Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The One in the Hole

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The One in the Hole

Gavin: How’s everyone doing? Geoff: My plan to go for leather has not… gone well. Ray: Yeah, that plan didn’t work for me either. Jack: Michael, have you won yet? Michael: No, I haven’t won. I’m not doing good at all. Michael: I got nothing. Michael: *whispering* Alright, gonna go in here for a little bit of a mission. There’s Edgar. Get up there! x4 Get out of here! Run! Run, dude! Run, run, run! Michael: Motherfuckin’ stupid… Go, go go! Go, Edgar! Go! You’re free! You’re fucking free! You’re free, you’re free, you’re free! Run! Run, bitch! Alright, my work here is done. Gavin: Have you found any iron, Michael? Michael: You saw that, Gavin? Gavin: I absolutely did. Gavin: That was top. Ryan: Ray has won! Ryan: Congratulations to Ray! Michael: Let’s go back to Achievement City and fucking erect this tower. Michael: Alright, we’re at Achievement City. Ray: I’m lost. Ryan: Somebody knocked the kung fu off my house. Michael: Oh, shit! Ryan: What’s up, Edgar? Michael: How’s Edgar doing? Ryan: He’s fine. Ryan: Oh, and Edgar III has laid an egg! Gavin: What? Ray: Huh.
Gavin: *wheezing* Wh-… Ray: I don’t… I… Gavin: WHAT? Michael: You son of a bitch, Ryan! Ryan: HAHAHAHA Michael: You son of a bitch! Ryan: HAHAHAHA Michael: Bullshit! Michael: There’s NO way that’s actually Edgar! Michael: No way. Ryan: *still laughing*
Michael: You bastard! Michael: I- I set Edgar free in the middle of the video and Ryan went and recaptured him!
*Jack and Geoff laughing hysterically* Ray: NOOOO! Damn it. Michael: You sick bastard! *Jack and Geoff still laughing hysterically* Gavin: So you saw that he was gone and then silently repaired it? Ryan: Yup. I went and fucking grew wheat and led a cow back in. Geoff: YOU GREW WHEAT! Michael: But wait, but wait…
Geoff: *laughing hysterically* Michael: But, did you get Edgar back? Ryan: I don’t know.
Michael: Well, you got a random cow– Ryan: Look, you don’t understand: Ryan: Edgar is the one in the hole. *Jack and Geoff laughing hysterically* Geoff: Oh, my god! Geoff: Ryan, you’re a DISTURBING person! Gavin: Ryan… Ryan is a lunatic!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The One in the Hole

  1. FirstMateMist says:


  2. The Mandalore says:

    Is it. Ad if Ryan's logic makes perfect sense to me

  3. Reagan Smith says:

    "Edgar is the one in the hole" XD

  4. Ian Morgan says:

    Is it a dirty joke or does it mean whatever's in the hole is Edgar

  5. Scott Letourneau says:


  6. MochaTater says:

    XD I still laugh at that…You don't understand, Edgar's the one in the hole.

  7. TEXAStooTAL L says:

    I love the brief focus on drunk Geoff laughing his ass off

  8. Nicole Eckstein says:

    This was great!!??

  9. Alec says:

    I come back and watch this every few months (or a snippet from the original video), and have safely concluded that yes, these are the greatest moments AH has ever had. This is pinnacle ryan.

  10. Natalie Douglas says:


  11. The Majestic Canuck says:

    I can't say anything, I'd probably be worse than Ryan tbh XD

  12. IanXPikachu says:

    Forget a T-Shirt, I want a rug of Edgar’s hole.

  13. Austin Lomeli says:

    Geoffs laugh broke me

  14. Stonedude123 says:

    It's so weird seeing the cast of RvB. well, not be doing something in halo…

  15. DalekSec02 says:

    I love the reactions of Michael, Ray & Gavin, this is an amazing ep.

  16. Mynxie Jean says:

    I watch this purely for Geoff's hysterical laughter

  17. Miguel Cruz says:

    Omg I'm watching this when ray isn't here :((

  18. Finn Christman says:

    Probably my favorite line of all time “you dont understand edger is the one in the hole”

  19. STE Jambo says:

    Edgar was trying to go back and Michael had to force him out

  20. LilianaKali says:

    Shout out to any Edgars out there. In holes or otherwise.

  21. Agent Massa says:

    I have a fanfic named after this! XDDDDDDDDDDD

  22. Garrett O says:

    "I'm lost"

  23. Min Holly Water says:

    “Run b****” I cant

  24. rsw0103 says:

    Still loving this after all this time!

  25. Callum Ruddy says:

    Watch ten little roosters and you will find that Ryan is the one in the hole…..

  26. ASFCruppy says:

    I love how all the lads are just quite while all the other gents are laughing their asses off.

  27. Tara Rudkowsky says:

    the first ending music was horrible, i can jive with this one so much better. even the boop/swoosh was good

  28. Dirvinator says:

    This was, is and will always be my absolute FAVORITE RTAA!

  29. James Archer says:

    What episode of Black Mirror is this??

  30. Eli Carlile says:

    Like even now in 2018 this is by far my favorite rt animated

  31. Torballs says:

    Every couple months I come back here and watch this at least twice

  32. Samuel Brantley says:

    That laugh tho

  33. Mo Bot says:

    I miss this AH crew. Good times

  34. Aiden says:

    Which Minecraft episode is this?????? Is this an actual lets play???

  35. Fire Angel Productions says:

    mad king Ryan strikes again

  36. Dax Orien says:

    This will never not be funny.

  37. Alyssia Gibbs says:

    5 years later and it's still funny

  38. Dapper Jayy says:

    Whoever is in the whole is Edgar

  39. Stephen Salach says:

    I have watched this way to manu times?

  40. DisturbedNeo says:


  41. Matthew Tolentino says:

    You should have hid him in some other hole first.

  42. Alexander Campagna says:

    Praise be unto you mad king!

  43. Fenshire Croal says:

    whenever I see ray in an achievement hunter video I'm all like "God do I miss ray! BRING HIM BACK!" even small things like him going "NOOOOOOOO!" in this video makes me thing that

  44. adrian varela says:

    Best moment in their entire life's

  45. Richard Issel says:

    Michael face at a second that it goes in Ryans house

  46. Monica Moon says:

    Michael could start his own ASMR channel ???

  47. HinataElyonToph says:

    anyone just keep replaying the part where Geoff is losing it so bad his eyes are pointing in two different directions?

  48. priceoffame says:

    Ryan is the best crazy person

  49. The Jingo says:

    I want to see the real video lol

  50. Celeste Yi says:

    Casual reminder that this is beautiful.

  51. Argentfan says:

    One of the best ones ever.

  52. Luke Porter says:

    Edgar is the one in the hole

  53. Edgar Larios says:

    What did I do to deserve such hatred!?

  54. Nicole T says:

    now they're all Edgar

  55. Turtle Power says:

    This was the first rooster teeth content i ever saw years ago. Truly couldnt have had a better introduction

  56. John Sallusti says:

    #Free Edgar 2013

  57. Skye Fawn says:

    This is the video that led me to watching all of Achievement Hunters stuff. I randomly saw this video in my feed one day so I clicked it out of boredom and haven’t stopped watching their stuff since.

  58. Sprite Smith says:

    2018 baby! Still hilarious ?

  59. Ted Emerald says:

    Growing wheat really makes Geoff laugh

  60. Spaghetti says:

    That laugh tho ?

  61. Red Base Entertainment says:

    I remember watching the Let’s play video

  62. Gold Star Of Venus says:

    This still holds up as one of the best things to come out of any of Achievement Hunters Minecraft videos. I mean, a lot, and I mean /a lot/ of amazing and funny moments have come out of Minecraft, but Ryan essentially receiving the title of Mad King with that single line… I don't think anything will ever beat it. Also, I love how Ryan's laugh has just always had that edge of madness/super villain quality. It never fails to make me smile and laugh.

    Also, 2018 anyone?

  63. enders gaming and vlogs says:

    Edgar is the hole

  64. Ekkaisara says:

    And thus a legend was born

  65. Hyperion 724 says:


  66. Wyrmkin Toothgrim says:

    This pretty much sums them all up.

  67. Faux Panjandrum says:

    Ulduron needs to be in the hole

  68. Jack Bessant says:

    Just about to hit 5 mil views!

  69. Special Fex says:

    Michaels stunned face is just amazing

  70. Chandler Gloyd says:

    happy 5 million views

  71. Werewolves779 says:

    Free Edgar

  72. Ya Boi Pringle says:

    They dont call him the mad king for nothing

  73. MrStake says:

    i just like looking at Geoff's face when he laughs

  74. Blank says:

    this animation is udderly disturbing

  75. Code says:

    This is a piece of art.

  76. Sir Predator of Cats Meow says:

    Almost 5 years later and I STILL laugh at this.

  77. Garcia Solis says:


  78. CluelessJay says:

    Forget rage quit, Michael should get into asmr

  79. Pilum Murialis says:

    Torch your holes kids.

  80. Bowen Orcutt says:

    Now we just need one for Plan G.

  81. Matt Carroll says:

    Apparently to my friends I’m Exactly like Ryan

  82. Aierek says:

    I remember watching this episode of minecraft way back.

  83. Justin loveless says:

    I feel like this is a concept for quantum physics

  84. Justin Piccolo says:

    0:55 Found a mistake. Ray doesn't get obsidian, tsk tsk.

  85. ledzeppelinincubus says:

    Still my favorite Animated Adventures ever..

  86. Jonathan Eilbeck says:

    That was four years ago. Wow, time flies.

  87. Itshaxerboi says:

    edgar is the one in the hole

  88. Nyla McMillan says:

    Micheal would be great at asmr?

  89. RNRAGE says:

    does anyone know the rainbow six siege video where everyone was running in a group outside the plane a person pops up blows Ryan's head off and runs back in side and they find out the person who did itr was named EDGER

  90. Logan Harroun says:

    Geoff's laugh is giving me sweet LIFE!

  91. Xanegoh says:

    Geoff's laughter gives me life.

  92. Damon Badgett says:

    I come back to this regularly.

  93. shawn zylla says:

    geoffs life is still the bringer of life

  94. Seraphina Edan says:


  95. arjaae P. says:

    1:34 is how I laugh everyday

  96. Joshua V. Harding says:

    Michael: Huh?
    Ray: I don't…
    Gavin: WOTTT!!!

  97. LBboarding b says:

    can someone redo this in the AH Animated style?

  98. Save_the_ Turtles_3 says:

    uMmMmMmmMMmMMM iM pReTtY sUrE yOu CaNt bReAk StUfF wItH a SwOrD

  99. h says:

    You dont understand edgar is the one in the hole

  100. Spencer Kelly says:

    Geoffs laugh cleared my skin and watered my crops

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