Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Kids Are A-Holes

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Kids Are A-Holes

Kerry: I used to do that when I was a kid, I’d take my clothes off all the time. Miles: You’ve told me that. You were just a free spirit. Kerry: Until I was like 5, yeah. I-I’d just be like… “Oh, we’re at Dennys?” “Take this shit off!”
[laughter from Miles] Gavin: What, you’d just whip your shirt off? Kerry: Oh, everything off. Gavin: Oh! Kerry: Yeah, I’d just get naked in public. They were really afraid of sending me to Kindergarten. They were like, “Kerry, you gotta stop taking your clothes off.” Miles: “Please don’t embarrass the family.” Kerry: Yeah, pretty much. Miles: I’m trying to think, like, as a kid… …I remember my brother and I constantly hiding in the racks of clothing, at department stores. Kerry: Oh, I did that all the time! Miles: That was the best. Kerry: In the circle thing? Miles: Yeah! Kerry: And your mom would call out for you, and you’d wait for her to get close and go “wah!” Miles: Yeah, like you hide from her despite the fact that she’s calling out your name… …on the verge of tears, worried that she lost her child. And you’re like “hahaha, stupid bitch!” Kerry: Oh no, you gotta wait until they cry. Miles: Oh yeah, is that how you win? If mom cries, you win? Gavin: I used to do this thing with my brother, mainly… …and we’d take turns blindfolding each other and spinning each other around. And then you’d just give them instructions. On like, what to do and where to turn. Gavin: And like, part of the fun would be like… making them think that you’re on their side, like “Oh yeah, walk, take a step, turn left…” and they’d be fine. And then immediately walk them into a wall, or something. Gavin: But, the best thing I ever did, was like “I’m gonna set up an obstacle course, and see if you can navigate it.” Kerry: Mhm. Gavin: So like, I pretended to pull all this stuff out. and I was like, “Alright, take a big step, step over this thing…” and I made him, blindfolded, step his foot STRAIGHT into the toilet! It felt so satisfying, yet made me feel bad at the same time. Miles: You know how some people will, like, make up languages… and they’ll talk in make believe languages when they’re young?
Gavin: Yeah. Miles: Uh, so my brother and I sorta did that… except we didn’t make up a language, we’d talk like British people. (snickering) Gavin: Go on, then. Miles: And what that was, was like…
Gus: Yeah, what does that mean? Miles: We wouldn’t be like, “oh ello, whats going on?” we would go… “OI! LESIBOFMEFIBO!” “OHHHHHHH!” Miles: And you always ended it with a… “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Miles: And thats how that would end, and my mother was always mortified, cause we’d go to the grocery store, and go… “OI!” and I’d hold up Lucky Charms and go… “OI, UWANLUCKICHARMMAN?” “NO NO NO NO NO, WHOTTHEPOP!” “WONTHEPOP!” Miles: and then she’d be like… Gus: It’s like you were soccer hooligans before it was cool. (laughter)

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Kids Are A-Holes

  1. Slackow says:

    I don't mind the ads
    I don't mind the buffer
    But when the ads buffer

    I feel slightly worse than I felt previously.

  2. Laena Everwood says:

    So relatable. I found the clothing ravks to be so fun to hide in when I was younger XD

  3. PL Recinto says:

    Gavin's brother has the same nose as him.

  4. Erdrick says:

    I think this is the first time we've seen kid Gavin. (I'm probably wrong.)

  5. The Requiem says:

    Dan got rekt.

  6. noah berg says:

    I'm 14 with 3 younger brothers less then 8 years old they annoying as heck and I am a kid

  7. Richard Avelino says:

    What does the alphabet say?

  8. jordonkry says:


  9. Daniel knellor says:


  10. Dio Brando says:

    I'm jealous of the british!

  11. Vice Admiral Preston Cole says:

    I wanna see more of Miles and his brother's soccer hooliganism.

  12. 12 says:

    0:14 S is for sleep virus

  13. HUNK says:

    Is that the accent for a Chav? I think that's British slang for like a gopnik.

  14. RikkiTikkiJenni says:

    Miles is my spirit animal.

  15. Braddah Leeks says:

    I've never heard of Pops cereal before, is that like the Reeses cereal?

  16. Sub to Pewds says:


  17. unthinkable white says:

    they sound nothing like the English I am english and I know

  18. beto romano says:

    I remember my brother and I did the blindfold thing and he directed me to the edge of the basement stairs then I guess he was just done with navigating me because he just stiff armed me down to the first landing my head bounced off the wall and I went all the way down to the basement which was the next landing. I remember just hopping right up and yelling again again.

    Ah the good old days when you could just shove siblings down two flights of stairs.

  19. Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho says:

    I knew it
    Gavin has been hiding his true accent

  20. Freakshow Studios says:

    There “Britishness" was more like “Belfastness"

  21. REWIND says:

    The part about talking like English made me laugh so hard while eating i choked on my food

  22. Psycho Bob 180 says:

    My mom had a whole mall under code Adam for a whole hour cuz I was hiding in one of those circle things

  23. Luke Glover says:

    Kerry was a strange child. Gavin was great. 😛

  24. Jim JOB says:

    I hid in a clothes rack when i was like 5 or 6 and i lost my ma and da so when i came out i looked around for a second and started crying then a security guy came over and asked me what was wrong and i told him i lost my family and then i started to describe my da to him as a fat bald man . They happened to be literally like 15 meters away from me at the checkout.This was in a Tescos.

  25. Angry Cuck says:


  26. RetroShark360 says:

    When i was 6 my mom would go to walmart and ill go to the toy section and my mom would always say i am leaving and i would come back grab her hand and kiss it and say goodbye and wave her off

  27. Divinity Quartz says:

    Soccer hooligans before it was cool is best line

  28. SuicidalSpartan00 says:


  29. Andrew Roy says:

    That's the thing about us 90s kids…we had handheld games and stuff. We were too distracted to things like that.

  30. Luka Laa says:


  31. Red says:

    Those ABC's at 0:12. beautiful work.

  32. Mark Mayonnaise says:

    0:12 lmfao read the alphabet chart

  33. Stephen Adams says:

    I'm British and just saying we don't sound like that

  34. Azuralis says:

    So Gavin's old childhood house is an airbnb now?

  35. Shadow BlackJinouga says:

    That is not how the British talk 9_9 Go to England and bloody see for yourself

  36. Abberistired says:

    haha yea I remember those circle clothes racks 😀
    whenever I hid in them my mom would be all "abby come out here before I beat you" and I'd come out and be all "uuuuugh fiiiine"
    aah good times

  37. silverlight1204 says:

    what kind of english accent is that? i want to learn to speak like that lol

  38. Laurence Gould says:


  39. Ben King says:

    Yeah that is hafe us brits

  40. The Lightning Brony says:


  41. Faris Mallah says:

    0:19 0:39 1:21 I never had a brother that played with me…

    (Mainly because four of them are dead) I only have this 22 year old brother that is always either out with his friends or studying for exams

    And everyone is happy with their brothers and most of my brothers are dead

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  42. Shinochaos says:

    2017 December and I'm still enjoying this video

  43. Daniel Moore says:

    That is genuinely a way better impression than most americans. The first impression of "actually talking like brits" wasn't even close but saying "oi you want a bit of lucky charms then?" like that… sounded just like a friday night in town.

  44. Jea L says:

    The "OYE" killed me 😹

  45. May Dudoit-Mendoza says:

    G R E Y F U L L B U S T E R

  46. Paws Hoofs says:

    1:40 No roadmen in isle 3, please.

  47. Melon Tart VA says:

    My sister and I didn't speak in a made-up language. But we'd write secret messages to each other in Unown

  48. Nero says:

    Love the cloths racks as a kid.

  49. Chase Song says:

    Was it ever cool

  50. toss that bacon says:


  51. Daveonimus says:

    Are you sure Miles and his bro weren't anime villians from the 90's?

  52. NoSouls KingsMen says:

    Hiding in the rack of clothes the circle thing imagine doing it so many time abd you didn't it again and you mom know that your there so she dont worry the after a man pulls you out of there then take you and you mom not worrying BC she know you there but rlly you ain't

  53. Swizrad says:

    Miles is a gift to this world

  54. Rage Assassin says:


  55. Oliver Twisted says:

    Cockney is a British accent, it's historically associated with poverty.

  56. Margo Edwards says:

    As soon as I heard the ‘British’ accent I though, that’s cockney

  57. No 45 says:

    0:16 s is for sleep virus v is for vocdca

  58. Aidan McGreenie says:


  59. Purpleslimevsgaming 1 says:

    in ffa during a meeting we did a blindfolded obstacle course and the first thing i did with my partner before we even started is i walked him into a hole then half way through it i walked him into 2 trees and it was hilarious to me

  60. Redstone Casey says:

    Some of the background items in the preschool are hilarious.

  61. Wren Dean says:

    1:33 "In this universe we're all in a Guy Ritchie film."

  62. EnforcerTV says:


  63. V D says:

    Me and my sis, she would do a hand motion and I would understand and then if we can't find each other we'll just make animal noises like squawking at each other or she'll do it squawking I'm a bit more better, that includes my father I mother can't do any of it lol

  64. Nebula YT says:

    Its football. Not soccer

  65. Crossark1 says:

    0:16 "Fsteak"

  66. spartandud3 says:

    Finally! Americans have leaned to speak English.

  67. Erna Zubak says:

    That's Australian not British

  68. DxD Rabbit says:

    This one video when it first came out made me subscribe

  69. RedJLetsPlay says:

    Who else did as Kerry did and kept taking their clothes off when they were a kid except that they haven't stopped since?

  70. Tiffany Jewell says:

    Me and my sister had made up hand signals so our parents couldn't hear us

  71. Viewcharter says:

    Young Gavin!

  72. Javi Legoff says:

    Same for both 0:23 & 1:22 but instead in as Germans and also it was with my older sister

  73. B M says:

    the UK accent is cockney

  74. Michael . J caboose says:

    Do a rtaa involving rvb or bow chica bow wow

  75. demonic says:

    This has to be my favorite one so far

  76. Eisen Kursk says:


  77. danityjo says:

    So my kids aren't that weird. They act just like you freaks.

  78. Starman Gaming says:

    (Sees title)
    Yes. Yes they are. Really.

  79. redlikegreenday says:

    If you exclude Gus, it's Jaune, Neptune and Scarlet having a conversation.

  80. Garcia Solis says:

    Bird Box Challenge XD

  81. PhoeniksoftheStorm says:

    Everyones and their siblings are drawn to be the same height except Burnie and his brother

  82. Starman Gaming says:

    sees title
    Ehhh-well-yeah-no-I-well-Uhhh… meh

  83. NyanDiamond says:

    0:12 the alphabet has Anime, Death Note, Gundam, Manga, and pocky. So is jordan, Gabe, or beth the weeb in the animation team?

  84. Project Unity says:

    Kerry is gray from fairy tail

  85. Lacameron Gant says:

    sounds like sims to me

  86. AirWick says:


  87. Madeline Carragher says:

    So Grif is Kerry’s dad?

  88. Artisuli says:

    I think me and my sister was the only children in the world that never had a own language….

  89. Mike Kriger says:

    I now want to be English / Soccer Hooligan / Manchester fan

  90. Mike Kazz says:

    Note to self: talk like a rugby/soccer hooligan when I don't want talk to random.

  91. Plank Jr. says:

    I need a whole video with British accents

  92. Cold_Chili says:

    Kerry is so mean, making his mom cry.

  93. virginiasmiles☺ says:

    In summary:
    “When I was a kid my brother and I”

  94. Alessandro de Salvo says:


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