Sankhi Shikari |  Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Tamil | Season 1 Episode 2A

Sankhi Shikari | Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Tamil | Season 1 Episode 2A

Crazy crazy I am the crazy hunter….. came to hunt animals so far in Dolakpur jungle, I am definitely crazy… aah ha this is a perfect spot this is where the deers come to eat, must lay my trap here and wait for them… yo ho…. bananas woweeee…. these bananas look so yummy and delicious….. I will take a whole tree and run away and sit and eat comfortably wowwww…what a fun!!!!!! Dad is going to be very angry for sure, but who cares ! oops there is a watchmen here. What if he catches me……. no problem let’s run away with as many bananas as I can….. Hey who’s there ? Hey who’s there ? Oh there you are, you little trumpet ! Let me see Now let him go, there may be lots of elephants there…. what if they attack me ? It’s better if I return What no bananas again…. Is this what I get…. One twig? Where are my bananas ? Where are they….? Ha ha look at the elephants’s baby…. He’s sooo cute ….. must catch him…… I’ll get a good price for him! Oh ho but how do I catch him….. Idea!!! sure he likes bananas…. this is it… bananas will be my bait i’ll trap him and sell him off in the circus later…im so clever!!! Thank God finally you guys have come. I have been waiting for so long… where is that monkey He is on his way… happy birthday Chutki Thank you very much Bheem Happy birthday chutki Thank you very much my friend What’s in there Bheem ? It looks very interesting See for yourself Chutki Hi Chutki here I am hey Jaggu? What took you so long! I was waiting for you So sorry friend I kept you waiting happy birthday to you Thank you Jaggu! You know what Chutki, I could not get any gift for you, I know what to do… I’ll just come wait for me Help help somebody help please Chutki must love these jungle berries….. Yes I will give them to her as a gift and she will be very happy Help… help…. somebody please help…. I dont want to die…. please help…. oh my friend please help me, help me But my friend how did you fall into this trap I was stupid to get stuck in this trap laid by the crazy hunter Bunty my friend don’t worry. I cannot help you alone. Just wait, I will call all our friends and we will get you out. Bheem… Bheem… the crazy hunter has trapped our friend Bunty What ! We have to help him and set him free Yes yes we must help him let’s go. Jaggu go and get Kaalia too… fatty will be of great help to set Bunty free from the trap Ok Bunty don’t worry we will get you out of here Are you Jaggu’s friend Yes Please help me please Yes we will…Dont worry Bunty my friends will be here any moment. Here they are. Thank God Hey Bheem, this is so easy, I can do this on my own just see my strength Really ( laughter ) now see my strength What do I do now? Jaggu give me the rope Bunty, just hold on..ok! Fast Bheem the rope is slipping from my hand Useless fatty Bheem I have an idea idea? yes now listen I am free… I am so lucky… I don’t believe that you saved me from that crazy hunter… I am alive…come let’s all go for a ride ! I will show you all my jungle friends… let’s go

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