[SFM BALDI] Short Baldi Animation

[SFM BALDI] Short Baldi Animation

welcome to Baldi’s basics in education
and learning that’s me

David Anderson

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16 thoughts on “[SFM BALDI] Short Baldi Animation

  1. KateRabbitSFM says:

    Oh no…

  2. Teqlor1 says:


  3. The Lonely Springtrap says:

    Oh sweet its baldi with his math problems and his ruler of spanking XD

  4. Luiluix says:

    Baldi 🙆

  5. tailsy126 says:

    I always love the movement for your animations. It’s really Satisfying ^^. Keep up the good work Angrygal

  6. Gamingwarrior5 says:

    Great to see your animations again! :]

  7. m1nt says:

    Awesome pawsome

  8. XboxGamerK says:

    A bald plank man is speaking :O

    Jokes aside, it looks nice

  9. BigBear xP says:


  10. Nanani says:

    Dat IS really good

  11. DatBasicAnimator SFM says:

    I love this

  12. Autudell says:

    0:02 what is up with that shake

  13. Max Maaxim says:

    today i'm teach u how 2 learn maf.

  14. VHS&DVDREVIEW Eric says:

    Baldi’s new intro

  15. GamingSpectrum says:

    0:02 education and learning! Moves side to side

  16. Nanes Le Boi says:

    0:02 education means shaking?

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