Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Zombie Dog

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Zombie Dog

BRANDON: Does it seem like dogs don’t get sick as much as humans? -Like my dog, it just doesn’t get sick – I’m like
“Do you not get-” GUS: I think you just don’t know. I mean like, there’s no equivalent of a cold for a dog, is there? – Yeah, dogs can sneeze.
– They get like kennel cough and stuff. Oh, yeah… My mom’s dog is- -dead.
[laughter] No, as in- What a weird way of saying that! Chris, what is wrong- Mom’s dog, dead as shit! It’s alive! It should be dead. WHAT! You just changed it!
You just- You can’t start a se- -it’s like “I saw your friend, he’s DEAD!” “He’s not actually dead.” It’d freak everyone out! So, my mom took her- she came for Thanksgiving, she took her dog. Her dog, it… One: It doesn’t have bladder control- it wears a diaper. GUS: Just like you!
[laughter] CHRIS: Two: It doesn’t have any teeth and its jaw collapsed- GAVIN: Aww, what- CHRIS: And then three: its nose collapsed so it can’t breathe- GAVIN: Oh god, put it down- -Four: it’s got like-
-Put the dog down! -Its ears are like, scabbing over, it- -Come on!
BRANDON: Oh my god! And then, I was like- “Mom, you gotta take this dog down.” GAVIN: It’s melting!
[laughter] I was like-
-“You gotta take this dog down?” [laughter] “Look, he’s not looking at us – you go from behind, I’ll go from the side.” She’s like, “No, he still wants to live.” and I’m like, “No, this dog is like- he’s falling apart, Mom.” She’s like, “No no no, look look look! He’s drinking water on his own.” I’m like, “That’s not an accomplishment!” [music] [music]

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Zombie Dog

  1. EmperorXaozx says:

    This story reminds me of how the God Warrior from "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" fell apart.

  2. Vindictive Cataclysm says:

    "My mom's dog is … dead." Chris is f*cking dumb.

  3. Emma Graves says:

    It's not that the dog still wants to live. It's that she doesn't want to let the poor thing go. Its no longer alive to live its life happily, its alive for her sake. I suggest convincing her to get a new, younger dog and letting that old one be at rest. Its hard to let go but its important to know how.

  4. Emma Graves says:

    P.S. Good thing it doesn't have teeth so it can't pass the Zombie virus!

  5. Kelsey Wu says:

    it's drinking water on its own

    that's not an accomplishment

  6. Christopher Miller says:

    Chris needs a doctor

  7. snake boy says:

    Rip Doggo

  8. izabel szakal says:

    This is my favorite Animated Adventure!

  9. Sebastian Does some JoJo reference says:

    Rip doggo

  10. Cam says:

    Chris is the legitimately mentally challenged one right? I always confuse him with Brandon.

  11. Jason Leveque-Rovasio says:

    Chris and Brandon never ceases to amaze me

  12. MrGamecube17 says:

    Chris has such a way with words

  13. Dino_Wolf Hybrid Hero says:

    Jesus Christ how is that dog alive!? XD

    Also jokes aside if A dog gets to that point put it down ^^;

  14. Amv Nation says:

    ok as a breeder yea dogs get colds and everything else humans do

  15. Cerberus says:

    That was really sad :<

    And that is basically what happens to many purebred dogs, genetic disorders thanks to generations of inbreeding.

  16. spectre pony says:

    90% of the comments: "PUT THAT DOG DOWN"
    5%: Quotes from the episode
    5%: "First"

  17. TacoWyvern says:

    So basicly your mom's dog is undertale fanfic

  18. Able the fox says:

    That woman is crazy

  19. ComiXProvider FTW_02 says:

    Dog's dead, whatever.

  20. Drazixu says:

    “No he still wants to live” dog drowning itself

  21. That one Guy says:

    1:00 DO IT

  22. Derk says:

    "It's melting" dead

  23. LoneWolfPack777 says:

    The sad thing is his mom probably found him dead after she went to get him some water or food. That's what happened with my aunt's dog, my cousin went to refill the dog bowl and when he came back it was dead.

  24. tammycon1 says:

    D O G G O

  25. DropZ says:

    Lmao hes melting

  26. Siphy says:

    I just love the in sync 0:29 what

  27. Heta GamerGal says:

    Well dogs can get strokes

  28. MeMe_Very_Unoriginal says:

    I am 100% sure that dog is trying to drown itself

  29. gunmunz says:

    "He drinks water on his own" No it's trying to drown itself

  30. dekkubo boo says:

    gus is love… gus is life

  31. Christine Boross says:

    That dog wasn't trying to drink water, he was trying to drown himself

  32. KorliWolf says:

    My moms dod has got a severe case of dead

  33. awesomex35 says:

    this episode came out the same time my dog died. my mom got a kick out of it

  34. Ali-Aids says:

    She wanted it

  35. Special Fex says:

    Should that technically count as animal cruelty? XD

  36. Joseph Landers says:

    0:22 I love that expression on Chris's face

  37. Grickery says:

    Oooooooooooh poor dooggy

  38. Dinetzle Plays says:

    My friend is

    He's not really dead.

  39. Tycho Azrephet says:

    Jesus Christ, its like the Pariah Dog from Fallout 2.

  40. Deziree Graham says:

    Omfg I am so done🙂😂🤣😂

  41. Spencer Sharpe says:

    That got dark reeeeeal fast XD

  42. KaijuKid 14 says:

    Personally,if I was that dog's owner,I DEFINITELY would put it out of it's misery.

  43. Leoliy Xolsun says:

    Gavin sounds so distraught-

  44. 8bitSpartan141 says:

    i feel horrible for laughing as hard as i did

  45. ML Seishin says:

    If The Dogs Nose Is Dry It Means Its Sick

  46. SonicG05 says:

    Chris I don’t feel so good…

  47. idontknowwhat toputasmyname says:

    bruh what is wrong with gavins dog at 00:11 lmao

  48. socalbby says:

    My step mom kept her dog alive when it was blind and deaf and had seizures occasionally.She had her eyeballs taken out so she had two lines where her eyeballs used to be. She would always bump into things all the time with her head it was so sad. She insisted that the dog wasn't in any pain so she kept her alive for so lomg. She had no quality of life anymore but she kept her alive because the vet said she wasn't in any pain. It was obviously just a case of someone not being able to let go but in reality it's selfish keeping the dog alive in that condition. If you really loved your dog, as hard as it is, you would let it go when the quality of life isn't there amymore.

  49. Imagination Disorder says:

    We had to put down r dog recently because of kidney and leg problems

  50. ryan50ryan says:

    Jimmy, take out the dog.
    Yes, mother. shoots dog
    For a walk, Jimmy…

  51. total Mayhem says:

    My friend has a cat like that

  52. Vanessa M says:

    Poor Chris😂 They are always messing with him

  53. firemakerler says:

    I need to see a picture of this dog

  54. James Shelton says:

    I like Chris but like wtf he can say some dumb stuff sometimes

  55. Spencer Kelly says:

    Did she ever put the dog down?

  56. JP Sillick says:

    Chris is almost as dumb as Brandon

  57. Zachary Rivera says:

    I have a old dog he's blind and can't hear but other then that he's perfectly fine

  58. Doggie Antics says:

    Gavin's dog, I'm WHEEZING

  59. Ashton van Almen says:

    Dog lover cant let go of their best friend

  60. DeltaPrime350 says:

    Zombie dog

  61. Aria Andrea A-S says:

    My dog got kennel cough once and i felt so bad, because it really was the equivalent of a cold.

  62. Ninth Guardian says:

    1:05 something about gavin pushing Chris out of the way to euthanize the poor dog just sends me into a laughing fit every time i watch this

  63. Halo Thrones9862 says:

    Put the dog down omg lol😂😂😂😂

  64. Jeremy Bomer says:

  65. Ali valadez says:

    Oh God hows the dog even breathing

  66. Diego Jauregui says:

    His mom is a serial killer

  67. The Weird And Obscene says:

    Why did I get a rwby add be for this oh wait I've watched all the eps and all but one of the chibi that makes sense now

  68. Vadoom 335 says:

    Honestly for chris I think drinking water by himself is an accomplishment

  69. Big Geko says:

    My moms dog IS DEAD

  70. Lucky Flare2 says:

    Put that poor dog down, for Christ's sake!!

  71. Tetsu Hatano says:

    That is not a dog anymore that is a breathing corpse at this point

  72. John Doe says:

    Achievement unlocked
    Drink water

  73. Will M. says:

    Sometimes Chris and Brandon make Gavin look like a genius

  74. Jack F says:

    Isn’t that like animal cruelty

  75. Dan Slash says:

    My sister's dog recently had pneumonia.

  76. Chase Song says:

    It is to the point where it can’t be called alive

  77. Jacob Luna says:

    Gavin: Do dogs sneeze?

    HaHaHaHa… yes dogs sneeze.

  78. GutsCross says:

    i thought this was going somewhere, and honestly i don't know if the fact that it wasn't is good or bad

  79. 555hippolover says:

    Blake is at the funeral

  80. woo sh says:

    So…..its been a the dog dead now..?

  81. Vanna Starr says:

    Its been 1 year since this was posted.. is the dog STILL alive?

  82. Joli Slinky says:

    Source is 1:32:00 in the podcast btw

  83. Mei Chang-Field says:

    Yeah they do that

  84. Lord Bloodraven says:

    Chris's family dog came back from the Pet Cemetery.

  85. Zombiedog01 says:

    Someone call me?

  86. Owen Eldridge says:

    He wants to live…

    Reality of life: im about to ruin this mans whole career.

  87. Evie Trudelle says:


  88. Lala Lalala says:

    Gavin squealing "put the dog down" in a sad voice will always make me laugh so hard I cry.

  89. Mary Kelleher says:

    I shouldn't find it funny, but the name brand of the euthanasia medicine/fluid is 'euthasol'. I just get mental images of a 50's style commercial with a male narrator booming about the wonders of EUTHASOL.

  90. Dank Doggo says:

    My dogs name is DOGGO

  91. BloatedBlitz says:

    Oh yeah my moms dog is dead and dying no, big deal

  92. Unownshipper says:

    "Mom he's trying to drown himself!"

  93. Angelica Figueroa says:

    Yeah no put the dog down and give it peace at that point you're just keeping it alive to make yourself feel better while denying the poor creatures pain

  94. lucas ventures says:


  95. Tim Hartley says:

    You know it's bad when even Gavin is like, "What are you talking about?"

  96. Welp-Help says:

    I never thought I would say this but I hope this dog is dead so it doesn't have to live through that

  97. SHADOW 最高 says:

    Yeah, Chris's family is a bunch of aliens trying tho be human

  98. BladeLigerV says:

    I miss Chris on the Podcast.

  99. Shy Guy says:

    My mom's dog……..dead..

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