[SFM] Wrong Meeting with Unexpecting Final | FNAF Animated Short Film ( fnaf try not to laugh eh??)

[SFM] Wrong Meeting with Unexpecting Final | FNAF Animated Short Film ( fnaf try not to laugh eh??)

Freddy: Hey, Bonnie! .. Bonnie! | Bonnie: eh? What time is it? Bruh. You’re starting to annoy me with this question! Get an own smartphone for yourself. Bonnie. We are souls trapped in metallic body. How can you imagine, that I can find any phone? We have nothing but TV. *Neeh* I actually can’t. One kid left it ann… you got it. Gonna be midnight though. Gotta get the nightguard! Midnight you said! Chica! Foxy! And the rest ones who is here! me? I inform, that we have to be on the stage, because really soon exactly we will meet our known personal of establishment! So! Today the concert is gonna be opened ’cause of christmas and we have the job of transfering these heavy furries. Bonnie: I hope I got it right, will we perform out of the pizzeria walls? | Man: Also, we need people in three-dash-four hours. But now, all we can do is set the animatronics. So, we should move on. Chica: “*Uughh* Bon, can you shut your mouth in front of them at least?! They won’t get it appropriate.” Freddy: “Basically, Chica says right basically. And yes, shut up!” FASFGFD Do they glitch again?? .. Simon! Fix it! :DDDDDDD :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Now that’s obviously similar to Toy Story. Bonnie: “Fred! Bitch! What in the name of pizzeria was that?” Freddy: “That’s not my fault! How can you blame, if I didn’t/// do anything?!” What? .. Aahh, crap. Simon! It could be dangerous. At the worst we would just get wet. … Hey Foxy! He-he-hey fellow! Step with your non-costume legs on that snow. .. Well come on.)” Foxy: I’m not dead! Freddy: Foxy, Bonnie, I request you, no standing on snow. !! What was noise? ♪~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Bonnie: “Holy Crap! Th-that’s those animatronics! They can’t exist in our timelapse! How can this be?!!” ♪~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Circus Baby: “Phhof.. oof.. we rehearse to perfect, as Afton said to us!” ♪~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ mr. Fazbear: “So, we talked almost everything over, mister Afton.” And talked over is about your property will stay on queue, in the wings in few words. mr. Afton: “But mister Fazbear, wouldn’t it be great to have my mascots to perform with yours paired with? I’m reasonably sure, you ordered them, because we will have the one full day concert, what never was in the world yet!” mr. Fazbear: No paired with. .. However, it is great partnership to have with you, mister Afton! I’m ashamed about that company there. But.. sleep can’t sleep itself. ♪~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I’m awake/// ♪~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ♪~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Ballora, I love you. If I be adult, I’m going to be the same as.. eh??? Bonnie: You see!! See!! It is “Difficulties of Ballora’s Movement”, but with comic final and no serious music!! Freddy: Fuck, Bonnie!! Don’t stand out!! How many times I’ve said it to..!!! Directed by Robert B Weide | Actually it’s me. Annotation blocks don’t work in 21:9 resolution. WTF did I find it out exactly right now??!! But anyway, subscribe lol!

David Anderson

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85 thoughts on “[SFM] Wrong Meeting with Unexpecting Final | FNAF Animated Short Film ( fnaf try not to laugh eh??)

  1. ChosenBrad 1322 says:

    Не могу дождаться

  2. freddy gaming says:

    Supe cood

  3. T . m . says:

    this is amazing

  4. Samet Adam says:

    6:42 kıd:ballora ı love you <3
    Ballora:shut up bi-

  5. Mystery SFM says:

    Very good

  6. Star Wars Dude 2710 says:



  7. Domix says:

    Voice acting could be better but other then that its cool

  8. Loaded Loris says:

    "I'm not dead"

    -Foxy, 2020

  9. DIESEL DUFFY says:

    3:02 i fail idk y but to me it was fun dik

  10. A-a-ron says:

    Why in the world does this exist?

  11. Dark Puppet74 says:

    That was very ….very GOOD! I LOVED IT!

  12. FoxyFactions72 says:

    The animation is nice, the visuals are beautiful and there’s some pretty funny parts to this animation, I very much enjoyed :))

  13. Cybexatron says:

    Can we get some More bendy too?

  14. Nikita Galimov says:

    Wow! FNAF Series? It's so cool! I like it!

  15. David TPHK says:

    "There is no such thing as Russian classic FNAF animatronics"

    Russian classic FNAF animatronics:

    Also, I totally lost it when Bonnie went totally insane by what ballora did and then gets attacked for just moving. Totally lost it with "AND NO SERIOUS MUSIC!"

  16. PIXELNYAN uno de los muchos que hay says:

    Freddy: thats not my fault, how can you bla-

  17. Liron Firon says:

    Tipo lol norm vidos

  18. ukraime // atlanticzid. says:

    What's the song in the intro?

  19. Phobia Star says:

    Dude this is better than ANY soap opera

  20. Dexez says:

    боже как это ахуенно
    прекрасная работа

  21. Blue says:

    There we go fnaf movie real done ok goodbye

  22. Cload Mario says:

    yes i love this so much they are very robotic

  23. Dimitri Harvey says:

    5:50 why I'm not suprise someone made a joke of ballora's design

  24. Sprung _ SFM says:

    This was awful, the lighting was great, the animation was great, if it wasn’t mocap, but the humor was nonexistent, and the voice acting was terrible. And by nonexistent, I mean that none of it was funny, and it was very cringy. And none of it made sense.

  25. IceFlare TulipFlames says:

    It's like watching a movie! You should do more of these! The animation is beyond fantastic!

  26. Jsw [REDACTED] says:

    I have never clicked on a fnaf video so fast

  27. un-nerdy neko says:

    this was awesome lol

  28. Spring Bonnie says:


  29. 4L13N says:

    Broooo the animation is very nice,and the light too,I loved. Keep going doing a good job 🙂

  30. David TPHK says:

    While we talked about how funny some bits of the video or how weird the TN of the preview was so weird, I am STILL STRUGGLING ON FINDING THAT DANG JINGLE BELLS REMIX FROM THE FUNTIMES, I KNOW THESE COMMENTS ARE DUMB BUT I'M ACTUALLY INSANE!

  31. Jonathan Henrique Ribeiro da Rosa says:

    O my Good 😨😨😨😨😨 6:41

  32. GD SFM says:

    This is a really weird animation but somehow very entertaining

  33. Rakha Aditya says:

    My……… ears……… I'm using headset in full volume 😟

  34. Evelyn Najera says:

    Ballora is my fiance ok no blame on her is was williom

  35. Evelyn Najera says:

    Why is chica so scared

  36. Jsw [REDACTED] says:

    Very (20% cooler) animation

    You should do one of Fnaf 6.
    I would love to see that

  37. SIMO SAMA says:

    It's just amazing😍. Nothing to add 👍

  38. LennDoMations YT says:

    this needs a continuation

  39. Alvin Lewis says:

    The voices are BEAUTIFUL- I love them..

  40. Prime Empire: Tarnished Games says:

    I love how the animatronics sound like Russians😂

  41. springbonnie and Fredbear says:

    OMG THAT WAS HILARIOUS LIKE OMG I BET * you could add in a couple original characters wink wink nudge nudge perhaps fredbear and one other? ** Spring Bonnie**

  42. VOICE ACTOR J says:

    that shot at 1:09 is a trigger for the lovers out der xd myself inculded hahaa

  43. Gaïge Thompśøņ says:

    My favorite parts: 1:21 , 3:18 , 5:44 , 6:41 , 6:50

  44. SFM Freddy Man says:

    Man This Looks Good. I Would Love To See If There Was Gonna Be A Part 2?

  45. WilczycaCzarownica says:

    1:23 I love that part. XD

  46. Buddi The Gamer says:

    5:46 THAT was unexpected

  47. The Happy Cat says:

    The end is funny were it's about freddy and bonnie

  48. zakaria Naili says:

    Maybe u could do more minecraft fnaf animations?

  49. Mr Suit says:

    This is beautiful, especially the voice actors did a good job too

  50. Benzar Perez says:

    My favorite part in this vid is about ballora and her tutu

  51. The Wrier says:

    How do you get your lighting to look that good?

  52. Napoleon Camacho says:

    Tengo mucho miedo😱😱

  53. darium 437 says:


  54. Elsayed Amin says:

    Can you make more

  55. Punykirby says:

    Even though it's a little hard to understand with the accents
    The animation is beautiful and its a pretty funny video

  56. Jsw [REDACTED] says:

    I also love from the animatronics POV vs the Humans POV on this video.
    It’s nice to see from their Perspective of what they are capable of doing.

  57. Evelyn Sorrows says:

    A M A Z I N G

  58. Cosmic Skies says:

    “Freddy!Bitch” I died!😂

  59. Raspad G says:

    Veryy amazing, i want to see 2nd episode! The voices and animation Quality ate perfect! MORE MORE!

  60. AW07 says:

    If most of the lines made sense this could be amazing as the animation is very good

  61. TheRedFox's Videos says:

    pls do another one of these

  62. Zoe Malinao says:

    Wtf! Is that a j-jingle bells r-remix? Lol i died for laughter

  63. Daniele Maneri says:

    It's very, very, very funny and cool

  64. Plush Place says:


  65. Deckard987 says:

    Make One thats not blurry

  66. M.P FEELINGS says:

    Omg we rlly need part two!

  67. ZipComics says:


    mr. Fazbear:William get the Tesla

  68. NoHope4You says:

    6:29 baby's eyes looking straight to us –

  69. Ricard Florent says:

    It's great but we can't hear the voices

  70. PurpleGamer says:

    Russian Bonnie intensifies

  71. NekromRasenn says:

    A second part please!

  72. Sean.J Animations says:

    Hey umm, this is just a quick question, but, what Freddy model did you use?

  73. Numbuh 454 says:

    Voice acting could be better, and better grammactical but besides animation and lighting were great!

  74. Coffee Doffee says:

    You should make another!

  75. Ichi fan says:

    This is… THE BEST ANIMATION EVER!!!! 💜💚💙 😀

  76. Bridge Worm says:

    Also known as, English

  77. Sonic the Hedgehog says:

    I love the Russian Freddy XD

  78. Vegito Blue says:

    Christmas song sauce pls

  79. Shadow Man says:

    (Pause at) 1:26 my face when I bit into anchovies but they are SALTY AS HELL

  80. GX Vincenzo 230 says:

    Yes new video
    Super Elon

  81. Madison king says:

    That thumbnail. Circus baby x Freddy

  82. Gamedroid Games says:

    Can you make a part 2?

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