Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Batman Roleplay Pt. 1

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Batman Roleplay Pt. 1

If you had to roleplay one of Batman’s arch nemeses… [laughing] Who would you choose? If you had to. You’re with, you’re with, let’s say you’re with Taylor, and she’s okay, but I’ve always wanted to fuck a Batman villain -But she lets you choose.
-I get to choose choose who?
-You get to choose. Who would you do? I mean… Part of me thinks Bane would be fun. Are you talking Tom Hardy, Bane? You talking Batman The Animated Series Bane? Well, there’s like yeah, there’s a difference because Tom Hardy Bane is just like (Muffled Bane Voice): “Ah, hello there”
– You’re doing it wrong, You’re doing it wrong Oh wait,

(Better Bane Voice): “Ah! ” (Better Bane Voice): “I … See you’ve adopted the nudeness” (Better Bane Voice): “I was born nude!”
– WHAT?! [Laughing]
– I don’t know! [Laughing]
-Well how do you, how do you do it? -(laughing) Take it back!
– nonono
– Take it back! – Take it back
– (mocking) Oh, I’m going to be an only Bane I’m going to be the only Bane, and you got to keep playing (can’t speak from laughing) (Bane Voice):”Ah! I’ve seen you’ve entered my chambers Batman” (Bane Voice): “…Or Harley Quinn… or whoever”
– (laughing) (Miles Crying with Laughter) No, she’s cosplaying Batman (Christian Bale Batman Voice): “I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME” No, that’s what you say as Heath Ledger Joker: (Joker Voice): “I want you to fuck me!
C’mon! C’mon! (Joker Voice): “I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck me!” Oh Fuck. Right, I’m just writing a Batman porno in my head. *Static* – Hey Cole.
– Hey miles.
– Hey Cole
– Hey If you, (Laughing) If you were gonna roleplay as a Batman villain in bed who would you choose? I….So, I have; I’ve thought about this
I thought of a who would be the most fun -Okay.
– I think who’d be the most fun is somebody who’s role-playing himself already: The Penguin! What the Fuck! – He’s roleplaying as a penguin!
– Oh my God. – Can you imagine? Just sliding around on your tummy?
– Wait wait wait wait. So do you go in with the monocle? You go in with the monocle you go… Well first what you gotta do is, you gotta go find a gem, because penguins mate for life and they deliver pebbles upon each other Gems, beautiful pebbles. And they hand them over, and the female penguin says, “yay” or “nay – Okay?
-n…n…not nay, never nay. – I mean, hopefully, before you start the roleplay, she’s already said, “yay”, but….
– yeah, but Do you have to find a precious stone every time you’re gonna get your bones on? Yeah, it fucking sucks. *Static*

David Anderson

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