Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Jooley

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Jooley

Jeremy: Still on the topic of all inclusives, There’s like- one of my favorite things to do with those is to go up to the bar and just be like… “Make whatever.” Michael: Sure.
You know what I mean, right? Like I’ll just be like- Michael: Gimme your specialty, or something. Yeah.
Jeremy: Yeah, just do WHATEVER ya want. Like here’s the kinda shit I like, Go for it. So I walked up to the bar and when I did that, and uh… They gave me a drink, and there were these two guys next standing next to me. And one looks at me and he’s like: He’s like, “I like that!” “I like your style, kid!” And I was like… thanks? Like I was probably 19 at this point? But like, you could drink at 18 there. So I’m like, cool. And uhhh… They’re like- “Wanna do a tequila shot with us?” “Like we’re doin’ one right now.” I was like “Alright, sure?” And he was like- “WAIT-” “How’s it goin’?” “Friends call me J-Money!” *Michael snickers*
So he introduces- Michael: How old was this guy? Jeremy: Uhhh… like, maybe 30 at most? Michael: Okay, cause I was- I was pegging him at 55.
Geoff: So not old at all! Old man. Jeremy: No, no, no-
Geoff: (talked over)- you’re a cool guy, you would, yeah. Michael, pretending to be J-Money: License says here, sonny, I’m 30!
Jeremy: No, no, no, cuz’ he’s like, no- He’s like… you know, “Friends call me J-Money!” “YOU can call me J-MONEY.”
Michael, snickering: Okay? Michael: Okay?
Jeremy: Like “okay?” And he’s like- “This is my friend,” “Down Town Vic Brown.” *Michael losing his mind while Jeremy snorts* Michael: Good start! Jeremy: I was like- “Alright!” Jeremy, laughing: And then they- they poured a shot! *still struggling* Tequila for all of us. And uh, Like, you know, so at 18, I haven’t been drinking THAT much. Michael: Uh-huh.
Like you know I’m 19, but, *snickers* oh- Had like a shot of Tequila and then they were like, “ALRIGHT, one more!” “This one’s fer-” Like… “What are you?” And I was like- Michael: J… Jerem-?
I was like- “Jeremy?” And he’s like, “no, no, no,” “WHO ARE YOU?” And I was like… “Jooley?” “ALRIGHT, JOOLEY!” Michael: If only we knew at the time, it would’ve been like… “MONSTER TRUCK!” Yeah!
Jeremy, in aggressive agreement: MONSTER TRUCK! They’re like, “alright, Jooley! J-Money!” “Down Town Vic Brown!” “‘Nother shot!” So we had another shot! And so I walked back to my PARENTS, *laughter* That’s who I was there with!
*Geoff laughing his ass off* I was there with my family! Michael: I got GOT!
Like I was- Michael: I got- *stutters* J-Money got me!
Jeremy: And I like- sat down with them, and like, I was just SWEATING and I didn’t even realize it, Cuz’ like all the alcohol was coursing through me and it was really like humid out? My parents’re like- “What the fuck happened to you?” And I was like- “Fuckin’ Down Town Vic Brown, man.” “And J-Money.” *laughs* “They were all over-”
Michael, imitating Jeremy’s parents: “Wait, did you do-” “-heroin, what are you talking about?!”
Jeremy: “THEY WERE ALL OVER ME!” *Jeremy laughs*
Lindsay: Did I walk into a story? Goodness. Michael: Yeah, it was a good one.
Jeremy: Yeah!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Jooley

  1. Jose Brito says:

    I was expecting the Rimmy Timm origin story

  2. Michael McCarthy says:


  3. D Bone says:

    Fun fact: Bartenders hate when you tell them to just make whatever or make you what they like or anything stupid and vague.

  4. Matt Infa says:

    my friends call me J$

  5. Sam Curry says:


  6. Wade King says:

    I love how the guy in the ACDC shirt looks like Kirk Hammett from Metallica.

  7. Just An ODST says:

    I feel like they scaled up Jeremy for this video

  8. Lindsey Messina says:

    Theres bad crazy people and then theres good crazy people.This is good crazy

  9. Harper Reese says:

    I've been waiting for this to be animated ever since Jeremy told this story omg

  10. The Watching Church says:

    All Hail the true god Yvixulbeaux!

  11. Ciron Silver says:

    Where did this take place?

  12. Bryceon Lohr says:

    Dirty Kevin

  13. Diego Jauregui says:

    Best story in a while

  14. Pongze Lor says:

    For a moment I didn't associate Jmoney with Jeremy as the one speaking but assosciated the voice speaking as Jmoney.

  15. Nicholas Johnson says:

    My brother used to go by Jay Money but luckily he had no friends named Vick Brown. Or friends…

  16. Sebas dy says:

    I was waiting for the "Bird people" in the list

  17. Anthony Long says:

    “Downtown big brown” sounds like something you’d name a massive dump you just took

  18. Tanner Q says:

    I AM! Clide!

  19. Ultimate Fan says:

    J O O L E Y

  20. JAMCastillo1 says:

    I can see how that ending can be taken out of context ?

  21. DougTheDog6 says:

    J-Money: Who are you?


  22. ZHL242 says:

    0:47 I love how his hair color is "LBLU" like "light blue" cuz that's the color in the animation

  23. Celeste Yi says:

    I appreciate this.

  24. Exodus Vengeance says:

    Sweet outro of all the shows you used to be able to watch on youtube

  25. dodson43 says:

    They should have J-money and Downtown Vic Brown on the podcast.

  26. Caboose Productionz says:

    This is gold ????

  27. Eviscerated Archangel says:

    Who do we have to pay for jeremy to do his hair like that?

  28. Ryan Cox says:

    "Let's laugh at these 30-year-old men having ridiculous nicknames." – Lil' J/Rimmy Tim/Monster Truck

  29. HF OG says:

    Is the other guy last name mcflurry?

  30. brownhard says:

    First 2 mins were great, then after that, when Lindsay started talking, was completely unwatchable. At least the majority of it was.

  31. Adawag says:

    I really appreciate the attention to detail in these bits. They went so far as to look up the correct color of jeremy's hair whene he was telling this story lol

  32. Nicholas Charpentier says:

    i find it funny they got him to come up with a nickname for himself. i i was asked that i'd say "Knuckles"(my friend actually calls me that)

  33. Scradow64 says:

    South Beach Tow fan?

  34. That Guy says:

    Downtown Vic brown is easily my favorite part of this whole thing

  35. Ethan Hoffart says:

    Downtown Vic Brown is my new spirit animal.

  36. Pieter Cools says:

    I like how lil j is so small, scale animation/real life 1:1

  37. Clayton Johnsen says:

    I want to see Jeremy style his hair like Monster Truck’s. Maybe #extralife?

  38. DaisyBryar says:

    I love that he essentially told J-Money and Downtown Vic Brown (clearly very cool guys with wild parents to have names like that) that his name was Julie.

  39. chancyvonsnuffals says:

    lol geoffs toilet cleaner was behind the bar

  40. Mariah White says:

    So we not going to acknowledge the drivers license at 0:47 lmao ?

  41. JKRv Chain says:

    I don’t know who jooley is but she must be sore………


  42. Andrew Kenyon says:

    Thanos Car
    Thanos Car

  43. Jimmy Slim says:

    Gotta love how the animators make sure to have jeremy smaller than everyone else

  44. doesn't matter says:

    One of the best RTA

  45. Generic Anime Soldier says:

    well if you had a drink and not 21, and met some….interesting people. Your welcome, from Canada….or Mexico. But I'd like to think we ruined you.

  46. Jovalin says:

    Makes it sound to his parents like he just got gangraped.

  47. Jacob Robinson says:

    Downtown Vic Brown is the new street name for heroin

  48. psychomrw says:

    It's sad at how they like to put significant emphasis on how short everyone seems to think Jeremy is.

  49. Elevator Music says:

    "No, no, no… Who ARE you?"


  50. J S says:

    I actually had a teacher who called himself "J-$". He even got it tattooed.

  51. HoneySulphur says:

    Why does “Big Brown” look a lot like Kirk Hammett?

  52. K Williams says:

    Greatest thumbnail ever

  53. Kyle Pietrusiewicz says:

    I've watched this about 40 times

  54. Podzilla says:


  55. Bubbles The Bubble says:


  56. Ryan Evans says:

    Ok, which of the animators is from Ft Recovery?

  57. Bobby Shewan says:

    I remember the Surge rtaa and I found Surge at a burger king today. I am happy

  58. Scott Ray says:


  59. Gemini says:

    Litterally how great would that have been if jeremy just said “I… am MONSTER TRUCK!”

  60. Mr Krimson says:

    Gotta love seeing the "poo brush" under the bar counter =p

  61. dhomevideos says:

    So I want a big truck shirt….???

  62. LonewolfeE5 says:

    "Downtown Vic Brown" is gonna be what i shout when i get multikills from now on

  63. Johnny McRose says:

    Thing is i use jmoney as a nickname but i use it more like Jo$h

  64. Gage Bublitz says:

    i think my 25- 30 year old nick name would be Grilled Cheese McCroy, because i can make a f*cking awesome grilled cheese.

  65. Arcadius 256 says:

    (Rwby) I want the best animation
    (Nomad) I said the best animation
    (RTAA) Perfection

  66. gamer house. Moorehouse says:

    1:00 acdc

  67. Jaden Walter says:

    0:36 either awkward or impossible handshake

  68. Sinairio says:

    Good ol Jay$ and Downtown Big Brown. Those guys are legendary.

  69. HeShreds says:

    Down Town Vic Brown looks like Tony Iomi

  70. Powerboywow says:

    2 shots of tequilla thats nothing , but a cheep night out

  71. Winterz says:

    eww the toilet brush !! 0:14

  72. Sith Otaku says:

    Lmao the poopy toilet brush

  73. Hockeyrocker117 says:


  74. Dylan LeMart says:

    He looked like Kirk Hammet mixed with Slah

  75. Sean Haggard says:

    I hate people who say things like "make me what ever you want". Tell me what you want.

  76. Miala Oyin Youtube says:

    These further adventures are taking me further out.?

  77. Connor Griffin says:

    Down town vic brown looks like kirk hammet from metallica

  78. Sophia And cat says:

    1:27 that guy in the left looks like the actor kick gurry

  79. Benito Alvarez says:

    Monster truck 1:29
    Your welcome

  80. barneyismyhero1 says:

    I swear all of Jeremy’s stories are made up he’s the worst liar of the bunch

  81. Pixel Bit Studios says:

    Downtown VicBrown and JayMoney need a cameo in Camp Camp

  82. Elliot Lehtonen says:

    The guys friend looks like Kirk Hammet

  83. BenSwolo says:

    The tweety bird shirt is perfect ?

  84. UnkindWinner07 says:

    One of my friends are referred to as Down Town Brown,lol

  85. Mearlyn Ambrosius says:

    I wonder how downtown big Brown and jmoney are doing these days.

  86. CrazySD1993 says:

    It was a good one.

  87. Xochi S says:

    Looks like someone’s 347th!

  88. Erik H says:

    But what if instead of Jooley
    He was Julie

  89. Lt ChugaCast says:

    “Oh were using our made up names”

  90. Worm-revolver says:

    I thought this was gonna go in a whole other direction

  91. Timothy Trex3 says:

    Wow that really didn't pay off at all… don't these usually have a punchline?..

  92. Morpheus414 says:


  93. SaftSchinken23 says:

    I love the easteregg in 0:14 ???

  94. P1K3L says:

    I feel like his parents might've thought he got molested or something.

  95. Kevin Morgan says:

    What monster voted thumbs down on this? This is truth in art!!!!

  96. CryoIce says:

    One of his favorite drinks is Natty Lite from House Party

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