Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Resident A.I.

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Resident A.I.

Lindsay: I was mad enough in Resident Evil 4, when I had to take care of fucking Ashley… Lindsay: …the entire time.
Michael: Dude, that’s so easy! Lindsay: No! NO!
Michael: I’m fucking sick and tired… Michael: …of people bitching about it. Michael: Ashley is like the smartest fucking A.I. character … Michael:…in, like, a game ever.
-Lindsay: She’s so stupid! Michael: You tell her where to go! Michael: You walk into an area, and you say Michael: “Bitch, dumpster.” Michael: She goes and hides in the dumpster… Michael: Guess what?! Michael: No one can fuck with her in a dumpster. Michael: You kill everyone in the level, you come back and get her! Michael: It’s so simple.
Gus: Bitch, dumpster. Burnie: Shove. Michael: You have a bitch button. Michael: It’s “Bitch, wait” and “Bitch, let’s go.” Michael: So, like…if you say “Bitch, dumpster” Michael: if you hit the dumpster button, like, to follow you when you’re standing next to it Michael: It’s so great, cause the animation is like… BOOMF Michael: And her head just pops up like a gopher out of a hole Michael: And she just climbs on out. Michael: But, like, you can unlock a knight’s armor for her Michael: The enemies can’t carry her in that Michael: Because in Resident Evil 4, the can actually just pick her up Michael: And if they get to, like, the end of the screen with her, it’s game over Michael: So I played that on hard mode Michael: And I put the bitch in the middle of town Michael: And then run in the bushes and hide Michael: So all the guys would come out Michael: Try to pick her up… Michael: They can’t carry her, so they end up falling over Michael: I’d run out there and start stabbing everyone Michael: On the ground with my knife so I didn’t waste bullets Michael: And then run away again when they started getting back up. Michael: So, people saying that Ashley’s a pain in the ass… Michael: Fuck you. Michael: Ashley’s fantastic.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Resident A.I.

  1. Richard Estepp says:

    and now they're a happyly married couple…

  2. Skotty DaSilva says:

    i love this game 🙂

  3. Legendary Broly says:

    Bitch Dumpster

  4. Jordan Shaffer says:

    Hi u r asome

  5. meng shi says:

    press 6 it's funny

  6. jeramahia123 says:

    The moment you realise this is a married couple arguing about escort missions.
    Why can't I find love like this!?

  7. JapanForSale says:

    Was this the first time Michael had an argument with his (future) wife about 1 of his past true loves?

  8. ThumbBeforeFinger says:

    0:48 I love his running

  9. Chosen Zephyr says:

    hold 6… just hold it

  10. Grace Murphy says:

    Press 6 repeatedly for zombie love

  11. 2KEternal360 says:


  12. Shmee says:

    So you'd pick Ashley then Lindsay

  13. Pocketninja G says:


  14. Alex Harris says:

    I'm at the beginning of the last chapter and I haven't once had to order Ashley to go hide anywhere. Maybe she's only a problem on the hardest difficulty or something because most of the time I just forget she's even there.

  15. Inventor Raccoon says:

    Evidently Michael has no idea what "smart" means. Because I don't say my phone is "extremely intelligent" when I press a button and it turns off.

  16. Beanly says:

    Dat run doe!!

  17. Samuel Blair says:


  18. Brandie Beaird says:

    but there's like 40 billion times where ashley gets kidnapped in the story and there's nothing you can do about it and 40 billion moments where she's separated from you to go pull levers or whatever where you can't tell her what to do and just have to defend her.

  19. couldnt think of a name says:

    this was 3 years ago. …..

  20. Slash Command Studios says:

    I have to agree with Michael on this

  21. Star-Killer101 Pewdiepie-123 says:

    Nah. Ellie from Last of Us is much smarter. She defends herself! Not a scared little kid but someone who will kick your ass! (and that is why I believe she is better)

  22. MrIronWar says:

    After re-playing RE-4, Michael was right. She isnt much of a bother as I thought she was.
    That and you need to have the right equipment other wise this is was solid game.

  23. Openmindedgamer says:

    That moment when Michael the "Rage Quit" guy tells you how to beat the game…

  24. Z D says:

    Michael can really abuse Lindsey.

  25. Django Cribbs says:

    No, Michael is right. You want dumb AI? The companion from RE5.

  26. Fallout Pewterschmidt says:

    My issue isn't really that she has dumb AI. I think Ashley's AI works just fine. My issue is that I find the character herself to be rather annoying.

  27. Matt says:

    Michael just hijacked the whole entire convo.

  28. warhawk9566 says:

    Michael's RTAA model looks so much more…chiseled I guess? Than Michael does.

  29. Spartan S24 says:

    ashley has an iq of 99999999

    but she uses it? no

  30. Corey Wilson says:

    Not to mention that Ashley sticks behind you, and she ducks if you aim in her general direction. If she gets hurt, it's only because the player didn't protect her correctly. RE5's partner AI, on the other hand, is terrible. Your partner almost always does whatever it feels like doing, even when the action it takes has the tactical brilliance of trying to fight a tank with a slingshot.

  31. Vercusgames says:

    I didn't know about the armor! Hurry up and arrive my new PC controller!

  32. chris wilson says:

    RE 4 is one of the very few games that even comes close to being perfect.

  33. Jill's Sandwiches says:

    Ashley might do what you command, but too bad there's no option to turn off her voice. "HEEEEEEEEELP! LEOOOOOOON!" is like a needle to my eardrums. There is muting the TV, but then that also mutes all other sounds and it's no fun.

  34. Blaine Alexander says:

    I always liked protecting Ashley

  35. TheRocker500 says:

    Then Lindsay was put in a dumpster by Penny.

  36. The Natarator says:

    I agree with that. Ashley was never a problem for me. At least, until she had to turn the cranks that I couldn't reach.

  37. Sly Ngn says:


  38. theryudama says:

    People can't just appreciate simple A.I anymore

  39. Isaiah Covington says:

    the problem I have is that the game makes late medieval plate armor super heavy but in reality it was much lighter and tailored for the wearer. I understand it being durable but to heavy for several angry villagers who likely do some form of physical labor, no I don't by it

  40. Isaiah Covington says:

    the problem I have is that the game makes late medieval plate armor super heavy but in reality it was much lighter and tailored for the wearer. I understand it being durable but to heavy for several angry villagers who likely do some form of physical labor, no I don't by it

  41. Shotgun Surgeon says:

    It's weird to think that they're married

  42. red panda says:

    Ashley is a better wife than Lindsay

  43. Purple Nick 14 says:

    Go Micheal

  44. Mojo Kor says:

    I'm with Michael here. Ashley is pretty alright in the AI department for me and she's really just a second health bar. I mean, I TOTALLY get why people may dislike protecting her, as escort missions are a pain, but I personally find it alright, since Capcom tweaked it to be bearable.

    GRANTED, I mainly play the Wii version, so she may be more buggy in the GameCube and PS2 versions of the game. (I own the PS2 version, I just haven't gotten Ashley in that version yet.)

  45. SamuraiMan316 says:

    If anyone wants to hear this directly from the original podcast linked in the description, it starts at 1:13:34 in the podcast.

  46. SonnyJesus Gokrist says:

    You know who is a worse ai character than Ashley, Sherry Birkin from Re 2 especially because if you run to fast or something she will just sit there and wait for you to come back, good thing you don't have to escort her that much.

  47. Grant Santos says:

    Burnie: Yeah, ashley's pretty great.

  48. RummageTheRum says:

    He brought this up in the Resident evil 4 remake let's watch, and I had to come back and watch this lol

  49. Capn Crumbs says:

    I've accidentally shot her so many times when she gets picked up.

  50. OmegaBlack2609 says:

    Sheva on the other hand…

  51. Ashly Ames says:

    yes I know I am

  52. The Chaos Dragoness says:

    Gotta agree with Michael on this one.

  53. link jones says:

    and like two years later, there married

  54. Ben Sell says:

    escort missions suck but in my opinion the worst is dende in dragon ball z sagas where he follows your around and every time you get in a fight he doesn't get back behind cover or you know something intelligent no he fly directly into the line of fire and enemies target him and not you

  55. IGGSGA says:

    Got a Resident Evil 7 ad LMAO

  56. TheRocker500 says:

    Their first kid will be called Ashley I'm going to call it.

  57. Josh Hackett says:

    Good to see this again after seeing Michael play RE 4 again.

  58. lil_ Bud says:

    Hey Micheal what's the name of your daughter… Ashley.

  59. Silenced Games says:

    Funny that Lindsey and Michael are now married and having a baby

  60. TheIrishBear _ says:

    someone's triggered

  61. Jun123 says:

    I love Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition.

  62. Celestial Wing says:

    LMAO XD it's cute how Michael and Lindsey fight over a video game.

  63. Hercules Mullagen says:

    Bich button huh? I'll have to invest in that.

  64. Gaberiel Tor says:

    I clicked onto another video after this and got an ad and i was about to click skip ad
    then in the ad the guy says the girls name and ofcourse the girls name is ashley

  65. G Studios says:

    Michael, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

  66. Akihiko Sanadasbacc says:

    This shows you that Moira Burton is better……… .

  67. Hamster Sama says:

    Re 4 AI >>>>> last of us AI

  68. Leon geneviev resim says:


  69. Kurt Cobain says:

    I watched this when it came out and am just now playing this game haha oh how things have changed

  70. theminigunner98 says:

    Sheva on the other hand from re5…. worst ai I have ever encountered

  71. Rex the Dragon Prince says:

    Ashley was so easy to take care of my only problem was keeping myself alive

  72. GlitchBox Animations _Prophet_ says:

    I like Ashley

  73. Forever_ Ghostjoy says:

    0:54 WHERES chainsaw Guy's chainsaw?

  74. TheJFitz says:

    They're married with a kid now.

  75. G_Guy001 says:

    RT Podcast #156 at 1:13:35

  76. StrictShenanigans says:


  77. Era Otaku says:


  78. Msagz Jr. says:

    And now Lindsay and Michael are married and have a kid

  79. Tesco Robinson says:

    Flash forward to a time when fictional characters become real and Michael divorces Lindsay for Ashley

  80. mike joey says:

    Why's michael sound like everrything he's saying is a question…

  81. Bahram Raftari says:

    And that's how I meet your mother…

  82. superpumpkinftw says:

    holy crap Michael sounds young :')

  83. Refugio Izaguirre says:

    This episode made me subscribe. Cause is all true

  84. Smart DOGE says:

    It's funny to see those two got married and had Ruby as the love child

  85. Darth Matt says:

    I shall take these words of wisdom when I play resident evil 4.

  86. Gaming Giraffe says:

    If u think she's fantastic

    Marry her
    I dare u😎😎

  87. ThePupper DogArmy says:


  88. Audrey Reis says:

    It's funny to see Lindsay's last name as tuggey since now her and Michael are married!! So her new last name is jones

  89. Zack Forsberg says:

    Amen! Honestly the only hard part with Ashley is when she needs to turn the cranks to make a bridge, and it’s only because of how many enemies there are not her A.I

  90. LOGAN PASION says:

    “YOU HAVE A B** BUTTON” one of the best lines I heard from Michael

  91. Sith Otaku says:

    I was okay with ashley

  92. Rythian Black says:

    It's not that her a.i is stupid. Her character Is stupid

  93. Mr.Death says:

    Don't forget, in the gamecube version she could suplex a guy.

  94. Joseph Makowski says:

    Smartest AI character in a video game huh? Clearly Michael hasn’t seen the Alien from Alien: Isolation

  95. idiedagain187 says:

    What about the Republic Commando A.I.? They are able to take much more orders than "Hide Somewhere"

  96. Feedsomefood says:


  97. bags, booby bags says:

    i like to think lindsay and michael dont get into arguments about serious stuff its just all games all the time

  98. Noir Stylo says:

    My mom is playing this game and she called Ashley a “Stupid Broad”

  99. Starman Gaming says:

    Apparently, Michael's never played Bioshock Infinite. Elizabeth is the best. Fight me

  100. debz goopio says:

    at least we know that some one likes Ashley😂

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