Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gus the Social Media Hostage

I got held hostage by technology and social media in the worst way imaginable Burnie: Okay So, I’m gonna be moving soon. So I had to get a storage unit. I get there, I’m signing up, I’m finally done with all of that and uh, the guy whose helping me is like oh hey by the way, Do you have your mobile phone on you? I was like, yeah. He’s like, well do you mind doing a quick survey for me? I was like Ah fuck. okay, okay, fine whatever. Opened up google maps, I’m like okay.. He’s like just type our address in there I’m like okay, He’s like see just rate it one to five stars. I was like ah great he wants me to fuckin’ rate it on google Barbara: Right in front of him? Yeah, and he’s like, over my shoulder looking at me . (Barbara: yeah bullshit) Alright fine, five stars good job buddy He’s like, (Burnie: Oh you did it!?) Yeah and then, like a text field opens up he’s like Now just write something personal about your experience with me in that box (All laughing) And I’m like, “Joe was awesome” publish, he’s like okay, great! I was like, alright fine. Bye! I walked out the door, as soon as I walk out the door I deleted it Burnie: okay, Chapter 2. So then the next day I come back. (Burnie: OH HO) And in order to use like their, push carts, you have to like leave your ID at the front desk (Barbara: Oh no) And that same dude Joe was working there and there’s another dude Whose also working there. And uh, so I go to the other dude who I didnt deal (Burnie: I’ll bet you did) with before, and I’m like hey can I get one of those carts? And he’s like yeah sure Here you go and he goes “Oh hey by the way Mr. Sorola, I wanna tell you something weird that happened. I went and I looked for your review on google earlier today and I couldn’t find it.” Burnie: Oh boy Barbara: Oh my god… I was like, Oh! Uh, That’s weird! Joe watched me put it on there He’s like yeah, why don’t you let me watch you do it again. Burnie: No you.. Barbara: WHAT (Laughing) Barbara: What the hell! So I do it again and I scroll down; (Gavin: NO) Five stars, literally exact same thing; Joe was great, and he goes Oh, but I’m helping you now too so you gotta write something about me too Bunie: You’re gettin’ bullied at this point (Gus laughing) Burnie: I now wanna go rent a storage unit at that place, so that when they tell me to do it I’ll just go: One star, what else? (laughing) Burnie: Tshh, write something personal: “The dude’s a cunt.” (Laughing)

David Anderson

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