Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Final Fantasy Fangirls

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Final Fantasy Fangirls

Wait! Can I get tell you guys my story? Please! At the Crunchyroll expo That’s kind of what we are here for. I was resting and it was the last day of Crunchyroll expo And we were in this room, where it’s just backstage where people hang out Just a green room, yeah Yeah called the green room, we hang out, we- It wasn’t very green Um, hangout, we just rest Oh there was a plant And I was sitting across from someone who was just talking on his phone the whole entire time And I’m just like colouring in my book, or just going through my phone Just to be clear you did have an adult coloring book I did have an adult coloring book with me Not adult that way I like- I like the idea that when as a kid you’d think adult coloring book Would mean there’s nudity but adult in real life, is that it’s just simmering with self resentment Yeah, it says stuff like Calm the fuck down and how about a cup of shut the fuck up Yeah, like classy So I was sitting and I was resting and this other guy across from me He’s joined by some other dude and he has like a british accent and i’m like, oh cool It’s just another guest, and like he gave him something apparently there was a present i was like, oh that’s so cute you know Just voice actors doing their thing And Mica joins They return from their shopping and Mica joins And for some reason that like click something in me I look up at the people across from me and then I start doing some googling And Mica looks over at my phone and she knows what I’m googling And she goes yep, yep because I googled, What does Ignis’s voice actor look like? And that was Ignis’ voice actor sitting across from me for the past 30 minutes And that was also Gladio’s voice actor and I was like [mouths] What the fuck [Laughter] And next thing you know, there’s two other voice actors that come in I know one of them is Max Mittelman And the other one, Mica goes And there goes Noctis And I’m like WHAT?! And then I start giggling Yeah, it’s a funny- funny little story, the voice actor for Noctis, also does the voices for chocobos Tha-That’s my funny – That was my funny story guys We all just sighed! [Laughter] Could you tell it was a funny story because everyone laughed It was because, we were sitting over a different table Yeah And um We just get a text that says like Yeah And we look over and it’s Yssa and Mica like next to each other giggling Well you giggled so hard that they looked up and notice you, right? Yeah they noticed us and they’re like Is something wrong? No it’s just something my friend sent me~ The point I’m trying to make is that Senpai noticed you Yeah [Yssa gasps] Oh he did

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Final Fantasy Fangirls

  1. Knuckles8864 says:

    You could say their Fantasy Finally came true.

  2. Aldrin Flores says:

    That face at 1:35

  3. Connor Schelby says:

    What is that shirt.

  4. Simoleon Sam says:

    This was not funny in the slightest, who wanted an animated version of this? 🤔

  5. BountifulGames says:

    Ignis deserved so much better

  6. Anthony Fragassi says:

    Her voice is annoying

  7. Raging Jones says:

    I legitimately would've probably screamed by accident if I had realized that I was sitting within vicinity of Ignis's VA—

  8. YamiJay says:

    Yep! The only one missing was Prompto's voice actor! XDD I would have a similar reaction to be honest.

  9. Romare Sturdivant says:

    Instant subscribe lol

  10. Hoshii Melon says:


  11. it me Mario okay says:

    Hmmm don't care…. never had the game in english dub. Japanese all the way!!!! I'd fan girl over those guys

  12. Michael Darling says:

    They should put the whole series on YouTube now.

  13. Katie Elkins says:

    God that's adorable.

  14. Sin Bushido says:


  15. Condud1 says:

    Where was the joke?

  16. Aidan303 says:

    Anime people are maximum cringe.

  17. L R says:

    I also like love the soft bois

  18. Maki Ruby Rose says:

    What I would've done to be sitting across the table of Noctis, Gladio, and Ignis

  19. Guru says:

    Who names their kid Yssa?

  20. roy tang says:


  21. Bork Heck says:

    please bring back fan service i love fan service

  22. Ryocko says:

    Senpai noticed her xD

  23. BioFan90 says:

    Bring it back plz

  24. S1i1c1k says:


  25. Margaret Williams says:


  26. Sancerfy says:

    First Ragequit, then Rooster Teeth, then Battlefield, now RTAA. When does the change for the worse end 🙁

  27. Nicole Lai says:

    Ignis' voice actor (Adam Croasdell) is a treat though. He's super nice and fairly handsome. Would have loved to meet him

  28. Khano Sera says:

    So jealous right now, that was so cool. Just chilling there and then multiple famous voice actors just walk up like it's nothing. Gosh.

  29. K.O. vlogs says:

    When's the next nomad of nowhere

  30. Ella Sophia says:


  31. TubbyToadInc says:


  32. Grey Playa says:

    HAHAHAHAHA naruto is so cool XD

  33. Tony says:


  34. King Lenny says:

    Oh yea soft bois

  35. Matots Shurubadubles says:

    YOU mean to tell ME that there's actually a podcast never posted on YOUTUBE!?!?

    I feel… Betrayed.
    Totally binging on that tho

  36. TwoJacksAndAnAce says:

    I don't understand why these people are so important. Whats the big deal?

  37. Nivna Multiverse says:

    How could they forget about Saitama?

  38. yoniel strong 65 says:

    Or you where kind on camp camp session please do I love that show

  39. KiraAsakura14 says:

    They all seemed quietly hyperactive in this video. XD

  40. Pugiron says:

    Thumbs down for Miles sucking all funny out of the video just by existing

  41. jamie odonnell says:

    😤😧WHERE IS RWBY!!!!!😠😠

  42. NAJE GARDNER says:

    you guys missed your chance to promote the newest brand of cup-o-noodles

  43. Lord Zazz says:

    gasps I Kno ignis tbh I did that irl

  44. Jay S. says:

    Fangirls are adorable, as long as they have social skills.

  45. RavenWingedFox says:

    I'm so jealous right now, omg!

  46. Bryon Youngblood says:

    Yssa's story is so cute 😀 And just her reactions as the guys listen 🙂

  47. Nightmare2018 says:

    Who are these people

  48. Hanna Hanna says:

    I don't know who Yssa is, but she's adorable AF.

  49. Mjolnir MK86 says:


  50. K Nguyễn says:

    Ok, cool, that's great! BUT WHERE'S MY DEAR PROMPTO??!!!!

  51. Alex Morton says:

    I like how they didnt even realize you were fangirling because voice actors rarely get recognized because most people dont care enough to look up the people that voice act good characters.

  52. Kyle Banks says:

    I miss Fanservice so much!!

  53. Seny says:

    wow, fangirl squealing over some voice actor? nothing i don’t see every day having a sister who acts the EXACT same way…

  54. idkmanjustdabit says:

    How do y'all not know the blessing that is Yssa Badiola???

  55. Sir Duke says:

    Love the X Gon Give It To Ya ripoff outro !!! XD

  56. CONSUME PIG says:

    what song is that at the end

  57. collaboration4237 says:

    "The point I'm trying to make is senpai noticed you."

  58. ThePupper DogArmy says:

    I likw how when she went on Google the animators put in the "Gavin or Google. Google or Gavin. Witch one said it? Let find out"

  59. dannytheman1313 says:

    It's been so long since I checked out RT that I literally have no idea who out of these people are.

  60. David Martin says:

    😂😂😂freaking holarious end and story

  61. Foul Lily says:

    lucky xD

  62. Shelby Beeimus says:

    That doesn’t look like Chris Parson.

  63. oscar alvarez says:

    I disliked because of Anime

  64. Curtis Walsh says:

    666th comment

  65. Oni Hanzo says:

    I would have loved to meet the Chocobros.

  66. Theo Narte says:

    i have absolutely no idea who these people are and what they're talking about and 50% of the time i didn't understand what was going on but it was a cartoon and they kept cursing so i subscribed

  67. Dirt Pile says:

    I love soft bois

  68. Jesse Snake says:

    Who else loves the ending theme?

  69. Alfredo Valencia says:

    Worse story telling ever ! Dis like. .bo

  70. MadiCat247 says:

    She sat across Adam Driver? Lucky

  71. BadJovi praying says:

    2:17 What's this music? it sounds familiar. Does anybody know the name?

  72. Heather Newton says:

    awe senpai noticed her happy ending

  73. Devon Lucier says:

    0:43 oh, that explains why my grandmother's colouring book consists of flowery, intricate designs.

  74. Emona Darkeither says:

    I ♥ the softest boys.

  75. ZamWoW says:

    X gonna give it to yah

  76. dickhead says:

    One of the most annoying voices of all time

  77. Finnalin says:

    Chris just giving fellow actors gifts, what a great guy

  78. Brothers-in-arms says:

    When season 17 of red vs Blue coming out

  79. xZanex says:

    What's the name of the outro ?

  80. B.G. Walker says:

    I miss fan service

  81. Alastryona says:

    Tbh knowing what Ray chase acts like at cons & on Twitter he knew what was up

  82. JJ says:

    the VA for Gladiolus also does Junkrat…. she was a few feet away from JUNKRAT!! I would have DIED

  83. Marino Reglas says:

    Lol Glaydio

  84. KaijuKid 14 says:

    It's an anime fangirl's dream come true XD!

  85. ShootingStarAJM says:

    Pff. Anime (¬_¬)

  86. Noctis Ivan says:

    And There Goes Noctis

  87. Jeremy Turner says:

    Is that Keanu Reeves? Lol

  88. Masterxl MVs says:

    You think Max Mittleman was sad that he didn’t get to turn into a pretty anime boi and just stayed a dude?

  89. Beerbottles123 says:

    Senpai notice you

  90. raccoon platoon says:

    1:36 AWAKEN MY MASTERS!!!!

  91. Darkgun231 says:

    Got an ad for FF12 remake/remaster. How eerily fitting…

  92. Acura TL GTLM says:

    I love how you can physically hear the disappointment in Yssa’s voice after Kerry’s crappy joke.

  93. D2attemp says:

    And Noctis also voices Krueger from Attack on Titan!

  94. MCFinalNinja FTW says:

    0:46 Keanu Reeves?

  95. GioTheVax says:

    Adam Croasdell? I met him once in a voice studio, he was seriously one of the sweetest people ever and such a talented actor, I wish I had known he was the voice actor for Ignis at the time.

  96. legenday cat says:

    You're so lucky to see the voice actors ;-;

  97. Johnny P The Gulf City Lethal Sperg says:

    So wait… She sat across from VLAD!? Nani

  98. DragonKnight90001 says:

    I know its late but did you atleast asked for their autographs?

  99. Violent Rainbow says:

    I don't even know who is doing the voice of these characters…

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