Seth Green Talks His Directorial Debut Changeland and goes Comic Book Shopping

Seth Green Talks His Directorial Debut Changeland and goes Comic Book Shopping

I’m Coy Jandreau here with Seth Green we are
at Golden Apple comics in Hollywood at the heart of Melrose yeah I mean I love
seeing people innovate with both style and aesthetics and I grabbed a book that
I thought looked interesting and we’re here to do some comic book shop let’s do
this side yes I am so we’re in a comic book store and we’re
not having any fun at all judging solemn horrible job really harsh critique
growing up when you were reading comics you were on tons of sets commercially TV
film how did you find time and what did you do to get comics in your life I
started reading comics because I traveled back and forth on the trains
from Philadelphia to New York for auditions my mom and I were walking past
some guy on the street with a blanket he was just selling books and comics and I
grabbed a book that I thought looked interesting it was fantastic for I read
it on the train and was just gripped by it and then it’s a to be continued so I
had to find the next issue and it was the run where Franklin Richards gets
possessed and becomes like a super cosmic demon that’s what a great like
for a first book to read as a kid on a train literally like this is the world I
can live in and I had to know how it ended so I got hooked now spider-man why does he speak to you
the most like I know we’re both Spidey guys like I picked him up early I always
loved the fact that Spiderman was just a kid and had to do normal kid stuff like
graduate or get bullied or rise above all of that and then keep this
responsibility a secret and didn’t really have any obligation to anybody
and so that’s always spoken to me so we’re gonna actually live in spider-man
for this first poll I have some books right here for you
ship sidarsky is new to the spider-man game and this is where he first started
out this is the classic feeling spider-man it’s got a Silver Age flavor
I read a ton of Peter Parker’s so when Peter Parker ended at like around 288
back in the day they brought it back and remembered these so these are the return
of that exact same run so you’ve got the weird side character of Peter Parker’s
sister that’s mentioned once and the art is a mix of Silver Age classic and
you’ve got some already here and then finally ship sidarsky who is these guys
here is writing a comic that takes place every decade if spider-man actually ate
and is Mark Bagley who did the ultimate spider-man on hand in 1966 with the
characters turns into 1972 and now he’s 30 but none of the cannon is sacred and
things happen in this issue like flash goes to nom so these things tie into the
time and then they break your heart and all new ways so these are our first
books thanks let’s do it right so you voice probably more severe as
than anyone really were the realm of like robot chicken and like you know
sort of been like for me Rick Jones is such a slept on character sweet Rick
Jones is like the guy that was the best phone call I got Jeph Loeb was like hey
do you want to play Rick Jones on this whole show and I was like yeah what’s
the character you think slept on in the in the pop culture’s I guess is it
obnoxious to say I’d still like to see some exploration of Howard the Duck well
and then I heard he’s gonna do some kind of show Kevin Smith man yeah you can
trust anybody to put out good comments it’s Kevin now you did a Top Cow comic
that was it did gangbusters and you’re also in Robot Chicken and that whole pop
culture world of comics there nothing else in the comic space you haven’t done
you want to do the freshmen that I made with hughster Birkhoff was something
that we had been percolating for awhile I was thrilled to get to make that as a
book and we we keep talking about how to exploit it in some other medium but it’s
been interesting the way books have evolved since then there’s been so many
things that have come out that sort of ran with and improved on I haven’t had a
thought of like oh I need to see this in common so much that I’m gonna do it
myself I’ve got a couple Batman ideas now DC
rebirth is recent and it ties into what they’re doing at Doomsday Clock so this
is the jump of Jeff Jones taking over and everything being reborn I’ve read
some of those ok so in the world of DC I wanted to pull an Indy a Jason book jinx
world is Bendis and Mac doing the covers and Mac actually doing the insider he’s
a great cover artist but here he actually takes over the inside and he
draws in two different styles throughout the book so you’ve got a penciled style
which is the more narrative and he got kabuki actual painting style this story
takes place in the world of Comic Cons and he’s playing basically an artist too
as a spy so they’re using the cover of cons and travelling to have him
infiltrate certain investigations fantastic theories and you had mentioned
a batman book a spider-man and Batman are my favorite characters Batman
because he’s crazy he’s a superhero by choice he doesn’t have enough powers
he’s just rich like his superpowers being rich and crazy and I mentioned
this this Miller book year one you know his origin stories been told so many
times but it’s really well told here and it’s beautiful day massive Kelley does
this art and it’s it’s just gorgeous so check out some more let’s do it comic
books Robot Chicken is its own style of
animation we talked about animation a couple times seeing love death and robot
spider-verse all these things involve how does it
change your perspective on animation I mean I love seeing people innovate with
both style and aesthetics it doesn’t change my perspective it just sort of
reminds me that you can always be evolving but Robot Chicken is
stop-motion which is a universal format we try to do things with that format all
the time more in the storytelling and the comedy of it than in the actual
physical accomplishment of it but as technologies evolved we’ve been able to
try crazier and crazier stuff now directing a feature which we’re
definitely going to lean into now I gotta go the cast is crazy
you shot it in Thailand what was that process like I do like directing live
people it was the first full-length feature that I’ve directed so I
definitely learned a lot I wrote parts for people that I knew would play them
very well cuz I play a guy who prepaid a second honeymoon for a failing marriage
and on the eve of surprising his wife discover she’s been having a year-long
affair he scoops his old best friend to take this trip and figure out what to do
comic book wise who’s your favorite bromance since I’m moving about
bromances who instead pool in spider-man it’s actually greatest romance of all
time so other bromances I enjoy I love foggy and Matt Murdock daredevil has had
this great resurgence recently this is the man without fear the way they take
out daredevil is by instilling him of fear and he’s in the hospital and he’s
terrified and he doesn’t want to get up again so it’s a really different take
and that leads directly into the new run of daredevil each issue ends once again
we have one three and four cuz two sold out because it’s selling very well nice
job guys and he writes daredevil with the darkness of the show but each issue
ends with a cliffhanger highly recommend both of these books daredevil Spidey
Batman light and fluffy today check them out guys keeping it optimistic just
Shazam happy so I’ll try something new in this
episode where we basically have this fun insane line of comics here you’ve been
out of the game for a bit so I want to talk about stuff that you haven’t seen
okay what is this miles book here so this is champions champions is a book
that’s very fighting for the rights of people it’s a very grounded book they’re
fighting for people as peoples it kind of deals with America right now it’s a
very political book it’s a very politically charged book it gets a lot
of anger in the internet you get this cover this is where we are in culture
that you can have this cover on ironically published and it’ll be a top
seller we’ve done it it’s victory is ours
everyone’s got a cop so old man Logan was now remember that
it’s super successful maybe to success miles they brought old man Hawkeye
because old man Hawkeye was in the book of Logan so like what if it’s his story
that’s old Wells nothing like what if everyone gets an old man book well I say
doom on their cover which is interested old man Hawkeye leaded to old man quill
so you’re finding out this entire universe of old man Logan everyone’s
story as they find out the Hulk’s are taking them over and it’s kind of like
Days of Future past but for the whole universe okay so this book which I
talked to over there for you it’s the last one this is the first few issues of
West Coast Avengers let’s goes to vendors you remember is always a kind of
joke book were like really they assembled a team of all of those
characters of what’s happening and it is going to be when Poole who is having a
weird relationship with Quint inquire of the x-men
you’ve got Kate Bishop is Hanuman Saladin and it’s all told through
reality TV wins so it’s them in a house like real world
this character right here slightly oversized head is brodo that’s right
MODOK as a bro-bro doc that’s gonna keep the solid for a minute I mean I’m sorry
let’s stuff to add to my pot let’s check out while it weighs 20 been a fair
enough oh look it’s my buddy Ryan hey alright Matt in the bag actually these
are yours naked all right let’s do one thanks Coy yeah! this has been another episode of
comic book shopping I’d like to thank Golden Apple Comics I’d like to thank Seth Green hey no problem thanks for joining me thanks for having me as always I would like
to thank comic books go buy some comics thanks guys

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Seth Green Talks His Directorial Debut Changeland and goes Comic Book Shopping

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