Shiva – Full Episode 112 – Auto Ricksaw Gang

Shiva, let’s have a race. Let’s see who reaches our
hang out spot first. Everybody, get set… Do you have a death wish?
Use footpath. Mom!
– Mom! Shiva, you should’ve warned
us before pulling the brakes. Sorry, friends! Mr. Bhim Singh, what
happened to you? Where are you coming from? Shiva! Shiva, how
come are you here? Where am I? Where did my stuff go? Mr. Bhim Singh, calm down! I saw you walking
mindlessly on the road. As if you were unaware
of your surroundings. Oh really? My money? My stuff! Where did everything go? Try to remember and
tell us, what happened? After buying groceries,
I left the market… …and took an auto rickshaw. I can’t remember anything
what happened after that. Mr. Bhim Singh, how long has
it been since all this happened? Shiva, I don’t remember… …at what time I took an auto
rickshaw from the market. But we didn’t see any rickshaw
passing from here. I’ll check the route that
goes out of the city. You guys take Mr. Bhim
Sigh towards the market. Finally I found the auto rickshaw. I should examine it. Finally! I found something. Hey! That wallet belongs to Mr.
Bhim Singh! Return it. Kid! Leave! Mind
your own business! Uncle, don’t call me a kid. Shiva! My name is Shiva! You are using your
bicycle to hit me. I dare you hit me without
using your bicycle. Oh! It was better on the bicycle. I’m getting hit
harder than before. Sorry, Mr. Shiva! Sorry! I apologise to you. Where did he go? A theft in my jurisdiction! In the radius of 50 km… He must be new here. That is why he has committed a
crime. What needs to be done now? Hello, Laddoo Singh here. What? An auto driver
has robbed you! Even you have been robbed
by an auto rickshaw driver! What? What? An auto rickshaw driver
has robbed you as well! An auto rickshaw driver
has robbed you! I know that! Oh boy! Shiva! Shiva, this auto rickshaw driver
is robbing everyone in the city. What should we do? Shiva, why don’t we roam
in the city in a disguise? We’ll keep an eye on the
auto rickshaw drivers. Very good, Reva! No! No! You don’t have to
change your appearance. I’m an expert at this. Just wait and watch my magic. Hello! Auto Singh is auto king! You got beaten up by a kid! Don’t you feel ashamed? A kid! Yes, boss. He got
thrashed by a kid. Suku, the kid who
thrashed you… …how old was he? He might be 2 years old.
– Only two years old! No, he might be four years old. Four years old! He might be around 9-10 years old. Suku, it’s very embarrassing… …that you got beaten up
by a 10 year old kid. Let him come in front of me. I don’t deserve my name… …if I don’t teach him a lesson. Boss, that kid only looks young. He beats you more if
you call him a kid. You will know when you meet him. Auto! Auto! Auto, take me to
the Police Station road. ‘I took an auto.’ ‘But how will I find
that thief auto driver?’ ‘I should extract some information
from this auto driver.’ Auto driver. How long has it been seen you
are driving in Vedas City? Sir, I’ve been here
since very long. This city feels like
my hometown now. Then you must know me. Did you recognise me? Sir, I’m sorry. So many customers take
my service everyday. It’s difficult to
remember everyone’s face. But you look… …somewhat familiar. You couldn’t recognise
me, could you? After all my get up is so perfect. I’m Inspector Laddoo Singh. Don’t tell anyone. I’m on a mission to catch… …those who are doing theft
and robbery in Vedas city. You must have heard
about them, right? Yes, sir. I’ve heard about them. Do you know what they do? Tell me what they do? Those auto drivers first of all… …must be taking the passengers
to a deserted spot. Just like this deserted place, sir. What are you talking about? After that, they press a button. Which button? I want to know. Come on tell me. After that smoke comes out of the
auto’s meter. Just like this! What an idea! Meter emitting smoke! I’m losing consciousness. This means… …you’re going to rob me off. Where am I? I feel dizzy! How did I land here! Where are my clothes? Where’s my wallet? It seems that auto driver
robbed me off. Police! That auto driver robbed me!
– Why is there a crowd over there? Let me see! Mr. Laddoo Singh, what happened? Why you are in such
a pathetic state? Shiva, I’ve been robbed… …I’m ruined! Don’t worry Mr. Laddoo Singh. I’ll
do something about it. I will have to take Grandpa’s help. Sir, you need an auto? Yes, I need one. Friends beware! Grandpa has taken the auto.
-Yes, Shiva. ‘Today I’ll catch the thief…’ ‘…thief will not be
seen anymore…’ ‘…today, today itself
I’ll catch him…’ ‘…today I’ll catch the thief…’ ‘…thief, thief…’ ‘After making me hear such a
toneless song… …he will make me
unconscious instead’ ‘Auto driver, I’ll not leave…’ ‘…will not leave…’ ‘…won’t leave…’ Shiva! Shiva, I’m losing
consciousness… …Shiva. Adi get ready! The auto by which Grandpa is
traveling… …that auto is going towards
Vedas bank road. He has made grandpa unconscious. Don’t worry Shiva, I’m
keeping a tab here. I can see an auto coming
towards me. What’s this kid doing in
the middle of the road? It could be the same kid, about
whom Suku told me the other day. Udi, the auto driver is coming
towards you. Yes, Shiva. I can see him. You come here fast. If he turns
out to be an alien… …then how will I handle him? What the heck! Reva, be alert. The auto driver
is coming towards you. Are these kids or Police
gang of kids? Maybe the Police is linked
with them. But they don’t know… …that Auto Singh
is the auto-king! Out! Reva, you both take care
of Grandpa… …while I’m going to chase
the auto. Is he a kid or a
bundle of problems! He’s not ready to let me go. Auto Singh is auto-king! And this is my auto ring. From which, my enemies go missing! Now, you don’t stand
a chance poor kid! Uncle, don’t call me a kid. Shiva! My name is Shiva! Hey, you idiots! What you all are looking at
stupefied? Beat Shiva up! Friends, are we just going
to stand here quietly? Lets help Shiva. Yes!
– Yes! Anyone amongst you, who wants to
fight with grandpa… …can come forward. Come on! Grandpa fire! Oh, please stop! Auto Singh is not the auto-king! Shiva! Shiva is the king! Auto king, please listen to a piece
of song from grandpa, please! It’s better to listen the song… …than get beaten up by Shiva! Help! Please… Was it a song or a bomb blast! If you ever try to commit
theft in my area… …then grandpa is going
to sing out so loud… …that you won’t be seen anywhere
near a radius of 50 miles!

David Anderson

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