Scribble Scramble | Doc McStuffins Baby | Disney Junior

Scribble Scramble | Doc McStuffins Baby | Disney Junior

[lullaby music][Doc]
Scribble Scramble!
[babies cooing] -Oh! Oof!
-I hear some happy
baby dolls in there. -How was story time?
-It was a hit! I even used
my coloring book
and crayons. They loved the colors! Oops! Looks like one
got left out of the box. Are you sure you put
the rest of the crayons away? Uh-oh, I can’t remember. [Doc] Let’s see. [Doc gasps]
The babies are gone! -Oh,no!
-This is bad! Oh, I wanted to make
story time extra special, but all I did
was make Babyland
extra messy! It’s okay, Chilly.
We can fix this. Everyone, pick a color
and follow it. Where there’s a trail,
there’s a baby with a crayon. -Let’s go!
-Babies, babies? Here I come! Oh! Found you. [Lambie]
Now where are– [both grunt] [laughs]
There’s one! Any babies around here? [gasps]
There you are. Baby! Aww! This pink trail
goes all over the place. So many turns,
it’s making me dizzy! Oh, hi, Tiny Tumbler. [Tiny Tumbler giggles] Happy tumbling!
[laughs] [gasps]
A pink trail! Oh, that’s why
I can’t catch up. The fastest doll
in Babyland has my crayon! There, that’ll stop
the baby dolls from making any more
of a mess with the crayons. [Chilly] Red alert!
I mean, pink alert! I mean, Tiny Tumbler
has the last crayon! [all]
What? Everyone, try to steer
Tiny Tumbler to the playpen. She’s not going to stop tumbling
until we catch her! [all exclaim] [Stuffy grunts]
She’s going off course! [Hallie] Chilly,
what are you doing? -[Chilly grunts]
-[Stuffy] Incoming! [all cheer] I promise I will never
leave my crayons out again. Have you ever seen
such a mess? [all laugh] Hmm? [chukles] Actually, don’t answer that. -[laughter]
-Oh, Chilly!

David Anderson

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