Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris’ Fake Fiance

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris’ Fake Fiance

RWBY Combat Ready, now on Kickstarter I had um, this was a while ago I was meeting up with a girl at a bar and I go to this bar And I… they’re a little early so I sit down and I sit, there’s like Sat in this chair and this other girl who I sat next to when I sat down, She just looks at me like, like. big eyes, big eyes. I’m like “Oh is someone sitting here?”, and she was like “No no you can sit here” and Then so I sit down, and I just order a beer and I’m waiting and waiting and then she starts like Thumping my leg, like this But she’s not looking at me So she’s faced away and just like thumping my leg, and I’m like, I look over and there’s just like old dude talking to her Thank you, and I was like. Oh, she wants me to like dress key. Yeah, yeah, so I was like I started I’m like oh, hey Deb’s, and I’m like act like we know each other you know and we’re talking and she’s like HELP ME Oh god So then then he was like, so how do you guys know each other? He’s really drunk. I was like we’re engaged Wait who said that oh so you said that Yeah oh my god She looks to the other side help me and then then And he was like prove it cuz I walked up I was like dizzy He kept Talking to her she was like she got kind of touchy With you yeah, so then she was like she can’t she can’t like put her arm around me and then eventually She starts rubbing my cock What ! What Were engaged It was below your knee we’re So then were at this bar Talking to this old dude, and this girl is she’s just like like and I’m like What is going on It’s just like I have to make it believable What Believable, it’s gonna be looking at your cock Sucking this old guys getting really mad and jealous, and then my actual date Next to you on the other side no she’s like oh Whats going on THIS IS MY FIANCE [Insane British Ramblings] My god

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris’ Fake Fiance

  1. President starz says:

    so much cringe

  2. TheRadioWaver .K. says:

    This was the funniest thing ive ever seen

  3. That Pringle says:

    Same woman that gave dolphins hand jobs

  4. Linktendo19 says:

    is it just me or does chris' date look a bit like nora

    that lucky bastard

  5. The lone Marowak says:

    The girl did know that a kiss would have worked fine right?

  6. G Studios says:

    2:31 yeah, sure, that would happen XD.

  7. Redstar2613 says:

    You have an experience like that with someone and you just go home!?

  8. Caboose Resurrected says:

    2:33 I was wondering what Chris was saying.

  9. JAMCastillo1 says:

    10 bonus points for the Apple wheel of death

  10. JAMCastillo1 says:

    1:47, how i imagine Gus looked like in real life at that moment

  11. JAMCastillo1 says:

    I wonder if any of these girls in the video ever came across this video.
    Or I guess just anyone involved , if they ever see these videos and recognize themselves

  12. LokiShinigami says:

    Chris's fiance should have at least gave him a courtesy date for basically ruining his original one or she could have chased her down and explained the situation.

  13. Offic Daddy Tord says:

    Time to animate thqt scenario.

  14. killmeister2271 says:


  15. Jake Cassar says:

    And that kids is how I met your mother.

  16. The Dark Wolf Sif says:

    I hope Chris and that girl get together.

  17. Faad Aziz965 says:


  18. rambow70 says:

    He could of said "oh hey, you here, did you get the __ for the __ we are doing? Lets go!" got up and walked with both girls away from the guy and explained everything lol

  19. Wuka Buka says:

    She could have been your wife

  20. nonstoprofling says:

    I'm wheezing lmfao

  21. Erdrick says:

    The dirtiest situations seem to happen to the most innocent people.

  22. Silver says:

    I'm Gus in every situation

  23. Chief ROBERTZ says:

    Isn't that the girl who gave a dolphin handjobs?

  24. That one Aussie UNSC Marine says:

    Chris is a true gentleman

  25. Duck is Lord says:

    Jesus Christ .feel sick

  26. The Netflix Knowhow says:

    Plot twist: They're now happily married with a dog and two kids.

  27. Truffle Rocket says:

    Chris is the luckiest man alive

  28. Nathan-DTS says:

    If this ever happens to me I tend to just pretend we're friends and ask them if they want a smoke. English so have to smoke outside.

  29. Drew Anderson says:

    I'm like a 100% sure this is a fake story

  30. yakkowarner20 says:

    I'm 99.99% positive that Chris just makes these stories up on the fly. Im sure it can happen to anyone. Anyone but Chris. I'd believe it more if Gavin said it happened to him.

  31. dorkly derk says:

    That old guy was actually her wingman the whole time!!

  32. Luke Glover says:

    That is amazing! Also why didn't he ask out the other lady after all of that? lol

  33. Michelle Anayron says:

    please work on rvb not rwby

  34. rusty shakleford says:

    lol needed those digits

  35. TUBBS - Johnathan Tubbs says:

    FFWD: 2:50 and gavin's insane british ramblings

  36. Silver Scorpio says:

    Poor poor Chris

  37. Jonathan Coyne says:

    Should have at the very least got the rando's number. Lol

  38. Crunchy Toast says:

    Little do we know the old guy was Chris’s sole mate

  39. duellegend71 says:

    Only Chris could have a 1 and a million shot at a scenario that’s so unbelievably amazing and still have it end up ruining something xD.

  40. asdd loll says:

    I LOVE the drawings. They're SO on point. Kudos to Beth and Quinn!

  41. Vincent Del Puerto says:

    I'd love that to happen

  42. SailorOrbiter says:

    I'M SUFFERING! 😂 😭

  43. Johan Delaney says:

    I'm scared

  44. Kankri Vantas says:

    Yooooooo he didn't get her number after all that? i mean date 1: ruined but date2: is already hands on

  45. Bandit 17 says:

    I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!!!!!!!!

  46. Games'N'Things says:

    No way that happened to him lol

  47. Wesley Martin says:

    He had to tell his date that because you have to be CONSISTENT

  48. LaserSexPanther says:

    [Insane British Rambling]

  49. Kyle Lambert says:

    Gus' reaction is priceless.

  50. Sir Cannonball says:

    I just noticed that the character they used for Chris’s fake fiancee was the same one they used for the woman who gave handjobs to dolphins. Oh dear.

  51. xAnimeFanKingdom says:

    This is like something straight out of a RomCom movie! 😂😂😂

  52. Matthew Filby says:

    First the dolphin, now Chris. This girl certainly gets around.

  53. FurryEskimo says:

    That’s one of the Best, Craziest stories I’ve seen on this channel, Ever. XD

  54. Mister C says:

    All I remember after watching this video is

    "WHAT?!" ~Gus

  55. Oberon Crex says:

    Chris actually did the right thing by saying she was his fiancé if he said “I’m her boyfriend” there might’ve been a fight

  56. spartandud3 says:

    Did he at least get the first girl's number?

  57. Special Fex says:

    That situation was so outlandish it sounds like a TV sitcom skit or something

  58. Joker's Vault says:

    This seemed so much like a Three's Company episode

  59. Lillian Trimmer says:

    I absolutely love how bashful Chris got when he talked about what she was doing haha

  60. Koko Beans says:

    Gus often says what I’m thinking in these scenarios, and that’s why I love Gus

  61. toxic waste says:


  62. JAMCastillo1 says:

    This needs to be told from the other point of view.

    Also, i wonder if that girl has seen this short 😂

  63. Fire Fux says:

    Ya boi got metoo-d

  64. Javi Legoff says:

    1:11 this kids is how your mother and I didn't get married

  65. Noah Beutel says:

    Gus’ reactions! The best!

  66. Robin says:

    Sims Life…

  67. Paul Rocha says:

    Chris is a genius lol

  68. GhostBear3067 says:

    Always thought I had awkwardness down to a science, but Chris has it down to an artform

  69. PurpleTheta says:

    I sorta feel bad for Chris. He gets super unlucky when it comes to women.

    And everything else.

  70. ProxyOverride says:

    Gavin's gurgling laughter got me xD

  71. PlanetDecay Lizzy says:


  72. TwistyMcYeet says:

    2:43 [Insane British Ramblings]

  73. Tombocartoons says:

    So this girl is trying to get out of being harassed sexually. . . By groping another guy?

  74. Special Fex says:

    Did they eventually become a couple? That would be a hilarious way to get a gf

  75. Buttercup III says:

    This is one of my favorite RTAAs

  76. Garga says:

    2:44 "[Insane British Ramblings]" Hahahahaahaha, gotta love CC.

  77. Deathmeter says:

    NEXT ON THE RT STORE! Achievement Hunter, the GAME!

  78. k4m3j0 says:

    turned on cc… @2:44 insane british rambling… accurate

  79. shawn boyce says:

    would have been much easyer if you just said to leave me friend alone then if he keep talking to her get the bar guy to throw him out she should know that

  80. ChaoticNeutral says:


  81. Tommi says:

    I can't wait to get a fake fiancé

  82. Joshua Karna says:

    chris must have done some terrible things in a past life to deserve this…

  83. Mirana142 says:

    no 2nd dinner?

  84. WankersCramp69 says:

    Are we all just extras in a sitcom with Chris as the main character?

  85. TNT says:

    Lmao that Gus what face 😂😂😂

  86. KAY B 14 says:

    best sidewing ever!
    of all time!

  87. Friedrich Davin says:

    There’s no way that happened lol that’s too perfect on timing

  88. Tucker says:


  89. zcubeDbz says:

    Chris is the luckiest unlucky guy.
    Christ in heaven. What the heck?

  90. Glenn Robinson says:

    This is when he does the switcheroo and takes his new fiancee on a date

  91. Madeline Carragher says:


  92. Hilarious0_0 says:

    This was a potential love story you leaving was a bad ending 😂

  93. Jesse Johnson says:

    what sitcom is this

  94. P1K3L says:

    I would've gotten her number.

  95. sam says:

    Plot twist: Chris is secretly a Dolphin

  96. Travis Nentwich says:

    lol looks like you got yourself witches around here

  97. bdnelson00 says:

    Easily my favorite rtaa

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