Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Batman Roleplay Pt. 2

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Batman Roleplay Pt. 2

Hey I gotta a question If you had to roleplay as one of batman’s infamous super villains during sex which one would you choose and why? Gaivn: Penguin
Gus: Penguin
Blane: Bane Miles: WHOOOOOOOOOO, What! Why?
Gus: I was gonna say The Penguin BANE (Confused Miles noise) I WILL BREAK YOU (Miles giggles)
Gus: What are you?
Gavin: What – Blane: Bane
Gavin: – Bane, wha – did you watch some sort of asian version Blane: No, Bane
Miles: Noooooooo, That’s the, ah look in the animated he, look You know Blane: He’s like a luchadore, he’s a… luch Miles: Ok yea now Ok I can see that Blane: You guys making fun of me for it Miles: Why the fuck would you choose The Penguin Gus: I think The Penguins funny, Yea haha Miles: That’s what your want during sex is the girl laughing you Gus: Sure why not? Gavin: Yea, the big fat lob it be funny Miles: Ok what are you gonna do, like you walk in the room as as as Batman’s archnemisis, The Penguin. GO Miles: Boy… I just
Gus: Who did you make that noise? (laughter) That’s a weird sound Miles: Should be clayface Miles: Alright, Uh well I’m dry as a bone right now, your gonna need to do better than that
Gavin: Right Gavin: I guess it wouldn’t, Yea I mean. It would have to be specifically requested Gavin: To go into that hoping for the best is not gonna happen is it Miles: Here’s how you, here’s how you successfully pull off The Penguin’s Role Play, Right Gavin: Alright Miles: You go out You plan for this night, You go out you buy an umbrella Miles: You retrofit that thing the fucking dildo on a bunch of other weird toys Miles: Because he’s known for his hidden weapons in the umbrella and his gagets Miles: You pull that shit out and she’s be like, He did his homework Miles: Thats Sexy Gavin, Jesus
Gavin: I’m gonna come in, trip on my flippers (Laughter) Blane: Bane is way cooler

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Batman Roleplay Pt. 2

  1. SkaterBlades says:

    I wish people realised batman existed before the dark knight trilogy came out and that the villains had different personalities and backstories

  2. Bryan Johnstone says:

    Condiment king! Anyone order the large pickle? The mayo is going to take some time.

  3. grugparty says:

    Just stop animating miles.

  4. Goldendriger says:

    Oh nice, new RVB too. Can't wait to watch it next week on Youtube!

  5. Konstance says:

    Surprised no one chose Two Face.

  6. PredictedCyborg says:

    Is Gavin Mr. Flibble? xD

  7. A Slightly Disappointing Salad says:

    i wouls be the riddler and be like "whats in your mouth" or play a guessing game with different toys

  8. Lexa Smith says:

    what ep is this from?

  9. Chilly's variety corner says:

    Gus as classic penguin Gavin in a penguin costume and Miles as Gotham penguin I love it

  10. Goblin The Gamer says:

    hey roster! try the game called IMPOSSIBLE RUNNER! its on phone

  11. Goblin The Gamer says:

    and make a video of it lol

  12. juict says:

    Should I not be turned on-

  13. Siphy says:

    My stomach hurts from that sound he made omg

  14. Sassy DaSasquatch says:

    This show is literally the only show that makes me laugh just too bad it’s once a week but worth the wait every time

  15. silverhornet262 says:

    I will BRREAK YOUUU!!!

  16. Andrew Gorham says:

    what is it with every one wanting to be the penguin in this one and the first one.

  17. LBboarding b says:

    I like how they still made Gavin a bird even in these animations.

  18. RusticGiraffe42 says:

    Blain…Bane…Oh, I get it.

  19. Pythonhier says:

    "Bane is way cooler"

  20. Javi Legoff says:

    When you going to meet your gf parents
    She: Don't act weird ok
    You: 0:42

  21. Jenni Bean the Sweets Queen says:

    Gavin as a penguin is adorable.

  22. Jerricola says:

    How exactly would you pull off playing as Clayface? Roll around in some gooey mud and just go for it?

  23. probably gone says:

    I would've used poison ivy, give her the root, after awhile give her some seed

  24. Ryan C says:

    Scarecrow for sure
    "Are you afraid?"

  25. Hurigh Zero says:

    I would choose clayface, so i can make myself looking like some buff dude.

  26. MasterLink255 says:

    Nice Gotham reference

  27. Louder says:

    The little sway at 36 seconds that Gavin does is so cute and lovely.

  28. Tstormer says:

    Love this

  29. Dimitri Boaz says:

    This feels like a scripted episode of an animated series, everything just worked so well I love it

  30. Yellow Sausage says:

    (The Penguin) I smell TUNA!

  31. TheCrazyJ says:

    Which podcast was this from?

  32. Halo Thrones9862 says:

    I would be joker

  33. Jason Laverde says:

    What about Mr freeze

  34. Darrian Weathington says:

    Joker because then ill be immortal… 😩

  35. Karen McTavish says:

    0:41 I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  36. Mrbadazz1764 says:

    What video is the audio from?

  37. Ben Cruz says:

    I’m as old as rooster teeth

  38. joshua brooks says:

    Does anyone know what podcast this is off?

  39. Agent Z46 says:

    Could be Penguin from the Telltale series. Very different character. #Cobblehot

  40. Agent Z46 says:

    Love Blaine's "I will break you!"

  41. Wozza says:

    What’s the original audio for this?

  42. _ Spamiglo _ says:

    10/10 luchador Bane would be in my top three

  43. Spencer Sharpe says:

    If you were to role play a Spiderman villain in bed, the correct answer is Venom XDXDXDXDXDXD

  44. Commander Ponds says:

    Scarecrow because he is cool

  45. JACorvin says:

    WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?! (0 o 0)

  46. DogoHalibar says:

    If it was me, I'd go for Two-Face, cause then I could just let the coin decide how we banged.

  47. Gregory O says:

    you're a big guy.

  48. Eric says:

    Which podcast is this from?

  49. Jionunez7 says:

    So at current count, we have 2 votes for Bane (1 Tom Hardy, 1 BTAS), and 3 votes for the Penguin… I hope nobody had any money riding on this,

  50. Gino Sanchez says:

    Deadshot never misses

  51. Reilly-K says:


  52. Vampyre Bassist says:

    Can I get that Gavin noise as a notification tone PLEASE

  53. Claire Johnson says:

    I feel like Two Face would be a great choice. You get both the sweet side and the dark side.

  54. Captain Goose says:

    Mr. Freeze, so I have a really COOL time in bed

  55. Fandom Switchers says:

    I need a Camp Camp animated version of this.

  56. YA Boi Alex says:

    Asian Bane is best bane

  57. •_• R. •_• says:

    3 chose The Penguin and 2 chose Bane. I'm starting to think that Penguin is the superior Batman villain now

  58. J G says:


  59. jesse martinez says:


  60. Random nerd blog's says:

    i need a part 3

  61. DonPacific Bobcat9er says:


  62. J Cam says:

    You walk in the room as Batman's Arch-nemisis, GO!

  63. V-Raptor17 'Idiot' says:

    I'd go with Firefly, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Deadshot, or Two-Face

  64. slothfulcobra says:

    Gavin is the best Penguin

  65. Amy Hill says:


  66. ultimatedragonaga says:


  67. Hunter Webster says:

    I'd be 2-Face
    "What would like, miss? Heads or Tails?" 😉

  68. CosmicFox Draws says:

    I hear David from camp camp whole heartedly when he said "Aw he did his homework"

  69. Batman says:

    Did someone mention my name

  70. KILLERROBOT99 says:

    Oh my god, this is the funniest RTAA I've watched. Gavin both times was hilarious xD

  71. Ecrfour says:

    0:41 It took me at least 10 times to watch that whole part through without dying laughing

  72. Vanna Starr says:

    gavin looks adorable in his penguin onesy…lol

  73. ᴍʏʟᴇs says:

    Gavins penguin noises are a mood

  74. Aron Ramirez says:

    0:42 Who can spell the sound gavin made

  75. theglem4 says:

    Condiment King maybe?

  76. ThatDudeWithBoobs says:

    Miles just needs to justify how he had to be the Joker that one time.

  77. zakky boi says:

    0:42 0:42 0:42
    0:42 0:42 0:42
    0:42 0:42 0:42

  78. TerminalCarrion says:

    That fine line between luchador and Japanese

  79. Dead House says:


  80. ManGotAGun says:

    I love how they used the gothom series penguin

  81. Richard Avelino says:

    I feel as though no one finds Blaine attractive except for hetero men.

  82. animegx45 says:

    If roleplaying with Barb, I'd guarantee you that she would make you play Mr. Freeze.

  83. Coosa Rider says:

    1:05 was that a reference to the time that the joker cut his own face off

  84. Matt R says:

    0:43 "BOI" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Nirmal In New York ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ says:

    The think tanks going on here lol

  86. Mike Jones says:

    Her: "congratulations you got caught, whats the next step in your master plan?
    Him as Bane "Crashing this puss… Gets ontop "With no survivors"

  87. Pinka13 _ _ says:

    Idk, I thought Gavin's "Penguin" noise was pretty hot…

  88. Inferno The last elemental says:

    am i the only one that would go swamp thing

  89. Spazz Artz says:

    Harley Quinn all the way

  90. Viperphoenix says:

    The Scarecrow obviously….because if we're gonna do this, I want her/him to be afraid of it, lol jk. It would be Clayface, cuz common, the guy can shapeshift into anything, ANYTHING!

  91. Michael Chuck says:

    I go as killer croc

  92. DarthYodaJammin says:

    Dude, there are so many inappropriate riddles you could use as the Riddler. The choice is a simple one.

  93. IsRick IV says:

    0:41 Your welcome.

  94. xpresive little monster says:

    For me it's either scarecrow or mad hatter or Jason Todd

  95. Vaquilbreaker says:

    I love how everyone picks penguin and Miles just cant

  96. ActuallyGod says:


  97. Langara sg1 says:

    Oh my gosh, Gavin is so cute dressed as an actual penguin!! he looks like a plushy XD

  98. GioTheVax says:

    I love Miles walking in as Gotham's version of the Penguin in order to pleasure another version of himself in a wig in bed

  99. Leo Johnson says:


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