Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Shakedowns & Breakdowns

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Shakedowns & Breakdowns

Gus: I heard that your kid threatened your wife with physical violence the other day. Geoff: She did. The other day Millie said “Mommy, I want to watch a movie I want to watch something Totoro” or some shit. And Griffon said “No Na, we’re going to go to the grocery store. You can watch the movie later maybe if you’re a good girl.” And Millie said “Mommy It would be sad if you broke your nose.” And Griffon said “Excuse me?” And she goes “I’m saying it would hurt really bad if you broke your nose. It would be sad.” and Griffon said “Are you threatening me?” And Millie goes, “You’d have to get a new nose, and that would hurt.” [laughing] She did like a mafia style fucking shake down on my wife. “Boy you got a lot of nice things around here Mommy.” “Be a shame if something got broken.” Yeah, so I don’t know where she got that from but. I mean, she watches the Godfather a lot. [laughs] [static] Gus: Did you see the video of uh that A-380 hitting that little plane? That reinforces our rant about air travel. Geoff: Exactly. Imagine if you were one of two cunts sitting in a plane right? And you’ve got your fucking camera out and you’re browsing through your photos of your fucking dog and all the sudden, your plane does a 90 degree turn. You don’t have any teeth left. Because you just ate that fucking camera. Gus: Or it flies out of your hands and hits a baby in the eye. Geoff: You just blinded a baby because you wanted to show your friend cute pictures of your fucking dog. [static] Matt: That’s the sound of a delicious snack. Burnie: Come here. I’ll put some of your nuts in my mouth. Come on. Bring them this way. [static] Burnie: Well you had a momentary day of weakness You were like “get out and buy gold!” Joel: I was right! I was right!! The day we had the meeting, You were there, and you were there and I don’t think you were there. I said come on these. DYY, DYY is up 33% since that day! SL–SLV’s up like 25%! SLW’s up 25% Burnie: No one knows what you’re talking about . I– Do you understand this at all? Joel: If you go back, if you go back check the podcast from 2 years ago. [over Burnie] I said the Ranger I said the Rangers were going to be in the world series! Everything happened! I’m all over it! You can’t stop me! [static]

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Shakedowns & Breakdowns

  1. Rhys Berry says:

    Joel is so good at keeping track of money and knowing how to make it and invest, etc. If it weren't for casino's and stuff he would be a very rich man XD

  2. Kaede B. says:

    Seriously what the FUCK i sJoel talking about

  3. ✪ Safoma says:

    anyone got the source of the "ill put some of your nuts in my mouth"? ? ?  ? ??

  4. Rhodium Thunderbird says:

    Joel's Caboose was showing. Never go full Michael J Caboose.

  5. Dillon Rondo says:

    Anyone know what podcast that last jole thing was from?

  6. Alec Marshall says:

    This is the perfect Animated Adventure. If you dont like this episode for whatever reason, you just don't get it.

  7. Phoenix King says:

    Oh yeah he turned into real caboose around that time

  8. Kale says:

    I really want to watch these old podcasts. Do they still exist?

  9. TheGamingTyrant says:

    Griffon's like "No sex for a week Geoff"

  10. E-Man5805 says:

    Wait, wait, wait.

    Is that a nose ring? All this time I thought his wife was being drawn with a really upturned nose. Like the lil balls on the sides were her nostrils. But now… I don't know what to think.

  11. 182zeldafan says:

    When Joel went crazy and killed everyone and said I called it

  12. Matilda Wilson says:

    I mean, i think the stuff Joel was talking about was smart and stuff, but the effect is negated when he says it like he's having a mental breakdown. Hilarious though! 😛

  13. Soysause767 says:

    LOL. Pause at 1:01. It looks like Cain from the Binding of Isaac rebirth XD

  14. Shmee says:

    Why would you let your Little girl watch a 3 h movie that has death

  15. Elizabeth Collins says:

    It would hurt A LOT if you broke your nose, mommy.

  16. rockah12 says:

    Joel's equal parts shockingly intelligent about economics and absolutely insane.

  17. Nocturnal says:

    Funniest rtaa ever

  18. micheal connelly says:

    I just realized that griffin doesn't have a weird nose, it's a piercing

  19. lina bena says:

    "Boyy got alot of nice things around here mommy would be sad if something got brokennn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

  20. Dooms1ayer says:

    Which podcast is the last bit with joel from?

  21. Dech Nourtide says:

    The days when Joel was crazy. *Sigh*
    Actually, is he still in the mental asylum? I haven't heard anything since.

  22. Fireboy says:

    You know this is exactly how you should raise a child. Put them in front of a TV and let them watch The Godfather

  23. not_a_mlg_cat says:

    Griffon never added me back on Snapchat 🙁

  24. Fabian Donato says:

    Joel is from the future

  25. Pink Portrait says:

    i feel like one day we might actually have joel running somewhere naked screaming "you can't stop me!"

  26. adam bump says:

    that is the scariest child I've ever seen

  27. Z D says:

    Millie adorable even when threatening.

  28. micheal sumac says:

    The arms are killing me. Please send help

  29. Captain Price says:

    "it would be sad if I broke your nose by ripping that thing off of your nose"

  30. JaHmesTCG says:

    like if its 2016

  31. IOA21 says:

    Caption Says [Random Syllables] when Joel says "SLW is up 25%"

  32. Shelsea Ascencio says:

    0:27–0:35 is my favorite part, laugh every time

  33. GreenCone Games says:

    Geoff I'm afraid your daughter has man ball syndrome

  34. Arim Oh says:

    Wow if I was her age and I said that to my mom she would have taken her belt off and whipped me like Jesus from Passion of the Christ! LOL Millie is so spoiled, naw Geoff and Griffon seem like great parents!

  35. yukiandkanamekuran says:

    Millie is same tbh

  36. Alexander says:

    Joel is like caboose in red vs blue… Yay

  37. Cooper Meyer says:

    I like how they mention those people on the plane from that one podcast.

  38. 512 says:

    Joel is me with stocks I yell about it every once in a while and everyone is like "shut"

  39. AzaanOW says:

    I am waiting for Millie to grow up and see this

  40. Matthew Morrison says:

    totoro is great

  41. Agent Louisiana. says:

    I love the fact that in reality, Joel is possibly the smartest person in rooster teeth, but he plays the dumbest character in RvB. Dude is a damn genius.

  42. Jay M says:

    Wasn't there one Animated Adventure where they laughed at Joel right as he left or something?

  43. Shredder3371 says:

    Come here, I'll put some of your nuts in my mouth!

  44. itamar megidish says:

    this might be my favorite one

  45. capngrifRBGH says:

    Joel: *random syllables*

  46. DeadJohnDoe says:

    Who's watching this in 2016 with the looming stock market collapse in 2017 and the potential for Joel to be right?

  47. KiraAsakura14 says:

    It's simple. You don't stop a child from watching Studio Ghibli Movies. Or else there will be Bloodshed.

  48. Gezno says:

    we all know she's the godmother of the playground.

  49. Ven9999 says:

    Hey! Piers Anthony!

  50. Kevin Jung says:

    I wonder if Joel called the Cubs winning the World Series this year?

  51. Nicholas Grimes says:

    i would set her up for adoption

  52. Joseph Ocasio says:

    The moral of the story: Don't mess with Millie and her Totoro

  53. Gman Plays Games says:

    Joel is a lunatic…

  54. G_Guy001 says:

    Millie story – RT Podcast #35 at 11:05
    Plane segment – RT Podcast #109 at 12:40

  55. Chris Marcotte says:

    1:14 So this is what Geoff and Ryan were referencing in Uno The Movie when they started talking like Joel.

  56. Devoin Showerhandle says:

    Geoff has no hair….. 2k17

  57. Yaowei Chen says:

    Thin brow Gus and a shaved Geoff, what year is this?

  58. Creeper528 says:

    Does she know about Jeff the killer?

  59. Quarter says:

    I dont remember Joel saying that.

  60. CocoaNutCakery says:

    I'm pretty sure Ryan is the best parent of the Rooster Teeth crew, and that is TERRIFYING.

  61. Sweeneytv says:

    Is no one going to talk about how Joel was just losing his marbles? But to me it makes perfect sense. My kinda scatter brained thinking lol I relate. I know what it's like to try really hard to explain something and you just sound like a crazed lunatic.

  62. Rhyperior Ranger says:

    1:07 Burnie don't put Matt's nuts in your mouth

  63. Rhyperior Ranger says:

    Jack was right about Joel

  64. Grant Palmer says:

    So it's the top of the 9th. The Rangers are pitching….. but they're the away team?

  65. KaZ Smith says:

    my favorite one 😂

  66. Knight Boulegard says:

    First that girl doesn't like his dad after he brought her to see a movie, THEN she says she doesn't trust her dad AND THEN she threatens her mum……. I'd give this girl a smack if she were my daughter just sayin'

  67. HoneyBadger 1717 says:

    Joel's crazier than Caboose

  68. Era Otaku says:

    ToToro <3

  69. HoneyBadger 1717 says:

    Joel is some crazy conspiracy hunter. I feel like Him and the Question would get along well.

  70. Stephanie Bergmann says:

    That sad moment when you understand just about everything Joel is talking about. sigh Time to hop a bridge.

  71. GT Dusty says:

    What podcast is Joels rant from?

  72. Ben Knight says:

    1:10 If you close your eyes you can almost imagine Caboose suddenly going through a massive boost of intelligence

  73. Jesse Carman says:

    What podcast was joel happy about "calling it"? I wanna watcg it

  74. TheAnimatioNull says:

    i can see why Joel voices Oobleck

  75. Rob S says:

    This is the greatest RTAA of all time.

  76. MichealJ99 Gaming says:

    I'm glad I'm not going to be on a plane forever

  77. Kh Hero says:

    I mean Millie’s dad is a raging gamer and the owner of achievement hunter

  78. G Studios says:

    "you can put my nuts in your mouth" and here i was, thinking Burnie hated puns =P.

  79. Scheisse Treppenwitz says:

    Burnie just said he would have his bosses nuts in his mouth

  80. Ronald Ricketts says:

    hats in rtaa make no sense

  81. Matt Infa says:

    It'd be sad if you broke your nose mom

  82. William Latoria says:

    Is that where they got the idea of Grif's name in red vs blue, Griffin. Geoffs wife

  83. Rosethorn W says:

    yay a studio Ghibli film was mentioned

  84. Delaney Montelli says:

    I love Joel

  85. Braddah Leeks says:

    It must’ve been so cute to see Millie shaking down Griffin. Cute but disturbing

  86. Blake 640 says:

    I love tortoro !!

  87. dead man aof says:

    Thats one mean kid

  88. photondebuger45 says:

    Why does Millies face look like the bottom half of an explorer guitar…. not trying to be mean at all but that's what I see

  89. GAMBANJUJJJ says:

    1:15 And then burnie earned so much money from bitcoin because of a joke

  90. Grumbles says:

    You're welcome

  91. David Bowie’s Husband says:

    Totoro is art tho

  92. Dan Strikker says:

    she gets it from geoff

  93. Werewolves779 says:

    More continuity. Nice.

  94. Grace says:

    Omg Millie…

  95. Hector Cabrera says:

    Ahhh the old days of RTAA. Such classic timeless videos

  96. Dirt Pile says:

    I’m sorry but this is the result of bad parenting. I really like these guys but… let’s be real.

  97. Moto Whellie says:

    Geoff the killer reference?

  98. lonely bag says:

    "mommy mommy mommy… its not a threat, I just thought it would hurt. if something were to happen to your nose. I'm not saying that I'm gonna do anything to you or your nose… what I'm saying is… its gonna hurt. right, mommy?"

  99. jesternario says:

    I had to go look up stock terms after this video. I STILL don’t know exactly what DYY means, but SLV is apparently silver.

  100. Danny Caracciolo says:

    "Well she watches The Godfather"

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