Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – #StopDolphinPoaching

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – #StopDolphinPoaching

– Intro – Gus : There were a couple of somewhat related to news stories that really pissed me off this week. There was that group of people on a beach at Argentina who saw a baby dolphin in the water. So they picked up the baby dolphin and brought it to the beach and they started passing it around to a crowd of people so they could take selfies with it. Fucking rare baby dolphin dies. Burnie : This dolphin thing makes me super sad Gavin : But the thing is still.. Poaching is still way worse than selfies, ’cause more dolphins die of that than getting selfie’d. ‘Eliminate the selfie’ won’t save dolphin lives. Gus : It would’a saved that one! Gavin : One-one dolphin! I mean it’s sad but it’s still.. Burnie : Okay, okay Gavin, you’re right! So, let me give some advice to our podcast listeners… Hey we gotta stop the selfie thing, and all the poaching that we’re all doing. So, if you could, after the podcast, you could just not poach.. Who the fuck do you think is listening to our podcast? Some dude on the fishing boat outside of fucking Tokyo going “Oh man, he really got to me on that one.” If you can tell our audience to stop poaching, they can’t stop poaching because they are not fucking poaching Gavin : I just feel like not many things are getting hurt by that. Our audience on twitter : They’re very sorry about that poaching, Gavin and they’ll stop immediatley Gus : Think about the difference that we just made. Millions of people, are gonna stop poaching dolphins now. Burnie : Gus, we reduced poaching, in our audience, a 100% *Gavin laughs* Gus : We really made a difference today. Burnie : I just got a message from the Rooster Teeth Dallas Fort Worth Community group, they have cancelled their seal clubbing event. *Gavin laughs like mental* Burnie : Thanks to Gavin and his message. So, good for you guys. Sorry to ruin all your fun, baby seals deserve to live too. – Rooster Teeth Animation outro –

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – #StopDolphinPoaching

  1. Space-Potato says:

    I wonder if those drawings were based on actual pictures of people of the fort worth community group

  2. GhostAnime says:

    Gavin has even touched the heart of Megamind.  He well never wear custom baby seal leather boots again.

  3. GlaciusTS says:

    In defense of seal hunters, they aren't poaching the seals, the seals aren't babies, and they don't use clubs. Not anymore anyway.

  4. SuperAqua9 says:

    Burnie is an expert at making Gavin look stupid

  5. Doggo says:

    Gavin's 100% right here TBH

  6. Bill Stone says:

    still not as bad as Sea World.

  7. SuperKnalxz Grey says:

    All the fishermen from Tokyo downvoted this video.

  8. Claire Louise says:

    They animated the 'im so done' look on burnies face perfectly

  9. Darrian Weathington says:


  10. MegumiZero says:

    Where was the pun Barbara? you have ONE job!

  11. Peter I says:

    Don't the majority of dolphins die to fishing nets?

  12. Hayley_bree says:

    Dammit… Poached eggs are my favourite! I don't wanna give them up!

  13. SMX Sonic says:

    Man, I used to like Rooster teeth, but then they told me to stop poaching dolphins. You can't tell me what to do.

  14. Inverted Games says:

    seriously though, 8.6 million subs, odds are there's a few of them who have poached a dolphin or two…

    Hell, I could be poaching a dolphin right now, as I'm writing this. You don't know.

  15. Fire Fox says:


  16. Derpaderpy says:

    The more dolphins there are, the more we can give handjobs to.

  17. Ancient says:

    The absolute best part about this episode is the fact that my brothers username on steam is sealclubber.

  18. kmlupine says:

    This is why murder should be legal

  19. Kate Linnell says:

    Gavin had a good point though..?

  20. Josb Hernandez says:

    i love this one so much lol

  21. Master oak says:


  22. MichealJ99 Gaming says:

    I find it ironic because dolphins need oxygen to survive and the same thing for whales

  23. scitechian says:

    I like how the Seal Clubbing Event's participants were multi-cultural at least.

  24. stealthboy316 says:


  25. Adelia says:

    Oh my god this was hilarious. Great combination of animation and improv

  26. zeus lim says:

    how did it die from just being taken out of water, I thought dolphins breathe air

  27. Dort says:

    Gavin, fine I'll stop poaching. But you owe me a new hobby

  28. 2 refined plz says:

    what about Gavin poaching?!

  29. Roy epic350 says:

    hey can I get a job at rooster teeth please

  30. Patrick Roelant says:

    I want to know what happened in 2025, I blame ray

  31. Gopherfan18 says:

    dolphins breathe air though…..they have lungs not gills

  32. Wertsir says:

    Gavin's got a point.

    What's the likelihood of one of their viewers being a dolphin poacher vs killing a dolphin with a selfie.

    If we accept that more dolphins die via poaching we have to accept the inevitability that it is more likely that a dolphin poacher is watching than a future selfie-killer. (assuming the absence of other influencing factors).

    And since Poaching is a more sustained effort (compared to the one time nature of selfie-killing) even viewers who are not poachers themselves could have an influence on it, via supporting more harsh penalties and more strict laws against poaching.

    So yah, Gavin is on point here, it's common social-media hype bullshit distracting from the big issues because the small ones are more emotionally impacting.

  33. TheGameBoss980 says:

    why would you even take a baby dolphin out of the water?

  34. angus sharpe says:


  35. Zachary Ballard says:

    Thanks Gavin, now what am I going to do over the weekend

  36. alex deBoer says:

    anyone else notice the girl on the left had 3 arms?

  37. Killer Orca says:

    As a marine biologist I feel your annoyance deeply.

  38. Absolutely Trash says:

    Haha I can Still go Whaling though XD

  39. Blazer says:

    lmao the twitter names haha

  40. smalltown-girl says:

    Stop killing all the Harukas. They deserve to live too.

  41. SnowHawk7 says:

    I wonder how many RT fans are from Japan?

  42. TheInsanePickle says:


  43. The Psy-Frame Duelist says:

    Dolphins lives matter

  44. Whatcha Thinking? says:

    hey remember the last dolphin video they did lol

  45. Yami Dokusei says:

    I'm all for the selfie thing, tbh-

  46. Creeper 20405 says:

    All within the span of 15 seconds….

  47. Lthe says:

    145 seal clubbers and dolphin poachers disliked this video.

  48. Mickey animation says:


  49. Never Useless says:

    The battle field 1 trailer is getting pretty old now

  50. DrkAvenger says:

    damn…. i was really looking forward to the poaching convention

  51. Pat Lapton says:

    Well raising awareness for poaching is still good. If one more person starts opposing poaching, we're one person closer to that goal

  52. xXRamOn82Xx [Cxnnecxion] says:

    I got a rooster teeth ad right before this video can i get 8 likes for rooster teeth

  53. Im A Canadian says:

    1:24 girl on the far left has 3 arms

  54. Just Gamma says:

    Jotaro is not happy.

  55. Choco Sucks says:

    time to trash the machine gun.

  56. LoSt 1n 5p4ce says:

    I live in dfw

  57. G_Guy001 says:

    RTP #364 at 53:01–54:34/55:38–57:18

  58. The Plague Nurse says:

    0:23 Dang it David, you should know better!

  59. B0TTO says:

    Jotaro Approves

  60. Vtel 'Zolam says:

    Who daFUQ clubs seals for fun?

  61. Xharlotte says:


  62. Alex BOI says:

    I live in Dales Fort Worth

  63. Tiger Vigesaa says:

    But dolphins can breath out of water how did it die

  64. Rachel Hollars says:

    Actually the baby dolphin was already dead. It was beached and died and people started passing it around. However they still got in trouble because handling rare animals, dead or alive, is still highly illegal.

  65. Robert Wallischek says:

    I feel like I should go out and poach a dolphin out of spite.

  66. Elijah Aitaok says:

    baby seals are good to eat though

  67. CocoaNutCakery says:

    When stupid people abuse sarcasm

  68. Ascdren says:

    no dolphin poaching? guess I'll have to find something else to do this weekend

  69. KRASS TV says:

    Dolphins aren't rare. Not sad.

  70. Sitarik Baneofthefallenking says:

    I went from 0% dolphin poaching to 0% dolphin poaching, "that last one really got to me"

  71. carton of chocolate milk says:


  72. Twikkz says:

    I love each of the twitter names in this animation.

  73. Ruji Buji says:

    What about poached eggs?

  74. Miran Doodles says:



  75. Christopher Frencham says:

    I will relish the day that Gavin speaks in front of the entire Japanese parliament/Diet to discuss his Anti-poaching agenda.

  76. Floodkiller454 says:

    Stop poaching

  77. Luke Glover says:

    lol Burnie's rant (it was hilarious). It is extremely sad that people are that stupid, but yeah.

  78. Tanner Wheeler says:

    Am I the only one who thought it said pouching

  79. James Salthouse says:

    Gavin was correct in what he was saying !

  80. Shay D. Mann says:

    i thought fort worth was in el paso…

  81. Reco Bt7274 says:


  82. QuantumWill says:

    I love how on the graph of poaching percentage in the Rooster Teeth community, at one point it was actually a hundred percent.

  83. Vtel 'Zolam says:


  84. shownsnow says:

    But if you could eliminate poaching your selfies, poaching would save more lives

  85. zeta prime says:

    Gavin I wouldn't even poach you

  86. Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname says:

    As a Canadian, Barbara is very sad that the seal clubbing is canceled.

  87. joel andersen says:

    Gavin is an idiot

  88. Rory Mayfield says:

    F*** dolphins! Bunch of piece-of-s*** rapist a-holes! No, seriously, look up what happens to a female dolphin that won't submit to mating in the wild. If people did that, it would be a world news cluster-f***. Granted, I don't want dolphins to go extinct, because I'm not a fan of any form of eradication. But seriously, I HATE male dolphins.

  89. Kaiden FortniteMaster says:

    I wish I were there I would ask to take a selfie with the dolphins next then I would be like SIKE and throw it back in the water

  90. Sir Pugselot says:


  91. Sir Pugselot says:


  92. nerfdis says:

    1000th comment

  93. Natasha Fenster says:

    Just kidding…

    But still, this is pretty funny.

  94. Eleanor Minnich says:

    Gavin's point is absolutely correct though.

  95. Werewolves779 says:

    I remember this story.

  96. Mystic Breadstick says:

    poaching rate drops to 0%

  97. Althric says:

    The poacher's boat just being called the SS DOLPHIN KILLER as well as some of the twitter names at 1:09 are hysterical

  98. HerronARF says:

    Gavin if you cut the selfeing selfie deaths will go done 100%

  99. The Unholy Smirk says:

    Burnie kinda called the RT community dumbasses, if you think about it.

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