Shock Pen Trick! FAQ Pogo

Shock Pen Trick! FAQ Pogo

Crash Can you get me a pen please? Thank you Crash! AAaa Crash played a prank on me!! So how does it work? This doesn’t make any sense i’ll have to open it and see myself This has four button cells A transistor and a capacitor The transistor increases the frequency of the current the capacitor makes the current high in voltage So as soon as I pushed the pen top I completed the circuit and I got a high voltage shock! This means revenge!

David Anderson

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22 thoughts on “Shock Pen Trick! FAQ Pogo

  1. Upendra Kumar says:


  2. Mohd Yawer says:

    i like F A Q


  3. Dr Tijo says:

    I like fa q's video ?✌???

  4. hemil says:

    what is the number of capacitor and transistor

  5. B. Natraj says:

    Oh this is the way by which my used to fool me. lovely video prateek

  6. Rider Pradeep says:

    does crash is really robot

  7. AmaanSmh says:

    i have dish tv and i wach faq it is awsome

  8. AmaanSmh says:

    awsome vid toooo

  9. AmaanSmh says:

    i saw in one epesode crash had a magnet and pranked u

  10. AmaanSmh says:

    the best

  11. HashArts says:

    good video prateek

  12. HashArts says:

    crash is really robot

  13. HashArts says:

    please restart the show
    because this my favorite show on pogo

  14. HashArts says:

    i am trying to make shocking device please give me some tip.

  15. HashArts says:

    thank you prateek

  16. Saidurrahman Nomani says:

    hi prat eek how r u

  17. Ratan Dutta says:

    Can i get your numer please or tell your capaciter number and transter number

  18. lakshyarajSinghjhala Parsents says:

    How to make a shock pen

  19. LegendaryGamer says:

    This was the best show in Pogo, I miss this ?, Will it come back , I miss Crash and Prateek, They both were super Amazing

  20. Everything Center says:

    Ye tv pr kitne baje aata hai

  21. Sathvick Satish says:

    Man, I used to watch this as a kid on pogo every time it would be aired. I love this show!

  22. sunny dutta says:

    Collage ke din yaad aageya. Tab hota tha yeh show pogo pe

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