -Oh, this is hard!
-[Lambie giggles] Glacier here
loves to play. -Watch!
-[barking] [Hallie]
Glacier is more playful than a porcupine
on a pogo stick! But isn’t sledding supposed
to be serious business? It can be work
and fun, Hallie. I don’t know, Doc. Maybe I should get
another sled dogggg! Glacier!
Oh! He’s not stopping! Look! [Scarlet] They’re heading
for an area of unstable snow! If we don’t stop, Glacier, it could collapse
under them! [Doc]
Then let’s go, team! [Stuffy] Yeah! Mush, Baca, mush! Come on, Glacier! Let’s stop this
and get to worrkk! Ohh! Thatwaskind of fun!Ohh ohh ohh! Aah! I can’t see!
Doc, help! That’s just the light shining
through the icicles, Chilly. I have an idea! Try to grab
one of those icicles! If you say so, Doc! If we can make
a spot of light in the snow, like Glacier’s favorite toy, maybe he’ll stop
and play with it. [Hallie] Woo! [Doc] Hallie! Watch out
for the unstable snow! Oh, no! Snow! [Doc] Now, Chilly! You did it, Chilly! [laughs] Yeah! Ohh! Sorry, Hallie. You can choose
a different sled dog
if you like. No, thanks. Hoo! Doc was right! Sled dogs can be
workandfun.-Come on, Glacier!
-[barking] Come on, boy! [barking]

David Anderson

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