Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Cooking Naked

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Cooking Naked

Chris: Do you see that video of that guy throwing the- the air can… into an oven indoors? Gus: Oh, yeah, it was like a wood-burning stove? *Gavin laughs*
When it- when it exploded it, looked like… … shrapnel and bullets, coming straight at the camera, for like a frame or two, You see like… glowing red hot embers shooting at the person with the camera. And he turns away, and then it comes back and like, the room’s half on fire. Chris: And they’re just laughing. They’re like, “Ohhhhh!!!” *Gavin laughs*
Chris: It’s like, they’re fine, I don’t know. Gavin: Yeah, embers are cool because… if you get hit with them, it’s- it like it hurts, But it’s never… as bad as it looks, when they like puff and go everywhere on ya. Chris: You know what hurts worse than embers? Is oil when you’re cooking naked. *Gavin struggling to not laugh* Gus: Why are you cooking naked, Chris? Gavin: And- and you’re circumcised, so you have no protection. *Chris wheezes*
Gavin: And- and you’re circumcised, so you have no protection. *Chris and distant broadcast member laughs* Chris: It’s just, you know, you just get-
Gavin: Do you get oil on your bell end? Gavin: Do you get oil on your bell end? Chris: I mean it- *stutters* -it’s like, it can happen. *Gavin laughs*
You’re cooking naked. I might- yeah, that’s definitely the worst place. Gus: Chris, have you ever cooked naked? Chris: Yes!
Gus: Why? Chris: Because I didn’t have clothes on when I started cooking, but- *laughing* And it’s like- *laughing* And it’s like-
Gus, absolutely done: Chris. Chris: What?!
Gus: Why didn’t you put clothes on and then cook? Chris: Uh, well- *splutters* I don’t-? *continues fumbling* I mean, I could, but then it’s like a whole ‘nother step. And then if I get oil on, I’m gonna have dirty clothes on. *laughs* It’s what I’m trying to say.
Gavin: So you’d rather get oil on your one and only penis, Than-
Chris: And it’s not like it’s aiming- I- It’s really just like a, wake up in the morning… time to cook breakfast. Ah-
Gus: So you sleep naked. Chris: Sometimes. Not always, but yes, sometimes. And then, I’m just like go to the kitchen, get some water, I’m like, “I’m hungry,” Cook some eggs, oil, whatever. Splatter bacon. Bacon’s dangerous. Gus: I-I’ve-I’ve never thought to cook naked because… even if I’m naked, I think, “I don’t want to burn myself.” I would rather put clothes on. And I’m- it’s never like I’m hanging out in my house naked either. Chris: Mhm. Gus: So I can’t believe, you’re in that state to begin with and then you immediately- Chris: Well, you’ve gotta have- *stutters*
Gus: -start cooking without putting something on. Chris: You just have to like, cook with- leaning forward. Gavin: But, or you could just put on boxers? Chris: Yeah yeah, I- Sometimes, I’ll do it in my boxers, to be fair. If I’m wearing- if I’m sleeping in boxers, Then I’ll cook in my boxers.
Gavin: Or a cooking apron? Chris: I don’t have an apron. I could- I guess I could do a towel around my front? Or-
*Gavin laughs* *Gavin laughs* Chris: I don’t know.
Gus: Or clothes! Gavin, wheezing with laughter: Just get dressed!
Chris: Or a shirt, yeah. Gus: I mean, why are we looking at all these other solutions?
Chris: Or a shirt, yeah. Gus: I mean, why are we looking at all these other solutions? Gavin: I guess I could come to work in a towel?

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Cooking Naked

  1. Condud1 says:

    nice freaker

  2. William Shreckengost says:

    A towel! Why did I never think of that?

  3. Straw Hat Daniel says:

    Oh someone likes Freddy freaker

  4. Silas Crump says:

    Chris. Really? LOL!!!!!!

  5. Captain_Hat says:

    I see someone is a fan of Oney Plays.

  6. yoshi derp says:


  7. LegoMinecraft369 says:

    That pillow X'D

  8. TheAce707 says:

    I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one who does this.

  9. Mylan Polderman says:

    Knew it was gonna be a Chris episode and I’ve never clicked faster.

  10. giosbirthdayhunt hunt says:

    Do you guys sell aprons, so Chris can get a free one!!

  11. Austin Pepin says:


  12. dr noe says:

    1:46–1:49 chris hand breaks off stays on the pan and chris grows a new hand……chris is a weird guy.

  13. Bio Knight says:

    the answer is to wear a toga

  14. Dylan Bolack says:

    woo go raptors

  15. caguko says:

    I love Chris

  16. Demigod_ Wrath says:

    The body pillow

  17. Aoifenix77 says:

    Gus is missing his Atari tramp stamp

  18. Nat Nat says:

    So no one is gonna question why Gavin knows that??

  19. Whelan says:

    THEY EVEN GOT GUS' SKINNY-GUT. The attention to detail in RTAAs is incredible.

  20. Wabajak13 says:

    "because I didn't have clothes on when I started cooking"…..Yes Chris, that is the very definition of ~naked~

  21. Edward Barbee says:

    I love that I see that Perry Hull animated this and there was a Freddie Freaker shirt there. Always slippin' Easter Eggs for his homies.

  22. MewMeori says:

    I love the freaking Sims 3 cas screen they put in.

  23. TofuSP says:

    Jett music slaps

  24. Verbose Mode says:

    "Because I didn't have clothes on when I started cooking."
    FLAWLESS LOGIC (no seriously I do this)

  25. Dennis Relayson says:

    Wat vid pls reply 0:01

  26. MT popcorn says:

    I saw that Freddie freaker shirt

  27. Dilpikel says:


  28. TheWhiteFoxTruth says:

    Why does Gavin know he's circumcised!?

  29. Stephen Lopez says:

    How is he like that lol

  30. Martin Repetto says:

    Gus’s chest hairs are little G’s

  31. Pjluigi says:

    Anyone notice the Oney plays freddy freaker shirt

  32. Celynn126 says:

    I love Chris so much.

  33. zach morgan says:

    Freddie Freak 1:04

  34. itadakimasu101 says:

    Chris, invest in a robe my dude! 👌

  35. Emily M says:

    Get Chris an Apron 2k18.

  36. Samantha Godard says:

    Aerosol can in wood burning oven video:

  37. livingMoBile says:

    That zoom out at 0:44. pure comedic gold.

  38. Eric Stroud says:

    I love that J$ had just become an RTAA instant classic now lol

  39. Sleepytime Taquito says:

    Why did their s and th sounds sound weird

  40. William Thompson says:

    For the most part I disagree with Chris, but I have to agree with him for this one.

  41. Gian Perez says:

    You’ve got to be a different type of special when gavin starts making more sense than you

  42. Zack Torren says:

    Not even an apron!

  43. makizoid says:

    That cheek clench animation though

  44. Jay S. says:

    That's how he cooks his fish and dressing.

  45. Maswartz226 says:

    What is Gavin’s obsession with circumcision?

  46. joe luvs cakes says:

    Gus is thiiiiiiccc 😫😫😫😘💦💦

  47. Sparman 85 says:

    The gus special outfit is a Luigi costume, nice

  48. Steve Sanchez says:

    wheres the video

  49. Chris Livingsten says:

    shout out to freaker freddie

  50. The Gamer Z says:

    whay the hack is this vedio is doing in minecraft fnaf vids ??

  51. stubbornmoviemaker says:


  52. zakky boi says:


  53. Eiric Jalbert Landeck says:

    Does anyone else think animated Gus's chest hair looks like teeth?

  54. Coddy Clements says:

    And thats why they invented a robe

  55. Rachael Edmonds says:


    Lmao a Create a Sim reference

  56. Elijah says:

    This is FNAF roleplay?

  57. ƤƠƦƘ ƤƖЄ says:

    I just noticed when it shows Chris scrolling through outfits one is Oneys Freddie Freaker shirt.

  58. Lil' Fizz says:

    Dressing gown????

  59. Baily Sawyer says:

    When Gavin make a valid point you know something’s wrong

  60. Garpogods says:

    1:04 Freddy Freaker!

  61. MCFinalNinja FTW says:

    You forgot Gus' Atari tattoo!

  62. Eric Wlezniak says:

    That's an extreme way to wake up without coffee

  63. Inferno The last elemental says:

    I always thought Gavin was weird but Chris is something else

  64. KaliKat says:

    HA he clenched when the bacon showed up behind him. xD

  65. Lamb says:

    Chris is my spirit animal

  66. mystery gamer says:

    Chris is a certified idiot

  67. Nirmal In New York ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ says:

    Ur bell end lmfao
    TF is that on gus’s chest lol

  68. Bigger box says:

    Freddy freaked

  69. Latham Bauer says:

    Can someone please link the video they were talking about in the beginning

  70. josiah moose says:

    Ysll need put the atari trap stam for gus lol

  71. MidnightLight says:

    I at least put underwear on

  72. J b says:

    Cooking in boxers seems like a good balance

  73. W.B-Star Belaidi says:

    The animation lol lol

  74. MajorDaveSanders says:

    I very very much appreciate that Create-a-Sim reference.

  75. Daddy Hart says:

    Chris making Gav look smart

  76. Nathanael Waters says:

    Is no one going to comment on the box of teeth je had in his fridge

  77. Swordfish says:

    does….does Gus have G's for chest hair?

  78. Stephanie says:

    This whole thing was a mess from the beginning 😂

  79. Lichzim The Great says:



  80. Matt R says:


  81. Tristen says:

    Jordan forgot to give Gus his Atari tattoo

  82. Sid Feld says:

    Box of teeth

  83. Probably a box says:

    And sword

  84. Derek Night says:

    Well I’ve never thought I’d live to see the day someone who is DUMBER than Gavin…

  85. Clyde Kanon says:

    whats the video they were talking about in the beginning

  86. Icy Army says:

    How does gavin know he’s circumcised

  87. Justfortecomments says:

    He f**** that food, didn’t he?

  88. Jdc nation says:

    It might just be me that thought this but how did Gavin know Chris is circumcised

  89. MCFinalNinja FTW says:

    To be fair(About the aerosol can video), they sounded like they were drunk.

  90. damon2772nomad says:

    I get it. I'm a lazy chef too…🤣

  91. Precise Tester says:

    Does anyone know the video they are talking about in the beginning?

  92. Teal Opal says:

    "Because I didn't have clothes on when I started cooking"

  93. GamingDude2000 says:

    This is the most that Gavin has ever sounded like someone other than himself.

  94. ShamanSquirrel says:

    I mean….I've cooked naked..a jillion times..the only time I've felt weird about it is when I've watched this video. 😂😂

  95. xenu4life says:

    Is there a reason Gus has… chest teeth(?) instead of chest hair?

  96. Carlos Abrego says:

    Missed out on Gus’ Atari tattoo

  97. digizilla164 says:

    To live in Chris's world for 1 hour would be better than any drug you could ever take.

  98. SirLeelong says:

    Anyone notice Chris forgets his hand on the pan at 0:45?

  99. Ryan R says:

    Why play a grub hub ad for this

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