Shree Krishna Janma – Marathi Goshti | Marathi Cartoon | Marathi Story For Children

Shree Krishna Janma – Marathi Goshti | Marathi Cartoon | Marathi Story For Children

Hello Kids Today I will tell you story of Krishna during his childhood What did krishna do in Gokul, Mathura and Vrindavan all his mischiefs all of the miracle’s done by krishna all of them We will tell you through Krishna’s stories and songs Let’s listen to young Krishna’s miracles Let us start with Mathura nagri So kids listen carefully On the banks of river Yamuna A very beautiful village called Mathura was constructed and in that village King Kauns was ruling Mathura He was a devil He was really harassing the villagers even villagers were fed up of him One day, all the villagers prayed the god Listening to villagers prayers Lord Vishnu decided that I should take birth in Mathura and help all this villagers and so when lord Vishnu decided to take birth and at that time a message came from sky that Devaki’s eigth son will kill this devil Kauns Listening to this King Kauns was very angry and afraid and in order to save his own life he kept her sister Devaki into the prison And later what happened listen carefully Name of the story is Shree Krishna’s Birth It was eighth day of holy month Shravan It was raining since morning during evening it started raining in full force Thundering , storms, water level started increasing It was pitch dark in all the directions and one of Vasudev’s (Krishna’s Father) servant Akrut gave food mixed with sleeping pills to all the guards after having that food all the guards fell deep asleep Even the servant who use to give information to King Kauns name Putana also slept after having that food Devaki who was in the prison was eight months pregnent Lord Krishna was going to take birth on Earth so all the safety and the guards were not present At late night On Ashtami (8th day) of Shravan Month Devaki started feeling some pain in her stomach Heavy rain was falling after the cloudburst And in reality The 8th avatar of lord Vishnu came to birth through Devaki’s womb He was wheatish but very cute and so smart that Vasudeo and Devaki kept on watching the baby Why this kid din’t cry after his birth? Devaki was worried and asked about this to Vasudeo Vasudeo smiled at her and replied Devaki How he can cry when he has came to destroy all the evils Devaki got satisfied by the reply of Vasudeo She hugged the kid and with watery eyes and crying soul she handed over the baby to Vasudeo There was a basket which was kept in dark they took that basket and kept a very soft cloth inside it Vasudeo kept that baby inside the basket and he covered the baby with a soft blanket Than He started very fast along side of river Yamuna There in palace of Nand Maharaj, her wife Yashoda gave birth to a baby girl To take care of Yashoda and baby Rohini was sitting near by It was looking like everyone was waiting for Shree Krishna Vasudeo came near River Yamuna Due to heavy rains and flood Yamuna was already overflowing But with self confidence Vasudeo entered Yamuna river Vasudeo’s legs submerged into water Waist and chest went below the water water levels increased and came upto his neck A big wave came and touched the small feets of the baby which were coming out of basket And to a surprise Water levels of Yamuna river came down immediately and way was made for Vasudeo so that he can cross the river without any hassles As soon as Vasudeo reached Gokul a servant came and gave news of Vasudeo’s arrival to King Nandkumar Than Vasudeo handed over his 8th son to his best friend King Nandkumar And he kept her daughter in the basket and came back to Mathura the 8th son of Vasudeo and Devaki, Shree Krishna started growing under love and care of Yashoda and King Nandkumar in Gokul.

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