Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris Cooks Fish

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris Cooks Fish

My cooking skills have not progressed since college. I make spaghetti, and eggs, and… – Chris: and fish.
– Burnie: There you go. Fish is so complicated to make! – C: No it isn’t, no it isn’t.
– Jon: No it’s not. Not my fish. If you just get some fish that are raw – C: and then-
– B: What kind of fish- You’re gonna get wh- what? Name a fish, Chris. – B: Fish.
– C: Ssssss… sssss… Sword? [Hysterical laughter] Sword?! [laughter] Swordfish! You buy swordfish?! – J: That’s ah, that’s expensive!
– C: You just said name a fish. I was thinking – C: a fish…
– B: Name a fish you eat!
– Gus: What, what.. What fish do you cook? I’m gonna go into the.. I’m gonna go to the butcher and go to the fish section and go I want sword. [laughter] – J: No no, just say I want
– G: I want- – J: fish.
– G: I want to buy 1 fish please. [laughter] And then… I, I just… You know. I put it in a-
I- y- m- What I do for cooking I just put, um, like, dressing on it. – C: Like salad dressing.
– G: You what?
– J: [laughs] You put like, Italian salad dressing? – C: Yeah. Whatever dressing I have.
– G: Or ranch? – J: Ranch?
– C: Sure, yeah. Ugh! – C: Any- It’s
– [laughter] It’s whatever dressing I have, I just put dressing on it and then I’m like, cook it Ah, it’s got – C: It tastes like uh, balsamic vinegar!
– B: You’re skipping so many steps! Do you put like, thousand island on it? – C: Sure, yeah.
– G: Like, “look, it’s like you’re back in the ocean swimming among some islands!” [laughter] – C: Cause I can vary up my flavours by what dressing I-
– B: [laughs] Can we get a Michelin star for uh – J: a food truck with Chris.
– B: I don’t know how it – B: couldn’t qualify
– [laughter] I have no idea. With that stunning recipe of fish and dressing. What kind of dressing? Whatever. [laughs] – C: Whatever I ca-
– B: What kind of fish? I would like – C: Well you…
– B: sword with vinaigrette. [laughs] [laughter] [Outro music]

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris Cooks Fish

  1. Luke Smith says:

    I want to see Gordon Ramsey react to this

  2. Nextralife says:

    You guys know you can totally eat swordfish right? It's freaking delicious btw!

  3. Nicistrying says:

    I'm surprised he didn't say mermaid

  4. A's Channel says:

    I would like 1 fish with 1 a1 sauce

  5. JP Sillick says:

    Chris is so so so dumb. I can't I just. I don't know

  6. dazee says:

    My family buys swordfish a LOT it's basics the only fish we eat.

  7. Iamthe1whoBOBSonyourface Yass says:

    There needs to be a fully animated podcast

  8. Zack McClean says:

    0:39 Chris with that mid sentence stroke.

  9. amnesiac whale shark says:

    Well you could say that his cooking procedure sounds kinda….
    Eh? EH? No? Ok… 🙁

  10. SpamReciever420 says:

    I love Jon popping outta the fridge.

  11. LemonPug says:

    I bet Chris doesn't know what Salmon is.

  12. Colours says:

    Where's the lamb sauce in all of this?

  13. Darkknight329 says:

    No, you go to Red Lobster and when the waiter or waitress is taking your order, you say, "I'll have a sword with cheddar bay biscuits!"

  14. Darkknight329 says:

    Burnie, go to the butcher and ask him that when you're drunk.

  15. Luke Glover says:

    That's gross Chris… lol

  16. Duncan Allen says:

    dressing can actually be a good marinade.

  17. Jamie Roby says:

    I this this my favorite animated adventure

  18. John Graham Doe says:

    1:19 Tower of Pimps lights

  19. CallMeFreakFujiko says:

    So a few days ago or so my fiance and I were grocery shopping when we noticed that the store was selling swordfish. Just one swordfish. I just cooked it for my fiance (since he's the one who bought it, he's the one who gets to eat the entire thing) and looked in our fridge to see that we only have ranch in the fridge.
    So we bought swordfish and had it with ranch because of this video. And it was good. I have a picture to prove this but for some reason my phone won't let me post it anywhere!

  20. NathanG says:


  21. Darkknight329 says:

    Make your fish at RTX

  22. Joshua Aegerter says:

    Gonna try this, look for a restraunt called dressings

  23. luke bigboi says:

    I've actually eaten swordfish

  24. Rookie says:

    there are many styles of cooking fish it could also depend on dressing it
    i dont expect anyone to understand the pun XD

  25. J Bear says:

    The thought of eating fish cooked with ranch actually made me want to vomit

  26. Lauditor says:

    Give Chris a cooking show

  27. Aria Glass says:

    Honestly one of , if not the, funniest RTAAs

  28. FerretsForever94 says:

    Sword fish is actually quite nice

  29. Colin Verrett says:

    I eat sword fish a lot it's really good

  30. Cadmus Rhodium says:


  31. Ultimate games says:

    Uhhhhhhhh sword 😂😂😂

  32. M Astley says:

    Salad dressing is actually really good as marinade. Of course, I'd usually use a vinegar-based dressing, rather than like ranch or 100 island…

  33. matthew mac says:

    i will never have boiled lobster because hearing it scream to death while being boiled once was enough for me

  34. John Lardinois says:

    Actually you can totally go to the butcher and buy swordfish. Lots of meat markets sell it.

  35. DJ Weger says:

    Swordfish steaks are actually not bad

  36. Ethan Kelly says:

    When I was on holiday i watched this a thought "i want swordfish" and then I went down stairs because the hotel served dinner and there was swordfish

  37. Lester Ramos says:

    From what I heard, Chris is smarter than he appears. If he had a character sheet, he'd have a 9 in INT and a 3 in CHA.

  38. Bob Bluered says:

    I really want Chris and Gavin to do one of those one-on-one podcasts. I know that was an experiment, and it won't happen, but… goddamn.

  39. Average youtuber #13 says:

    I remember listening to this on the podcast, I was laughing my ass off on the bus and people thought I was listening to music😂

  40. AlanFoo21 says:

    hasn't this been animated in a different one?

  41. Nikki Hansen says:

    RTExtraLife 2017

  42. BrandonFI says:

    Anyone here after the extralife 24 hour stream??

  43. Amber says:

    Sword fish is one of my favorite meals!! It's common where I live. It's like the love child of steak and salmon.

  44. Im A Canadian says:

    The funny thing is that Sword fish is actually very good

  45. GallerySpecter says:

    A podcast of just Joel, Gavin, Chris, and Brandon would just be a perfect storm of crazy, confusion, ignorance and cringey awkardness (respectively).

  46. KimmyKooKat96 says:

    Fun fact, swordfish is delicious.

  47. ThatDudeWithBoobs says:

    ssssssssssssssssword? Swordfish~ 😀 Chris you absolute cutie

  48. SuperNinjadude47 says:

    This is how my dad cooks

  49. Msagz Jr. says:

    Tbh Spaghetti and Eggs sounds delicious

  50. collaboration4237 says:

    Some day, when I have an actual job, I hope I have co-workers like these guys. They seem like such good friends!

  51. Skye Strawbridge says:

    Swordfish is good and fairly common. If you said "I want sword" the guy would just ask you which steak

  52. Infinity Hammer says:

    Swordfish is actually really good though

  53. Thorn Studios says:

    God damn you guys! I was cooking fish last night and the WHOLE time all I could think was Sword.

  54. Sir Dwarvenhine says:

    I have actually seen a Marlin/Sword Fish in a supermarket shop

  55. Jackie Chan says:

    I would like to buy one fish

  56. DisturbedNeo says:

    I’ve actually had Swordfish Steak, it’s pretty good

  57. Ky-Long Nguyen says:



  58. Adam Kirkby says:

    …ive eaten swordfish… it was really good actually

  59. Glorified Toaster With Legs says:

    Hey Chris is right, you can eat swordfish. Just not a lot. High in mercury though. Not good for you.

  60. 10GaugeManiac says:

    Sword with Sauce

  61. DuckKnight says:

    Sword fish is actually pretty tasty

  62. Cash Krom Supernerd11 says:

    Maybe it's just my Midwest showing, but I think fish cooked in ranch sounds pretty good

  63. Brainstormer623 says:

    Something about this seems a little fishy.

  64. Nerd.Crossing says:

    What's funny is most stores actually have sword fish

  65. David Brown says:

    A sword with a whatever please.

  66. Joker's Vault says:

    You actually can get sword fish in a store

  67. New England Oi Boi says:

    our butchers actually have sword so I'm confused

  68. nfkbane says:

    This is the animation that made me love Chris

  69. Rhyperior Ranger says:

    Chris do you not season your food?

  70. Declan Shannon says:

    I want sword.

  71. OmegaCooper Gaming says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing when they animated Chris swinging the swordfish at 0:22 XD

  72. Lucas MH says:

    Does it feel good to be this stupid? I gotsta know

  73. Of The Falls says:

    This is one of my fave RTAAs. Kudos to the animators for really expanding the comedy by really harnessing every laugh and noise in the animation!

  74. Bruh Momentus says:

    Chris, the new Gordon Ramsay

  75. Meh Iliana says:

    Hey salmon with ranch is actually pretty good

  76. TEDX700 says:

    young sauce boss

  77. Rasjah Collier says:

    Swordfish actually isn't as good tasting as other fish.

  78. joe suwalski says:

    I think I cried the first time I watched this.

  79. bbernales177 says:

    Chris is America’s version of Gavin.

  80. A Mermaid’s Voice says:

    When you rewatch this as you are actually eating swordfish😂😂

  81. Monika says:

    Just saying, y'all don't don't know the pain of this. This is how my mom cooks all the time.

  82. Werewolves779 says:

    Good recipe

  83. AzeraV says:

    It's ok, I've started a fire by reheating a burrito in the microwave.

  84. DominoPivot says:

    Sword dans sa vinaigrette please.

  85. Lord Valvatorez says:

    Sword is really expensive though

  86. joe suwalski says:

    I cried when I first heard this story. This is my favorite.

  87. Hector Cabrera says:

    Most underrated RTAA ever

  88. EgoFriendly says:

    For 2 years now I've been incrementally saying "I want to buy one fish" when I get bored cuz it makes me laugh every time.

  89. T Dragon says:

    People actually eat swordfish lol

  90. Jack Hacker says:

    He has mastered the skills of palaeolithic era cooking.

  91. Jackson Sorensen says:

    Chris: walks into supermarket
    Butcher: what kind a fish you wa-
    Chris: yes

  92. That one demon says:

    I had swordfish before, it wasn’t that bad.

  93. bearded kuma says:

    Let me get a sword with ranch, with option for an island

  94. Talon Cormier says:

    I like to thank whoever thought of this. Because I tried making this it was delicious.

  95. karishmo says:

    It's things like this that make me wonder how Chris is still alive 🤨

  96. kyuki777 says:

    fr fr though sword fish with salt, pepper and llllemoniiiiiiii is the best~

  97. thegriffin88 says:

    Swordfish is a steak-fish so it can handle a lot, pretty good if you've never handled fish before. Like Chris.

  98. neiko justiniano says:

    Okay I saw it in my grocery store people actually buy swordfish to eat I didn't know this

  99. Edge Lord Nord says:

    Publix sells swordfish

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