Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Reveille Gets Dognapped

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Reveille Gets Dognapped

Burnie: I had friends, in college, kidnapped Texas A&M’s mascot. There’s a group of uh, cadets at uh, Texas A&M called… Jack and Burnie: (in unison) The Corps. Burnie: They, one of their duties is to guard the mascot for A&M which is this dog that goes to class, if it barks in class, uh, the class is dismissed. She’s the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets. Gus: Do the cadets have to salute the dog? Jack: Yeah. Burnie: I think they might have to. Gus: (laughter) Burnie: I think they might have to. And they always made a big deal about the fact, it’s the only college mascot that had never been kidnapped. Jack: Oh no. Burnie: And my buddies were like, “Well then we’ll just kidnap it.” Burnie: (chuckle) Jack: (laughter) Burnie: And they totally did it. They kidnapped the dog. And then when they got the dog A&M was like “That dog is X amount of value, we’re pressing felony charges against whoever has this thing.” They were freaked the fuck out. They were hunted. They were, I mean they were scared shitless. Gavin: That’s dangerous though because if I had stolen a dog and all of a sudden it was, everyone’s trying to find the dog, I would probably quickly bury it. Jack: Jesus! (laughter) You would kill it? Gavin: Well, how, how would you get it back without being caught? Burnie: They had to go to the lake… Gavin: Well I don’t know, I’d panic. Burnie: …they, they, they tie her to a tree They put her leash, they tied her leash to a tree, and they called a radio station, sports radio station, ’cause it was a huge story on all sports stuff. And uh, they said, “The dog’s out there, please go, please go get the dog ’cause she’s tied to a tree in the shade and she’s fine.” Jack: But how did they get the dog away from The Corps? Like, that’s, that, doesn’t the dog sleep in a room? Burnie: I, I, I could tell you the whole story. So the kid, there’s one person who is uh, assigned as the caretaker for the dog. Jack: So did they kill and eat that guy? Burnie: (chuckles) No, no. Gus: (laughter) Burnie: They just went, they opened the back gate, and they went, “Come here, girl.” Burnie: And she just walked up, and then they just walked away with her. Jack: Wow. Gus: Jesus! Burnie: Yeah. Jack: So, so this person you know, their friends got away scott free? Burnie: I don’t know anybody, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Gus: (laughter) Jack: (laughter)

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Reveille Gets Dognapped

  1. Erik Fehr says:

    Am i the only one who immediately looked this up.

  2. Silvio Grijalva says:

    you bastards
    never hurt dogs

  3. BelovedAngel94 says:

    Has anyone noticed Gavin likes to bury things when things goes bad?

  4. zz tarry says:

    Seems obvious that Burnie was one of the people. "My friend" was probably just himself.

  5. Dylan Chmelar says:

    I don't see why Texas A&M and UT are still on bad terms. We are now in two different conferences. I'm an Aggies but I still support all Texas teams. Having said that, stealing the mascot is still badass.

  6. lolrus555 says:

    …why is Gavin's solution to every problem to bury the cause of distress?

  7. tayler6000 says:

    I wonder what corps that was… I'm AFJROTC WA-952

  8. Sylver Blaze says:

    I actually found an article about the kidnapping. The dog was 4 months old when it was kidnapped. She was the 6th Reveille.

  9. SomeDickhead says:

    Doing some further research into this, the dog was Reveille VI and the culprits were the three guys (not mentioning names) AND 30 UT band members. Plan was is that they would split into small groups and overpower the guy guarding Reveille to kidnap the dog. During the week after Reveille was stolen, A&M denied she was stolen until they began pressing felony charges. As Burnie says, the kidnappers then went to Lake Travis to tie Reveille to a tree and called the police of her location.

  10. Brittney says:

    I just googled her and I wanna hug her soooooo bad

  11. Iain says:

    This sounds a lot like that bit in The Simpsons when Homer and his college buddies steal Sir Oinksalot…

  12. Freak on A Leash says:

    this god damn 30 second unskipible kholar toilit ad

  13. Dylan Roberts says:

    That's about as terrifying as telling Jason Voorhees a Yo Mama joke.

  14. PsychoEllodere says:

    wait, does the Corp know what actually happened now?

  15. Karen Nance says:

    please don't use the Lord's name in vain

  16. Hanoka says:

    Melted sunglasses: Bury 'em. Kidnapped dog, gonna get caught: Bury it. Welp, I think I've heard enough of what failures Gavin literally would bury. Dx

  17. Wizzo says:


  18. Austin Wright says:

    Hook'em!!!!! So so funny

  19. Bakorafanboy13 says:

    Suck it, Aggies

  20. Erin Elizabeth says:

    poor rev 🙁

  21. Mrdeviljohunter says:

    If you have a good look at the spartans at the end of the video there x-Ray and vav

  22. Rhandy says:

    Why does gavin burry all his problems

  23. 512 says:

    I looked this stuff up as well, and they said some anonymous caller claims to have stolen her, and said they just picked her up off the yard and ran away.

    Which onea yous called

  24. Kaori Ciel says:

    If that dog was the only one not taken yet, who took the Bears from Baylor?

  25. Cecily Jisi says:

    This, along with the sunglasses, tells me that Gavin's solution to everything is to bury it!

  26. Some Guy says:

    Corps Duties
    1. Guard teh dawg
    2. Salute teh dawg
    3. Wear Corps uniform
    4. Free snowcone

  27. MusicHearts007 says:

    I just watched the fireplace and glasses video and then this one. Gavin's solutions for things is to just bury them WTF lol

  28. blueyoshikid says:

    Man, if anybody tried to do this at the college I graduated from, they'd probably get themselves killed. Not because my college is super protective of them or anything. Well, to a degree they are. But it's very warranted seeing as we've got freaking lions.

  29. lold wtf says:

    Gavin the man that solves every problem by burying it

  30. Angelina Bartz says:

    I like how Gavin always resorts to burying stuff?

  31. Uggther says:

    who's the one that had th dog die and they put it in the fridge till their dad got home? Was that Carrey

  32. drizzitdude says:

    Whats up with Gavin and burying all of his crimes?

  33. MagicEagle says:

    As an Aggie, this dog is a queen! If Reveille sleeps on the handler cadet's bed, he has to sleep on the floor. She is also the highest ranking member of the Corps, holding the rank Cadet General.

  34. CrazyRich 2 says:

    How dare you touch her !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. mailman35419 says:

    Everybody seems to forget A&M is a senior military college originally solely for military commissioning purposes(exactly the same as West Point, Naval academy, and other military colleges like VMI, Norwich and the Citadel)

    we still are a senior military college but in the 60's they stated allowing civilians to attend. then civilians started attending out of the ass

    so now you have a senior military college with civilians who outnumber military cadets by tenfold

    and we're still ranked higher than any other military college only behind west point and the Naval academy

  36. Joshua Taylor says:

    Being from A&M and hearing this story is hilarious

  37. Ziamangry says:

    Who else searched wiki for reiville VI to read the dognap story. Apparently, one of geoffes friends was named Neil

  38. kevin carballo says:

    Gavin universal response to possibility of getting in trouble: bury the evidence.
    what if the problem is inconsequential? bury the evidence.
    what if it an animal? bury it.
    what if its a witness? bury them.

  39. Nicole's Saggy titties TV says:

    Reveille was stolen by a group of University of Texas students led by Neil Andrew Sheffield. For almost a week, Texas A&M denied that the mascot had been stolen. After the school finally acknowledged her disappearance and released a statement that they were planning to press felony charges against whoever took her, Reveille was tied to a sign post near Lake Travis and an anonymous caller informed the police of her location. She was returned unharmed to Texas A&M and resumed her duties.

  40. TuttyGaming says:

    they should have dyed the dog pink or something before they returned it.

  41. Nyarako-chan says:

    The news story about the Reveille Dognapping:

  42. CrownedLime747 says: Go to Reveille VI, it says the story.

  43. 9jks says:

    Kids name was Neil Andrew

  44. Philip Henshaw says:

    how and why would they do this to revoly(that's the name of the A & M mascot)

  45. Timid_One says:

    Lady Rev is a beautiful doggo, let's be real

  46. Old_Tech says:

    is gavins answer to everything to bury it

  47. Stryder Lord of Weird. says:

    Who is that old guy.

  48. WomboCombo 38 says:

    Why is Gavin's first thought always to bury something

  49. Charlie Pruett says:

    The corps of cadets at Virginia tech has a dog that's also the highest ranking member and all freshmen have to salute him and greet him as Cadet Brigadier General Growley The Second…

  50. Justin Williams says:

    These guys have trouble pulling off a video game heist yet their friends did that?

  51. MandaPanda says:

    I love how Gavin's solution for everything is to literally bury the problem.

  52. Brown Sinatra says:

    these are fantastic

  53. Minicoopmusic says:

    i've watched a few of these now. Its scary how many problems gavin approaches by just burying it

  54. Pilot231 says:

    jesus, why is Gavin's idea to get out of trouble to BURY the item?!

  55. rwac88 says:

    Can we please talk about Gus' subscribe monologue

  56. ASM Kalrizion says:

    XD What is with Gavin and burying things?

  57. Spencer Collins says:

    Burnie knows a lot about what happened for someone who wasn't involved

  58. Jacqueline Floros says:

    According to Wikiped,
    "Shortly after beginning her duties, Reveille was stolen by a group of University of Texas students led by Neil Andrew Sheffield.[11] For almost a week, Texas A&M denied that the mascot had been stolen. After the school finally acknowledged her disappearance and released a statement that they were planning to press felony charges against whoever took her, Reveille was tied to a sign post near Lake Travis and an anonymous caller informed the police of her location. She was returned unharmed to Texas A&M and resumed her duties."

  59. G_Guy001 says:

    RT Podcast #250 at 16:10/21:20

  60. Lewis Murray says:

    go on burnie keeping it real at no saying nothing at the end

  61. Soul Selling Honesty says:

    I've had to guard dumber things trust me

  62. Pluviam says:

    In the military dogs are always the 1 rank higher then the one taking care of it

  63. Redd Rustaire says:

    Why does Gavin always immediately resort to burying things when there's a problem? xD

  64. courtney skains says:

    Eyyyyyyyeeee College station Texas! I feel like no one outside of Texas knows where we are

  65. BigBitch says:

    Lol. Last semester I had a test cancelled because Reveille was visiting and barked during class. If you don't know, if Reveille barks at anytime during a class, the class is immediately dismissed. It just happened that this happened test day.

  66. The Big Dog says:

    why would the college announce that the dog has never been taken?

  67. Dragonspine 123 says:

    this is what happens why you say X Y amount of people want to prove you wrong like how superman is the most powerful fictional character

  68. C4Miner says:

    Actually that was not revilly yet she was in training so you didn't steal there mascot

  69. Mclovin says:

    Wait someone kidnapped mike the tiger from LSU??

  70. Reco Bt7274 says:


  71. XxIrene AngelxX says:

    Reveille reminds me of Rivaille cough cough ATTACK ON TITAN

  72. FlakJacket117 says:

    I bet E-2 hazed that handler to death after they got Rev back

  73. Aaa Aaa says:

    The dog barked at my sister she was upset

  74. Fabian Joel says:

    Nirvana is great

  75. RC 1207 says:

    Maybe the only mascot in Texas thats never been stolen bc idk of anyone dumb enough to steal Mike the Tiger from LSU

  76. Emilio Reyes says:

    Wow, you know if your gonna be that uptight over a dog you sgolsve atleast made sure it was smart enough to NOT be dognaped XD.

  77. ilovefunnyamv2nd says:

    Wow there so much color in this one, what happened to blue

  78. Ryan Tiemann says:

    Well if you advertise that your mascot has never been kidnapped, OF COURSE someone is gonna come along and take that as a challenge! It is simple psychology, a never-kidnapped mascot is one of those things you keep to yourself if it means so much to you.

  79. BaconBitz says:

  80. alyssa says:

    the nirvana poster?

  81. Celestial Wing says:

    Dog sounds like it was sweetheart to have simply followed a stranger like that.

  82. Jinroz Zibeon says:

    Dec. 26, 1993: Reveille VI was kidnapped from her handler's family home in Dallas. She was four months old.

    Both Reveille V and VI were staying with Mascot Corporal John Lively's family's home in Dallas ahead of the New Year's Day Cotton Bowl game against Notre Dame. Reveille VI was let outside in the fenced backyard early in the morning, according to The Eagle. When a family member went to let her back in the house, she was gone.

    Lively and other E-2 cadets spent the next few days searching for Reveille before notifying A&M officials on Dec. 29. The alleged kidnappers, who called themselves the "Rustlers," contacted the Austin-American Statesman and demanded a ransom: "A&M had to publicly announce that Reveille had been stolen and state that UT was superior to A&M," according to The Eagle.

    Reveille was valued at more than $750 so her abduction was classified as a third-degree felony punishable by two to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

    The puppy was returned Dec. 31. She was found tied to a sign post near Lake Travis. It was the first time an A&M mascot had been stolen by a rival school.

  83. epicboy432 says:

    0:15 Was that LSU intentional?

  84. Sorzin says:

    What they should of done is get a dog of the same breed and replaced reveille with it.

  85. ChainSawPhantomRPG569 says:

    What's the ending song

  86. Anonymous says:

    I live like down the road of a&m

  87. Fancy Pancakes says:

    That's carzy

  88. ALSO—RAN ! says:

    Its sad that Texas a&m protects their students when they do stuff like this but go ballistic if its done to them

  89. nicholas nagle says:

    "They just opened the back gate and said come here girl"

  90. AndrewBrewer917 says:

    I see which ROTC I'm not going to

  91. Several Fighters says:

    I love that Gavin's solution to literally every problem is to bury something.

  92. Robert Holmes says:

    Burnie ain't no rat ???

  93. Young Don The Sauce God says:

    Rtaa ta ta ta ta

  94. Werewolves779 says:

    Never mess with a dog.

  95. Rosaline Way says:

    “I would probably quickly bury it” gets me every time

  96. Virgil Jericho says:

    Apparently the ring leader of the Rustlers was Neil Andrew Sheffield.

    She was found near lake Travis.

    The dog was stolen from a sophomores house.

  97. Punk Princess says:

    see Niravana poster
    I see these people are people of culture

  98. anthis rogers says:

    Im pretty sure no one has stolen LSU tiger lol

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