Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Dan Drinks, Gavin Hoodwinks

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Dan Drinks, Gavin Hoodwinks

Burnie: Dan might be one of the most like, loveable bufoons. We went out to dinner I guess he assumed that everything was all inclusive? So he busts out the cocktail menu And he decides to order like, every girly drink on the menu And I mean, some of them were so like, crazy, they were big fishbowls, with like glowing ice cubes Gavin: The ice cubes were flashing Burnie: They were flashing. He had a last tango, a bluetini, (laughing) Burnie: A mango madness, (laughing) a razzjito, Jack: Razzjito? Burnie: And then the bill came, and I said Whoa! I said, Dan look how much all your stuff was And he’s just like, “uhhh” And, so it’s like he had like 350 dollars worth of drinks Gavin: You said, before the bill came, he’s like “You know these drinks aren’t free.” And he’s like, “What?” (laughing, static) Burnie: Gavin showed me a funny message, from a girl Gavin: Do you wanna read this out? (giggling) Gus: Okay.. Gus: I’ll be the girl and you be you, okay? Burnie: Aww, I wanna be the girl.
Gus: No I’ll be the girl. You’re always the girl, I wanna be the girl Michael: You were the girl last time Burnie, let Gus be the girl Gus, as girl: I’m a huge fan of The Slow Mo Guys™, I love your work! Gavin: Thanks. Girl Gus: I don’t know if Daniel’s told you about me, ha ha Gavin: I dunno, maybe? What should I know about you Girl Gus: He may have mentioned a threesome? (Laughing) Burnie: Gavin showed it to me and while he’s looking at it I immediately tapped it, typed in okay and hit send, (Gus laughing) but it’s a fuckin’ screenshot (Laughing) Michael: I already saw him send okay anyways so Burnie: Ha Ha, so it all works out?
Michael: Yeah (RT elevator music)

David Anderson

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99 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Dan Drinks, Gavin Hoodwinks

  1. Matt Monitto says:

    I'm guessing a "Razzjito" is a raspberry mojito.

  2. Games says:

    Only 4k resolution? Call me when it's OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lollipoploopz says:

    I love how they argue over who gets to be the girl :')

  4. KingBot says:

    I like that the title of video stops exactly at the right time to make – Gavin Hood! Watch out Mark Nutt, your creator is rebeling!

  5. Axel Kallesøe says:

    No matter how girly a drink, transportation in a jug makes it Manly.

  6. Nico96as says:

    they should make a conect the hots animated adventure

  7. Alex Pin says:

    That's so awesome that they link the video podcasts straight from the video with annotations now!

  8. OhitsKirstyn says:

    I can't find podcast 181 on YouTube

  9. Doctor4077 says:

    First Gavin makes a 500 dollar bet with Micheal
    Then Gus books a plane back to Austin in the same night Burnie pisses him off
    Now Dan can spend 350 dollars in one night for drinks
    I'm starting to think that working at roosterteeth pays well 

  10. Mingy Spaff says:

    Watch this with captions on

  11. badoman1 says:

    Tried to watch in 4k, blue screen of death

  12. Giel Lenssen says:

    wow watching this at 0.5 speed is like hearing a drunk conversation

  13. dan chuba says:

    Tried to watch in 4k, Crashed my college's internet

  14. mikesgamer12 says:

    There should be one of these where Gavin is talking about having to crap in the shower oh that will be good

  15. Samuel13743 says:

    hey guys come check out my friends channel hes currently getting all the videos re edited but its going to be really cool!!! search up Olympian Community

  16. Drake McWhorter says:

    There's nothing wrong with girly drinks.  If it tastes good AND gets you buzzed, it's a win in my book.

  17. SoTiredZzZ says:

    Now we know why The Slow Mo Guys are under RoosterTeeth now

  18. bob jones says:

    so dan finally figured out how to use a menu?

  19. SirFredrin says:

    back in the old welst you didn't know if the whisky you ordered was actually whisky or some shit the bartender made, so the girly drinks were the only things you could drink that you knew wasn't going the have ash in it.

  20. Tk3997 says:

    You know every time we get a story about Dan I can see more and more why him and Gavin are friends. Indeed, they seem destined for each other…

  21. Zachary Wang says:

    Dan doesn't work at roosterteeth, Gus probably has money he saved, and Gavin's bet was actually only 100$

  22. Astellr says:

    These are the best.

  23. Walter Twinney says:

    I love the always-sunny-like outro music

  24. krsllyd says:

    Bahaha " I immediately replied ok, then realized it was a screenshot"

  25. Jackabee teague says:

    Lemme get this straight. A famous Australian man gets offered a 3-way… OFFERED

  26. Francis Alvaro says:

    Is there any correlation between the fact that Gav spelled backwards spells Vag, and a girl is fine having a threesome with him?

  27. Mario Krastanov says:

    awesome video, laughed really hard, but why would there be a 4k option for it. The animation's good, but it's not something worth watching in 4k, is it? 😀

  28. ZhaneX24 says:

    "I immediately tapped in 'OK' and hit send…and it's a fucking screenshot."
    Well played Gavin. Well played.

  29. The Fellas says:

    Gavin you horny basted  

  30. COYADD says:

    Tries to type OK and hit send.

    Is screenshot.

    Well played Gavin, well played.

  31. LadyShay says:

    …Does this mean Gavin is off the market?

  32. Brimmed_Mutt says:


  33. Julia Rutter says:

    There ain't a dream that don't have a chance
    To come true now!

  34. Temporal Enigma says:

    There is now some girl out there either super excited or super embarrassed that this became a thing 

  35. E̛mPL̶oYEe͟ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢ says:

    "Razzjito" is probably a Raspberry Mojito.

  36. futurewarriorhero123 says:

    i keep laughing a Razzjito XD

  37. Cinematic Cheese says:

    Discovered my computer's limits today. Decided to see what the highest quality would look like, and it crashed my computer.

  38. NormanMatchem says:

    Guinness all the way B)

  39. YoutopianRager says:

    Is Drake McWhorter the guy from "Crossover" on The Game Theorists?

  40. call me scar says:

    Were is tuker when u need him bow chicku bow wow

  41. TheClarkBark says:

    There got to be no way all English people are this stupid.

  42. Meg B says:

    Lol, a Razzhito. Like a mojito with raspberry flavor.


    why is dan a fucking idiot when it comes to food

  44. Erik Oleson says:

    Oh shit. I didn't know Gavin was the one from the Slow Mo Guys. xD

  45. Shiny Khajiit says:

    holy crap 2160p! when!?

  46. Green says:

    1:16 Gavin is getting smarter, I'll give him that.

  47. That One Mexican says:

    Did anyone else noticed that at 00:40 gagib has no arms?

  48. Camaroni1000 says:

    Wait! How did Dan read the menu?

  49. Legendarydigitize says:

    woah that is a shit ton on the bill

  50. Alex Trimm says:

    what's uh Michael doing at the end there

  51. HWGmodGamer says:

    What does the 4K mean in the title of a Rooster Teeth Animated Adventure video?

  52. kidsmack baus says:

    why does it say 4k after each episode??

  53. KaiPie says:

    anyone know what catagory the outro song comes into?

  54. SuperStarWaffles says:

    I love how this is the most low budget series in RoosterTeeth but it always comes out one of the best. Maybe the best.

  55. Diversespider says:

    Lol I love these ones about dan

  56. msc100 says:

    spit roast!

  57. aenyxx says:

    I'll never understand why this MicrosoftPaint animation adds anything to the stories on the podcast. All they do is word for word put their already awesome stories into a 2nd grader's animation. Am I missing something?

  58. thehorror2 says:

    Man, now I want to go through $350 worth of drinks.

  59. IronPiedmont1996 says:

    2160p? I didn't know that was even an option till now.

  60. Sam Curry says:

    I think it's razzjito like mojito. J makes the H sound

  61. SijohnRedbird says:

    Gavin and Dans next episode of slow mo guys

    Threesome in slowmotion

  62. Tyler Lynn says:

    burnie typing in "ok" and realizing it was a screen shot is one of the socially acceptable times to take off your hat and spike it yelling "FUCK!" 

  63. Ronan RiemanJohns says:

    He should have gotten appletini and then gone to med school and been on a sit com

  64. Gabriel Brown says:

    I love Animated Adventures! Never stop!!

  65. Stephen Sparacino says:

    Lol I and Dan

  66. Sofia DeLeon says:

    There's no such thing as a "girly" drink. They're all just drinks

  67. Lycan4 says:

    The razzjito looks delish…

  68. Kimihito Kurusu says:

    "What?! O_O" HA Dan.

  69. CookProductions1 says:

    Dan's shirt makes it look like he's tied to the chair in the thumbnail.

  70. Macey_N_Rose says:

    Michael : I Saw Gavin Send 'Okay'
    Me : <Water Comes Out Of My Nose> WHAT?!?!

  71. DemonLoverMaki says:

    animated Dan is like the cutest thing

  72. Kyle Bowoski says:

    Plot twist,
    This is how he met Meg.

  73. mobiuszero says:

    Dan or Ray….which one is dumb?

  74. Trimmy says:

    So staged

  75. Server Corgo says:

    raspberry mojito

  76. Arturo Garza says:

    Girly drinks are underrated

  77. SCfornow says:

    Hurricane isn't a girly drink, just saying

  78. dire tiger says:

    who wouldn't want to have a threesome with dan the man?

  79. Megamania says:

    Gavin was smart for once in his life

  80. Tyranzor Katastrophe says:

    I mean, you call them girly but some of those mixed cocktails are great

  81. Smiling Vortex says:

    Razzjito, what kind of name is that?

  82. Kaera猫 says:

    Even Gavin's cartoon self is dreamy.

  83. crazyinsane500 says:

    I'm disappointed he didn't try to drink a big mac chicken legend sundae.

  84. OctoMatt says:

    That was more than the cost at our graduation buffet witch was 210.76$ to be very presided

  85. Matthew Love says:

    what? Gavin wouldn't just give out his cell number?!

  86. tannman6 says:

    I just want to mention how gracious Burnie was for picking up the tab for Dan. He is always looking out for people and I feel like a genuinely good friend to have.

  87. Ienzio _ says:

    Why are men always ridiculed for buying "girly" drinks? Those drinks have more alcohol then any "manly" drink

  88. G_Guy001 says:

    Dan's segment – RT Podcast #201 at 1:00:35
    Gavin's segment – RT Podcast #181 at 14:22

  89. John Mackee says:

    Gavin's arms disappeared at 0:39

  90. CocoaNutCakery says:

    So did Dan finally figure out menus?

  91. Joe Joe says:

    Threesome with the girl, Gavin and Dan?

  92. Christian Anderson says:

    is dan drinking the Blue Hole from it's always sunny??

  93. Wils The Limit says:

    I now worry about his sexuality

  94. Era Otaku says:


  95. Millicent Schächter says:

    Girly drinks are hella fruity to hide how much alcohol you're drinking

  96. Rokkfel says:

    Noooooo.its not jeeto it's heeto

  97. Werewolves779 says:

    I'd try typing something dumb

  98. Fidelio says:

    i'm dan from the start to 40 seconds in.

  99. Noobly says:

    daniel animated looks amazing.

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