Shazam Super Hero Showdown In Real Life! Shazam Super Powers VS Crazy Twins!

Shazam Super Hero Showdown In Real Life! Shazam Super Powers VS Crazy Twins!

Come out here, Kaden! Yeah, Kaden! [Training music] [Grunting] ♪ Whistling ♪ Ugh! Hi-ya! What are you doing?! I’m training. Training for what? I’m training so I can defend myself against those twins. The twins? What twins? The silly twins that live down the street. They keep teasing me and causing trouble. [Heavy footsteps] I’ve had enough, so it’s karate time! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down! Aren’t they in kindergarten or something? You know why they’re
called silly, don’t you? [Heavy footsteps]
[Guitar music] Come out here, Kaden! Yeah, Kaden! [Gasp] [Deep laughter] It’s those silly twins! [Gasps] Oh no, I haven’t
mastered karate yet! We are gonna teach you a lesson! Yeah, a lesson! Those are the twins? I can’t wait to get him. They’re like five years old! Yeah, get him! Don’t worry, bro. I’ll take care of these guys. Wait, no! You don’t know why they call them silly! [Growling] [Footsteps]
[Fast tempo music] Hey! Huh?! You guys leave him alone! Who do you think you are?! You are?! You are?! How would you like it if someone’s picking on you like that? Stay out of it! Out of it! [Growling] We’re the silly twins! We’re the silly twins! Silly, silly, silly, silly, silly, silly, silly, silly, silly! [Howling] Om, nom, nom, nom! Arrooo! Arrooooooooooo! Om, nom, nom, nommmmm! [Cackling] Let’s get him! [Gasps] Ah! Stay out of it! Out of it! Let’s get him! [Fast tempo music] Phew, I think I lost them! [Lightning crack] Jack… Jack! [Lightning crack] Whoa, who is that? [Lightning crack] Ahhhh! [Lightning crack] Ahhh! Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy! I have neighbors! I already got in trouble last week for my lightning party. Uh, who are you? And where am I? Don’t worry about my mysterious lair. You’re here to get your powers. [Electrical zapping] Whoa, what did you just do to me? Because you have proven your courage, I gave you superpowers. Because I defended my brother? Yes, now go ahead and
try out your new powers. Agh! Aghhh! AGHH! [Lightning crack] [Ding] What? Do I have cupcake powers? Are you serious?
This is my power? I make cupcakes up here? Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. Those powers were
meant for my eleven o’clock: The Cupcake Champion. Oops, sorry. [Electrical zapping] [Gasps] What, Cupcake Champion? You mean, there’s really a superhero that makes cupcakes? Kid, there’s a superhero for everything. And, here’s yours! [Lightning crack] Wait, what are my powers? To summon your superpowers,
just say my name, “Shazam!” Shazam?! [Lightning crack] [Mysterious music] No way! [Knocking] What?! Whoa, did you grow facial hair!? And a cool outfit? Are you going to a costume party? No, this mysterious man
turned me into a superhero! Now I have facial hair! Whoa! Yes! Did you say superhero? No way! What are your powers? I actually don’t know. But I’m a man! I see. Uh-huh. That’s amazing, Jack. Really good costume and fake hair. No, I mean it. I’m really a– Ah, AH– AH, A-CHOOOO! [Electrical zapping] Whoa, dude! You do have superpowers! What else can you do? Uh, I have no idea. But how do your superpowers even work? I don’t know. The guy just told me to say, “Shazam!”
[Lightning crack] Hey, I’m Jack again! No way! Shazam!
[Lightning crack] Yes, I’m a superhero again! I can’t believe it! I am awesome! Hey wait, what’s that? Wait, what?
You mean this? [Laughing] We have to figure this out. Let’s go! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Where are you, guys, going? There is a messy room up there with your name on it, that needs cleaning. But Dad, the fate of the
world is in my hands! Well, the world’s just gonna have to wait. You can figure out your superpowers after you cleaned your bedroom. Ah, fine… [Playful music] Hurry up, Jack! Clean faster, you can do this! Uh, you think you can help me with this? I am helping. I’m telling you what to do! Ugh, I wish there was a
faster way to do this. Faster, that’s it! We have to test if you have super speed! How am I gonna test that? Hm, if I were you, I
would think fast thoughts. Think fast thoughts? Yeah; racing cars,
jets, rocket ships! Go fast, Jack! C’mon! I don’t think that’s gonna work. But, I’ll try… [Upbeat music]
[Whooshing] Whoa! That, was, AMAZING! I can’t believe you have super speed! That was so COOL! Well, we’re done cleaning our room; let’s see what else you can do! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! There’s no way that you
cleaned your room that… Fast? Dad! We just found out
that Jack has super speed! Can we go see what else Jack can do? You, boys, have quite the imagination. Can we, can we, can we? Well, your room does look pretty clean. So… I guess. Yes!
C’mon, Jack! C’mon! How did they do that…? Super strength, test one. [Grunting] Oo… [Yawning] A pool noodle? Really? I can do two pool noodles. [Snaps fingers] [Woosh] [Grunting] Ugh, so boring… Hey, I have an idea. Let’s see if you can lift a big boulder! Easy! [Woosh] [Grunting] [Rock scraping] How about this boulder? [Gasps] No way! You do have super strength! Hey, Kaden; watch this. ♪ Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh ♪ Two hands above my head. One hand above my head. [Stone grinding] Unbelievable! Let’s see what else you can do! Flight test, number one. Are you ready, Jack? I got this, I can do this. Here’s the crash pad. [Slide whistle] Are you okay? [Ding] Let’s try that again. Flight test two. You’ve got it this time, Jack! I got this, I got this, I got this! C’mon, I can do this! I can do this! Focus! [Swoosh] Whoa, whoa, whoa! How do I control this,
how do I control this? Whoa, this is so silly! I’m kind of getting dizzy. How do I land, how do I land? [Guitar music] [Sneaky laughter] I’m okay, I’m okay! [Whoosh] There you are! There you are! Where do you get your super powers? Super powers? When did you turn into a man? A man? I see you are jealous of my facial hair. [Laughing] You wish! You wish! We have more hair than your tiny mustache. Yeah, you’re mustache! Don’t listen to them, Jack. They’re just jealous! Our boss will love it if you give us your power. Your powers! Um, your blaster is backwards. Hand them over!
Hand them over! Don’t do it, Jack! Dudes, I barely know
how to use these powers. I don’t know how to hand them over. Can’t we resolve this
without these blasters? I’ll give you guys one last chance to get out of here. Or what?
Or what? Jack, use your superpowers! You can do it! It’s silly time! It’s silly time! [Pew, pew, pew] [Thunk, thunk] Dun, dun, dun! Dun, dun, dun, dun! [Whack] [Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew] [Smack] [Lasers flashing] Aghhh! Aghhh!
[Electricity charging] AHHH!
[Electricity charging] [Thunderclap] [Ground rumbling] He’s making the grounds shake! Whoa! Aghhhh! Ahhhh! Whu, whoa! Whoa!! Aghhhhhhh! Wait ’till Dr. Mad
Scientist hears about this. This… Dr. Mad Scientist? Go on, get out of here! [Zap] [Laughing] Like and subscribe below. And watch this video right down here if you want to see more superhero videos! C’mon, click it, click it, click it! I know you’re just
waiting there to watch it! Click it, c’mon!
Click it, click it, click it! Yeah, you can do it!

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