Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie’s Uber Story

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie’s Uber Story

Burnie: So the other day we had the Million Dollars But Season Five wrap party. So I had the id- so I thought- I was already home, I thought, ‘I want to go out and actually have a couple beers.’ ‘So I’m gonna take an Uber, instead of driving myself there.’ I went to go meet the driver of my ride share service of choice,
*Gavin softly laughing* And he texted me and said, “I’m here,” and I said, “okay.” And where I live, there’s not, well, like-
*Gavin choking back laughter* -the worst to get picked up, like there’s not a lot of streetlights?
Gavin, in a whisper: It’s such a funny story. Burnie: And so it was dark, and I had my jacket on, I had my baseball cap on. And I go and I open the door. And the guy goes, “Are you Burnie?” And I go, “Yeah, yeah. You’re looking for Burnie?” He goes, “Yeah.” … Pulls away. While I’m STANDING there. With my hand on an open door. He just like, guns it and takes off. So we’re like- then I let go of the door, the door shuts on its own, And he just drives away. And I was like, “Alright, well, I’ll text this guy through the app.” “Uh, like, hey, you left- haha, you left me, on the side of the road standing here.”
*Becca laughs* No res- no reply at all. Zero reply. And I wait. Just for the hell of it, I wait five to ten minutes. He’s halfway to the destination, on the GPS. Just driving there. The trip started and I’m like, “What in the world? Won’t answer my phone calls or anything?” So finally I just go, “alright, cancel the trip.” And I cancelled it. And I’m sure that when I cancelled it, He probably went, “What- why did you cancel the ride-?” And then he’s like, “where the hell?”
*laughter* He must’ve wondered what the fuck happened to me. Gus & Becca: Oh my God.
Burnie: I was really tempted to let him go all the way. And then-
Gavin: Do you actually think that he thought you were in the car when he drove off? Burnie: I think he might’ve?
Becca: Like there’s a- there’s a give. There’s a noticeable give when someone sits in your car. Burnie: Yeah. Becca: He should know that by now.
Gus: Was he not paying attention? Wow. *Becca laughing*
Gavin: What if the trip cancelled, and he looked back, And was so amazed, that he just swerves off the road?
*Burnie laughing* Burnie: That was crazy.
Becca: It was a ghost all along! Burnie: And then I got another ride. And when I got there, I was telling people the story. And uh, Ashley was there, and I met Ashley, and she went out with, uh, Gavin for drinks earlier. I’m telling this- this story about the Uber, And I just take- Ashley’s standing there, next to me. I got my arm around her. And she’s like, Fidgeting. Like this, and I’m just talking and telling this story. And she’s like, keeps fidgeting. And eventually, she just like literally takes her hand and pushes me away. And I go, “What is the problem?” And she says, “You’re trying to undo my bra.” And I didn’t realize this, while I’m telling the story, I’m just like out of like-
*loud laughter* Gus: What?!
Burnie: I had a weird muscle memory. I was just trying to unhook her bra, with my left hand like- -absent-mindedly. I don’t know!
Gavin, laughing: What is wrong with you?! Burnie: I’ve no idea! I was so apologetic about it!
Becca: Oh God… But I was also laughing pretty hard too cuz I realized, “Oh, yeah. I’ve been trying to unhook your bra-” “-while I’ve been telling this story.”
Becca, laughing: Oh my God. Burnie: And I had-
Gavin: Well, I mean, you’ve been through a traumatic experience, You, like, didn’t know if you were in the car or not. So you just- your mind was somewhere else.
*Becca holding back laughter* Burnie: I needed to make sure that I existed. *Gavin laughs*

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie’s Uber Story

  1. sarge says:

    uh oh rip bernie

  2. Zared Salome says:

    Anyone else find the bra thing a little creepy

  3. KeyUnLock 1.2 says:

    I wanna meet drunk Burnie.

  4. Deon Spates says:

    Wait, that's not how you undo a bra… I'm disappointed in you Burnie lol…

  5. ADDMcGee25 says:

    I do things like that, mess with random objects while talking to people. Usually I have something mundane around like a pen I can twirl or unscrew.

    I could totally see my hand just searching for some object to mess with and, "Ooh, a clasp! I bet I can unhook and re-hook this thing one handed."

  6. Ashberryvillage10 says:

    This has better animation than RWBY

  7. lopresti101 says:

    That infinity Gauntlet tho.

  8. Tanner Q says:

    Some skill Burnie has.

  9. Guru says:

    Bernie the drunk womanizer.

  10. Earthshaker513 says:

    Oh no, Drunk Burnie strikes again!!!

  11. Colyn Bowman says:

    The bra hook was Burnie's anchor to reality.

  12. MrDamienBane says:

    Jeez Burnie, how many times have you done that for it to be part of your muscle memory.

  13. GutsCross says:

    dat book one harry potter refrence, was, in gavins words, top

  14. ProxyOverride says:


  15. Blayke Elligott says:

    Schrodinger's car

  16. Swordfish says:

    I know it would have been too cheap a joke, especially by now, but the artist should of had Burnie dusting at the end, just since they referenced the Gauntlet.

  17. DigikidForever says:

    Funny that the uber driver is driving a tesla.

  18. Larsonthewolf says:

    well this video/story is going to comeback and haunt you…

  19. Ezi Jackson says:

    Muscle memory huh? That, not going to lie, is pretty believable.

  20. Will Herondale says:

    When girls catch me unhooking their bras i also tell them i was just making sure I existed.

  21. Think Fight Talk says:

    So this is the power of ultra instinct.

  22. Nefarious says:

    There are now as many videos as there are days in a year!

  23. SealMeme6 says:

    On the road to 10 Million

  24. YamiPoyo says:

    His muscle memory was waiting for her to take it off since he never could.

  25. heek 89 says:

    2:22 "I am a motherf**king ghost."

  26. barbaro267 says:

    Unhooking a bra is now the same as adjusting the straps to a bra.

  27. Exodus Vengeance says:

    Oh look an animated series posted on youtube

  28. UmbreonsTCG says:

    awesome video

  29. Ryan Britt says:

    I absent mindedly started rubbing a friends back shorty after a breakup just because he happened to me sitting next to me. I didn't even realize I had put my arm over his shoulder and was just casually massaging.

  30. A Pet Named Steve says:

    Tbf Burnie, if I was with Ashley I'd be trying to unhook her bra too

  31. Jin Kwon says:

    Lol Burnie with the Infinity Gauntlet

  32. ISAFMobius18 says:

    If that was muscle memory, that means he has a tough time as it is

  33. TheJRayson says:

    I love the little things they put in RTAA's like Dumbledore using the deluminator to take out all the lights at 0:19 reminding me why I love rt

  34. B.G. Walker says:

    A comfort move

  35. Arthas Menethil says:

    Could he have been deaf?

  36. Har- Binger says:

    When seeing the thumb nail did anyone else think the guy was a weirdo so at a slow patch just jumped out of the car

  37. DoDads and Gadgets says:

    I feel like this is one of those stories where the person in question sexually harasses someone and instead of waiting and hoping they don't say anything about it they just out themselves so nobody can say they didn't know classy, good move Burnie

  38. Level Up Kings says:

    I don't recall this this scene "Idle Hands". Must have been the directors cut.

  39. Ms. R says:

    This offically my favorite one yet

  40. Wicked Spooks says:

    That was…..creepy

  41. Christopher Knight says:

    Don't ever stand next to my girl

  42. Scythe says:

    Upload rwby please

  43. Scythe says:

    Upload rwby please

  44. OShaughnessy ROF says:

    Burnie finna get metooed

  45. Kristers Feldmanis says:

    I guess you could say he was Absinth-minded.

  46. Jacob Fullman says:

    1:56 is where we find out the animator has an idea what unhooking a bra looks like, but no idea where it actually happens.

  47. Johnny 2x4 says:

    That driver kinda looks familiar…

  48. William N. says:

    I'd like to fully make sure I exist, but not in public

  49. Toner C. says:

    I thought this rtaa was funny until someone pointed out how the animator apparently thinks bras are unhooked and now I find it hilarious.

  50. Tom Ives says:

    Sounds more like Burnie's Uber driver tried to rip him off lol

  51. David Haas says:

    Muscle memory!? That’s the best freakin excuse of all time.

  52. Celeste Yi says:

    "I needed to make sure I existed"

  53. Carley Butler says:


  54. MonsterMo11 says:

    I've had a similar experience with uber except when he drove off her drove over my foot.

  55. newLEGACYFLEKZ says:


  56. Daniel Staples says:

    it takes more then three seconds to get in a car. come on Uber driver

  57. Waki Paki says:

    Doesn't say which podcast this was anywhere in the video or description

  58. Dylan Sterling says:

    1:50 I do that to my girlfriend all the time, but I only do it knowingly because I like to mess with her.

  59. John Smith says:

    Burnie burns #MeToo

  60. canis pugnator says:

    Did you guys see gandalf

  61. alix thezombiehunter says:

    Burnie the unintentional rejected flirt

  62. Smelly Francis says:

    Brunie's mind got in the car and left his body on the road. But when Burnie cancelled the ride.. he cancelled his mind !

  63. Damien Killani says:

    My dad actually did that, my brother opened the door on my side then shut it because he didn't know I was there, he then went to hop in the other side but my dad had heard two doors shut, and began to leave as my brother had the door open. My brother ended up having to launch himself into the car.

  64. Briana Lyn Becking-Holland says:

    Dumbledore taking the lamp lights lool

  65. Nick Pierce says:

    is it normal to have your arm around people you arent dating or married too??

  66. LiftedStarfish says:

    I'm a guy and I know that's not where bras unhook from.

  67. Istoleyourwalletwhileyouwerereadingthis. says:

    psst, that's not how you undo a bra.

  68. Cochise Seals says:

    When is "Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures: Jooley" & "Movie Moments" coming out?

  69. nazart says:

    There’s no episode this week or what?? I’m going crazy!!!

  70. Wyrmkin Toothgrim says:


  71. flclfan85 says:

    it's moments like that where you're reminded "Oh, that's right, Burnie and Ashley are dating" lol

  72. Aria Andrea A-S says:

    BURNiE nO

  73. Ollie Pop says:

    I appreciate that whoever animated this doesn't know how to unhook a bra. i feel like that adds a level to this

  74. austin garrett says:

    In his defense many people tend to fidget with whatever they have their hands around when they are lost in thought or something similar. If that thing happens to be a bra strap the brain will most likely go to the thing that you do most common with that. Which for any guy isn’t putting one on.

  75. Elevator Music says:

    "I texted him back and said 'ok'"

    Radical brosif!!!1!

  76. T MC says:


  77. Rose says:

    Ah yes. Pulling on the bra strap a little. That’s how you unhook a bra.
    These animators better be into dudes, or else I feel very very sorry for whatever woman has had or will have the displeasure of sleeping with them.

  78. Foul Lily says:

    i didnt know it was possible to absentmindedly try to unhook a bra. Ya learn something new every day

  79. Jay's Brick Co. says:

    Burnie Burns is the secretly evil game show host

  80. nonstoprofling says:

    Welp, thought the story was over after the uber part. Did not see that ending coming hahaha

  81. Liam Orpheus-Diana says:

    Weird flex but ok

  82. Mr Lemon says:

    I think Burnie has an alien hand syndrome

  83. James Moriarty says:

    Ah yes, where you unhook a bra. The straps.

  84. Resolute Cub says:

    Burnie Weinsteine

  85. Rhyperior Ranger says:

    Does Burnie not realize how creepy this makes him look?

  86. DePLORIble says:

    This gave me a great idea for an ice breaker

  87. Katrina Williams says:

    Pervert! ?

  88. TRS Cubes says:

    The bit about the bloke trying to unhook Ashley's bra is pretty disturbing to completely honest with you mate.

  89. gytis gavriluca says:

    Charge your phone, Burnie

  90. thefrostybagel says:

    Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T

  91. mobiuszero says:

    what happened to Ashley? haven't seen her since the know

  92. devin mcfadden says:


  93. Sein Dark says:

    IT has been a long minute since i have watched these videos. Probably a few years or more, I'm glad that they still have the same animator and how much better hes become. This series is what introduced me to his Perry's animations in the first place actually.

  94. Connor Clemmons says:

    Something about Uber’s and Lifts is that there are some people who rip you off through credit transactions.

    I was in Las Vegas with my parents and we have never used either of the apps but we had to in order to visit a Chris Angel magic show (my mom visited Donna and Marie while my dad and I visited the prior).

    Well after the show we called an Uber and the guy never showed up but acted like he came by, picked us up and started driving not only towards our destination (being our hotel) but also actually past it on the map and down the strip.

    I canceled the transaction and it turned out the guy was flagged by others for pulling similar stuff because he did such things to earn more money. And our transaction was actually on my mother’s debit card so we could not accept another Uber because of the suspicious activity of said driver caused the card to be declined by the bank. We ended up having to walk about two blocks before getting a taxi because my dad refuted getting one right after the show. My father ended up getting blisters because of that stubbornness.

  95. thay guy with a pair of reasonably sized speakers says:

    0:31 Burnie is thanos confirmed

  96. Max From Florida says:

    And yet hugging a fan is inappropriate

  97. Chad Horton says:

    Animator doesn't know how to unhook a bra ahhaha

  98. MCFinalNinja FTW says:

    lmao at 2:11, the animation made it look like Burnie was talking to Gus as if he had a bra and they were about to make sweet, sweet love.

  99. Carlos Camacho says:

    Gavin finna run that fade on burnie

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