Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Sticks & Flowers

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Sticks & Flowers

Joel: Okay, you want to know the worst thing that can happen to a man ever Blaine: Okay Joel: So I’ve had some issues and boy when you get old it’s fun. So I had had to have a scoping of my bladder That’s when they take a camera and they put it into your bladder Blaine: How did they get the… Joel: Okay, oh Blaine. Huh, how do they get a camera in there? If you ask me, I’d rather they just stab me in my heart and then inject it through that, but that’s not how they do it apparently How they do it is you go into the room and there are these things hanging from the wall They’re the most horrible things you’ve ever seen in your life And then there’s a chair and then you sit down in the chair, and then a guy comes in the room He goes, “Oh you got to take your pants off now under the blanket.” And you go, “Oh okay.” And he’s like, “Are you allergic to Iodine?” and I’m like “Well I haven’t even met you before.”
And then he put iodine on your things. The first guy was like, “Look I’m not gonna lie to you. This isn’t going to be great” Blaine: Oh “but it’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be.” And then the doctor comes in and then he goes, “Hey” “Did you see that basketball game last night?” And that’s where they have you because that’s where they’ve started the lie. Once the doctor starts to lie you’re like, “Oh, yes doctor I did see the basketball…” Boom. And that’s when they go in for the kill. Like he’s tricking you like he’s distracting you It’s like ‘Oh, I’m interested in basketball’ BIGGEST PAIN I’VE EVER FELT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. BIGGEST PAIN I’VE EVER- And fuck you, people who give birth “Oh giving birth to children is so hard.” No fuck you. It’s not, okay? What men have to go through… Let me tell you something about mathematical ratios It’s this big. It’s this big and it’s not meant to get bigger. You guys are meant to get big You’re flowers. You bloom. You fuckers are flowers. We are not fucking flowers. We’re fucking sticks You don’t stick a stick inside another stick! That’s not where sticks are supposed to go. No one goes, “Hey there’s a stick lets put a stick inside of it.” That’s against nature. That’s the other thing too is like I’m thinking to myself like man these fuckers have to sit there and do this shit to people all fucking day long. That’s their job It’s like ‘Oh here comes another thing we gotta stick a stick in it. Now I gotta explain to the stick that it’s not gonna be fun.’

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Sticks & Flowers

  1. mya brown says:

    This was just amazing

  2. Noah Stefan says:

    I want to like this again and again and again.

  3. TheOriginal Unaleska says:

    Joel should be hooked up to the machine that simulates a pregnancy and see if he feels the same way, haha. Maybe it is or isn't the most painful thing he ever felt.

  4. George Robins says:

    The reason they tell you it won't be as bad as you think it's going to be is because of the placebo effect. If they tell you "this won't hurt a bit," it will actually hurt less than if they say "this is going to hurt"

  5. DarkFireMonarchy says:

    I can hear a little caboose in his voice.

  6. B says:

    I just like imagining as caboose.

  7. Sebasthian Rosario-Mejia says:

    omg look it cool

  8. CosWeeb says:

    Do you know how pregnancy works?

  9. Lexy Lamp says:

    Who's gonna break it to him that women get catheters after they give birth? And that the male and female urethra are the same size xD

  10. okalani Da Gypsy says:

    I'm rolling

  11. Khano Sera says:

    Well, giving birth is a natural phenomenon so although it's painful it'll be fine for the most part.

    But putting a cord into your urethra is another thing. So of course it'll be painful.

    Though a do like the flowers bloom part. Clever.

  12. photondebuger45 says:

    I see joel raging in the video

  13. Ivan Medina says:

    I wonder how many moms saw this and got mad?

  14. Rachelle says:

    I haven't watched much content with Joel in it except RvB so I just can't take him seriously.

  15. Caedran Yeidel says:

    We need to put Joel on a labor simulator so that he can tell us which is worse. XD

  16. darian sholtz says:

    Can I just say…. During childbirth we sometimes get catheters… Yea…. Thats literally sticking a tube in your pee hole

  17. Noah Davis says:

    Are those things required?

  18. Hawkfeather says:

    Women don't pee out of their vaginas… that's not how it works

  19. Moonshade says:

    You have never experienced period craps so shut up!

  20. No Name says:

    Omfg its a tube that goes inside u for like a hour AND WHE HAVE TO CARRY A BABY FORNINE MONTHS AND DELIVER IT FOR MORE THAN 18 HOURS

  21. Jared Larson says:

    Why did I watch this, I can't stop the cringing face

  22. Volstiv says:

    I get the distinct impression that Joel (like myself and many others) doesn't understand the appeal behind sounding.

  23. - Fidget - says:

    I’m imaging cubes going on this rant

  24. Ben Meiers says:

    Stick a stick inside another stick!

  25. John McRose says:

    Cant they just knock u out

  26. Johnnie Denney says:

    I had to do this when I was like five

  27. The Xenex Virus says:

    This is why Joel can't go on the podcast anymore

  28. the zombie panda says:

    is Joel caboose

  29. Sexton 9 says:

    This is my favorite video

  30. Jayvenom 76 says:

    Sounds like caboose when Joel’s angry

  31. newLEGACYFLEKZ says:

    S P O R T S B A L L

  32. Amy Glick says:

    I was laughing through out the video and when writing this comment

  33. EitherOr Animations says:

    I had to do this too and I’m only 16
    They were trying to get a stint out that went from my bladder to my kidney, so along with a camera, there was also a claw.
    Long story short, they couldn’t get it out

  34. Jimmy Jam says:

    Ummm. Women have to have cameras up their urethras too lol. And they'll say childbirth is worse. Its the exact same thing with women

  35. Bette D says:

    Why are certain men so afraid of medical procedures? I mean, I know they're invasive and awkward, but I know some dudes that are LEGIT TERRIFIED of those appointments, as if they compromised their self-esteem or sense of reality, LOL.

  36. Fire dragon128v says:

    Actually some people stick a “stick” into a “stick” as a kink… don’t ask me how I know…

  37. Aurious says:

    I cant even watch this without getting queasy lol

  38. James Acker says:

    I can hear the Caboose coming out

  39. Naught Ninja says:

    I got a stick in stick story too, I have many nightmares

  40. Discordia Dingle says:

    Half of the dislikes are probably just pregnant women.

  41. Halo Thrones9862 says:

    You don't stick a stick inside another stick

  42. Sai _Hunter says:


  43. Satiric Feline7 says:

    Women also have to go through the same thing and our urethra doesn’t exactly stretch. I would search of women’s anatomy and also search exactly what happens during childbirth that makes it so painful. And women have a higher pain tolerance than men on average, also think about that

  44. Rhyperior Ranger says:

    Getting hit in the balls is worse than getting pregnant

  45. Riordan Rasmussen says:

    Glad to see Caboose got his nature from his voice actor.

  46. Nerdygamer 45 says:

    I literally felt Joel pain the moment it happened my legs started shaking

  47. Katherine Wilson says:

    Like, sounding?

  48. Nicholas King says:

    Oil change

  49. Leo Rensem says:


  50. Rachel Sherwood says:

    The animation always makes these stories so much better 😂😂

  51. PChamileon97 says:

    Oobleck’s Words Of Wisdom: 1:46

  52. Hydro Wolf says:

    1:12 go on my child. release the inner caboose within you

  53. Gears war says:

    This was my first one.

  54. Extreme Homosexual says:

    Joel. I understand that that’s painful. But let me help you understand something. When a women gives birth, SHES LITERALLY CREATING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!(doing this for the joke)

  55. Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon says:

    When Joel yells he sound exactly like caboose

  56. Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon says:

    I’m scared for the day when I have to go through this

  57. Smiley Cat says:

    😳 I’m not excited to get older

  58. tnecb17 says:

    you don't stick a stick insIDE ANOTHER STICK!

  59. Super771 Gearing says:

    I’m going to make sure I drink a lot of water after this

  60. Reaper_Girl says:

    We don’t stretch we RIP

  61. Gobizoid says:

    I can tell he is caboose

  62. Thomas Alexanian says:

    When I closed my eyes I heard caboose

  63. Lev Myskin says:

    Now ask Joel his views on Trumps wall

  64. Hannah Moody says:

    Someone needs to explain to Joel what sounding is, then record his reaction.

  65. True Hope says:

    You are having a TINY tube not a 12" HEAD attached to a 8lb person!

  66. Alexandra Padmore says:

    Poor Joel, never learned that the hole woman give birth threw and where they pee aren’t the same.
    So woman have to go threw the same pain as him when they have to get a cystoscope in there bladder too. (The hole is the same size as his)
    Heath class has failed again.

  67. Starman Gaming says:

    Any other guy cross their legs when he talked about the process?

  68. Bob the shadow master says:

    This is when a small pee pee is good

  69. Frost 0000237 says:

    ugh i can actually feel it.. but its not actually happening

  70. Rektalof Blades says:

    “What men go through…Let me tell you about MATHEMATICAL RATIO’s”

  71. ravager2001 says:

    Sooooooo much Caboose.

  72. Isaac says:

    U Can Hear That Caboose In That Screaming

  73. DemonRage90 says:

    0:59 ultimate betrayal!! Lmao. Only Joel would go through this 💩.

  74. Samantha Brown says:

    You don't stick a stick in a stick but you don't stick a flower in a flower either…..

  75. hi00118 says:

    Are you allergic to iodine? “I uhh wahh I haven’t even met you before!”

  76. Flaness Decortchia says:

    Id LOVE to watch him do the birth simulator test

  77. Stijn Weijters says:


  78. Inferno Punch says:

    but wait
    Can you put a flower in another flower?

  79. Ethanthecoolboy says:

    1:00 – 1:23 Caboose is here


    For a little while there he was being caboose

  81. Colleen Clement says:

    No anesthetic or proper written consent?? Never go back there, find a new urology office. Always assumed they did uroscopy under anesthesia. That's what they do to put stents up there or to take biopsies/remove stones. Geez, where are they practicing for, the set of Outlander?

  82. Daniel Queen says:

    All I hear is Caboose from RVB lol

  83. M D says:


  84. Blue Shurburt says:

    I just noticed Joel is caboose

  85. Aemzso says:

    Huh, this is the first RTAA I've seen with Joel in it.

  86. Derrick Quintanilla says:

    Joel speaks the words of god

  87. Gale Phorse says:

    I know video is old but after I had my kidney transplant they had to remove a stent that was keeping the connection open… No slicing but a camera with claws going in. Going in was not as painful as this thing was coming out. I swear it felt like the claws were cutting me as it was coming out. They said most people had no problem with it. I had a catheter that hurt coming out and was uncomfortable the entire time it was in me, but that was nothing compared to that camera/claw thing pulling out a stent.

  88. Michael Butler says:

    Somebody made a video of Dr. Oobleck (who Joel also voices) from RWBY saying this in class. It's hilarious!

  89. SpiderMonkey says:

    Just look up "episiotomy" Joel… I dare you.

  90. Connor McIntyre says:

    I haven't watched RVB in a year or two, and yet, as soon as I realized this was caboose I couldn't unhear it XD

  91. Kyle Martinich says:

    I’d rather just take the risk of whatever disease it is lol

  92. Angel Juliet says:

    Fun fact Joel, female urethras are the same size as males and do not expand.

  93. Gilbert Rueger says:

    Blaine: But…how do they get-

    Joel: Ohhh BLAINE :D, how do they get- HOW do they get the camera IN there?!

  94. Scorpionstrike7 says:

    Joel needs to be a Health teacher! 🤣

  95. BladeCrossEXE says:

    Caboose DOES hate babies……

  96. Falcon Fqce19 says:

    Women have to get the same thing so they deal with birth AND that pain. Sometimes they have to get it done right after birth…

  97. Andrew Mitchell says:

    okay I had to have my bladder scoped, this is what happened

    doctor walks in
    Doctor: something in foreign language

  98. Tex Tepig says:

    I hope this never happens to me.

  99. Timothy Ashton says:

    Now I wish Joel could do some sort of stand-up comedy bit, like thous pros do on Netflix at least.

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