Slay Lyric Video 🎶  | SHOOK | Saturdays on  YouTube | Disney Channel

Slay Lyric Video 🎶 | SHOOK | Saturdays on YouTube | Disney Channel

( music playing )♪ Whoo ♪♪ Whoo ♪♪ Hey, hey ♪♪ Hey ♪♪ Overnight, hey ♪♪ Overtime ♪♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪♪ Ladies ♪♪ We got it made ♪♪ Yeah ♪♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪♪ Ladies ♪♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

David Anderson

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48 thoughts on “Slay Lyric Video 🎶 | SHOOK | Saturdays on YouTube | Disney Channel

  1. Gamerkid 12399 says:


  2. Yullianna de Guzman says:


  3. Adrian Villa-Figueroa says:

    First to comment

  4. Edward Sanchez Productions says:

    Shook is the best

  5. lifewith ab says:

    Yess finally

  6. Samantha Jackson says:

    That great song honesty

  7. JoJoSiwaTV says:

    Forty three likes only?!

  8. Adrian Villa-Figueroa says:

    Disney please make a third season of gravity falls and make big City Greens season 2 come earlier

  9. Kaycia Lewis says:

    9th to comment so proud of my self

  10. Oluwafemi Fakeofede says:


  11. elianne tchapda says:

    this song is repeating in my head….AND I LOVE IT, thanks so much Disney!

  12. Ja'Mya Shaw says:

    am i early? ALSO GREAT VIDEO

  13. Disney Channel says:

    Who's excited to listen to the SHOOK EP! Listen here:

  14. Rebecca Jones says:

    what is the song called that always plays at the end of every episode while Sofia is talking?

  15. Latrice Harris says:


  16. A Dali’s Amber Chagua says:

    I love your vids

  17. ThePenguinXW says:


  18. Scorch Stream says:

    Can’t wait for the past mars one. Come on Disney you know we want one.

  19. Savitri Skinner says:

    I know I stepping out to slay

  20. amayaworld says:

    Love this show

  21. Cecily_Summers 💖 says:

    Anyone else the type of shoes Disney used to make, like high school musical & zack and Cody & Girl meets world & liv and Maddie & jessie

  22. Tristan Lewis says:

    I’m So Excited Shook Is The Best 😁❤️

  23. XxLovelyLillyCutie Cutie says:

    Who Loves Shook And shook

  24. paranoid onzz says:

    Is gravity falls coming bacckkkk????

  25. Ja'Mya Pauley says:

    i cant wait for a new episode

  26. hi919 says:

    I feel like you should give credit to the singer

  27. James Wells says:

    This was a great video and I love you very much Sofia Wylie

  28. Ethan Keter says:

    DISENY HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL the series and shook are great

  29. Jazmin Gonzalez says:

    I am so excited😄❤️

  30. Dedos Del Medio says:

    Get it Sofia Wylie! You go girl!!!

  31. Ons Mustafa says:


  32. La Condra Thompson says:


  33. La Condra Thompson says:

    I love that song

  34. Trami Nguyen says:

    I love this Shook song!

  35. Indira Solis says:

    they need to release the soundtrack on here asap!

  36. Indira Solis says:

    this song has been stuck in my head since the first episode. i'm glad it's released but i just wish it was longer.

  37. Corey Phillips says:

    Get a Girl Like You song

  38. Ryuga Ann says:

    Where is the rest of the song

  39. Sakura Steelyear says:

    im shook-

  40. Latavia Latty says:

    I LOVE this song!!!!!!

  41. Lisa Rinehard says:

    Who sings this

  42. Anaph Chan says:

    I like it but why is it so short

  43. Indira Solis says:

    I'ma be me regardless of what anyone says. i am an independent queen.

  44. PotatoCatRoll says:

    She has the same name as me, Mia

  45. aethestiiic says:

    Who singing this song?

  46. Kristyl Tatum says:

    I couldn’t find shook on my tv has it came out yet it’s November 17 today?

  47. A.A says:

    This songs been stuck in my for such a long time. Finally I get to see it!
    Slay Sophia Wylie!💃❤

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