RNA interference (RNAi): by Nature Video

RNA interference (RNAi): by Nature Video

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “RNA interference (RNAi): by Nature Video

  1. Tayyba javaid says:

    best explanation

  2. Diksha Mishra says:

    0:22 Craig c Mello was awarded the Nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of RNAi in nematode caenorhabditis elegans

  3. heyman protoco says:

    kuch bhi nhi samjha!

  4. Nitisha Kaushik says:

    Teached in a great way. Thanks a lot guys.. You have done a great job ?

  5. shubham gupta says:

    amazing……i am big fan of biology!!

  6. Keod123 says:

    This video has to be the best one on Youtube for this topic. It manages to pack in all the correct terminology, clearly and concisely, while being accompanied by fantastic animations. I will definitely be recommending this video to my classmates! Thankyou!

  7. Ibrahim ibn al-Haytham says:

    They see me rolliiiiin… 1:12

  8. marie gee says:

    this video is incredible. love it.

  9. crocketmeow says:

    I really like the video graphic animations, but white text with the key terms such as DROSHA/DRGC8/DICER/AGO/RISC/ETC would have been quite helpful.

  10. coquitoplus says:

    excelente video, que me permite comprender mejor a la célula.

  11. Seamus says:

    Nature is intelligent.

  12. maunil patel says:

    its just wonderful how u guyz explain this ssly too gud

  13. Kathy McCracken says:

    I would love to be alive in about 100 yrs, or less, to see how this solves some of our medical/pharmaceutical problems. I love science!

  14. Md. Mahmudul Hasan Akash says:

    Excellent animation! Great work by the team!! and Thank you.. 😀

  15. Mardeen Kamaran says:

    thank you somuch

  16. Johnny Doeboy says:

    RNA interference can be used to target certain race groups by tampering with certain foods.

  17. Simran Joharle says:

    The animation is so indulging…….love it….really helped.

  18. bored badass says:

    so is this post transcriptional gene silencing then?

  19. Isa Ortiz says:

    Super helpful for studying miRNAs and RISC! thanks

  20. alina asif says:

    amazing thank u

  21. Nolan Lacroix says:

    Thanks a lot

  22. Cuz i m Batman says:

    mind blown ??

  23. Parthik shaji says:

    oh! man!

  24. Krishna Rajani says:

    That motor protein animation at last was so cute!!

  25. Juan says:

    Does this video remind anyone else of Halo, or is it just me?

  26. hunglikehuang says:

    I had to turn captions on and pause at every step to digest what is being said. It's difficult to watch the animation and process the information at the same time.

  27. Abhinav Kumar says:

    its the best video to understand rnai mechanism

  28. swati kumari says:

    Great ??

  29. Zangetsu says:

    please slow down. it takes time to digest all this.

  30. The Last Targaryen says:

    this video was bad ass

  31. EclipZe Muzik says:

    dude you're amazing i love this!

  32. Rajesh Dev Sarkar says:

    Really so much helpful for me

  33. Vu Hien Anh says:

    Oh such a beautiful video!

  34. Kim Tran says:

    great video, thank you very much.

  35. Gun Fighter says:

    Animations weren't helpful. Basic 2D would have done better.

  36. Gun Fighter says:

    Animations weren't helpful. Basic 2D would have done better.

  37. Aditi H says:


  38. ShakespeareCafe says:

    Stunning graphics. I'm currently reading Molecular Biology of the Gene 7 Ed chapter on Regulatory RNAs. Fascinating stuff.

  39. Cuz i m Batman says:

    This >>>>>>>>> alien tech and rocket science, finding new dimensions , discovery of wormhole, invention of time machine.

  40. Alugadda Sudhavani says:

    The animation is very good

  41. saloni joshi says:

    You made me understand this thing in 5 min which i was struggling 5days for.?? tysm

  42. saloni joshi says:

    One question pls. The dsRNA which is forming siRNA n miRNA is it produced by the cell's DNA or is it the genetic material of the pathogen??? Pls help. And also how is the stuff in this video different from RNAi being induced by biotechnology as in case of Meloidogyne incognita ?

  43. Unnati SINGH says:

    Beautifully presented and magnificently explained

  44. Hulagu says:

    I have so many questions.

  45. Tanisha Kumari says:

    I loved loved this video so much!!

  46. kingnollid says:

    BIO 215 CalU represent

  47. Daniela OM says:


  48. M'sheArt2 says:

    There is only one comment which I see that is based on reality and the real reason for this manipulation, the rest are a bunch of children which are just loving the animation.
    to the tune of 6.4K when you find yourself in the majority, it may be time to pause…

  49. Amrita Srivastava says:

    learning has become fascinating…thanks to such videos

  50. Eabin Joseph says:

    the animations are too good and so are distracting

  51. ps none says:

    wow…looking like alien world…amazin video

  52. TurdFurgeson571 says:

    I'm gonna have to watch this again. I heard nothing the guy was saying the first time through because the animation was so good.

  53. ikramy khalil says:

    Can I use this video in my lecture to make it easy for my students??

  54. mandar kumthekar says:

    That's how messengerRNAs are fu**ed by siRNA and micro RNA. Sins of DNA and punishment to the RNA.. Not fair. We need CRISPR.

  55. Ken Jackson says:

    Precisely targeted control! Regulation! These require intelligence to setup. I hope no one tries to explain the origin of the wonders described herein as products of dumb natural processes.

  56. Ken Jackson says:

    At 3:10 some free roaming enzyme grabs an unneeded strand of RNA and grinds it up into it's constituent nucleotides, apparently for reuse elsewhere. Cool! But whoa! I wonder if they also grind up DNA and proteins. If too many of those things get produced, they could grind up everything and turn the host into a puddle of goo.

  57. My NewPhone says:

    Word salad. No one has a clue as to how this works!

  58. Lens man says:

    Many many thanks for this channel. I subscribed.

  59. Alejandro Navarro says:

    An idea: A netflix ~8 episode series touring the interior of a cell, with David Attenborough narrating, with all the same storytelling that goes into Planet Earth.

  60. Wiam AL Bouzidi says:


  61. Lord Bolton says:

    So why do these things exist in the first place?

  62. Rami El Refai says:

    The Argonauts look like penises. How did that happen?

  63. Aashima Popli says:

    My professor was unable to explain this even in 2 hours which you told in just 5 minutes.thank you

  64. Millard says:

    1000000 thanks

  65. Paul McMullan says:

    There is no chance that all this happens randomly.
    I believe in Jesus; by Him and though Him all things were created and hold together.

  66. tech world says:

    i have no words to descibe it ……amezing….

  67. Ritika kashyap says:

    4:06 my legs when I have to give speech?

  68. Jhelum Chaubal says:

    Amazing video/animation.

  69. hannah says:

    the animation makes me feel uncomfortable

  70. Akshaya M says:


  71. Vatsalya Tiwari says:

    I still don't get this… No matter how nice the animation is!

  72. amruta kasulkar says:

    this video clear the concept behind RNA interference…thank you

  73. Carolina Rueda says:


  74. sweta k says:

    What is the function of si-rna???

  75. Alvin Cwk says:

    This video looks like a dna version of inside out. I love it

  76. Tanu Kumari says:

    Very bhut accha

  77. Gaurav Dhiman says:

    Plz provide video with hindi

  78. Gorgon Don says:

    Something's wrong with the fork tongued people.

    They're allergic to nature. ?

  79. Mustafa A. Hadid says:

    love it !

  80. FADEL HANOUN says:

    They look like gummy bears!

  81. Edgar G. Kozlova says:

    Love how the tRNAs orbit the ribosomes, haha

  82. Snehanjali Mohanty says:

    So nice video ..cleared many confusions.

  83. buymebluepills says:

    wow, so amazing, that these self-replicating self organizing self correcting machines all started by a process of chemical natural selection whereby the first proteins formed by chance and by more sheer chance created the first cell membranes, DNA and mitochondria. Just WOW!

  84. Sakshi Sood says:

    Heplful..thank u

  85. Jamiu Abdullahi says:

    Nice animation and presentation

  86. Aayush Phadte says:

    Shetta, fakt animation uut povpak ullo hav

  87. Engine1213 says:

    The first 30 seconds of this feel like a Tool music video.

  88. Shaikh Afroza says:

    Smjh kuch nhi aaya ..may be my fault but animation acha tha

  89. Doodelay says:

    I like this video cause it at least attempts to show a bit of the chaos that's taking place in the cell. Every other video makes things look nice and organized and it's super misleading and less interesting that way imo!

  90. voltagetoe says:

    How do all these things know precisely where to go and how do they get their energy to maneuver and how do they really maneuver (a muscular system ?) ?

  91. Indira Srinivas says:

    Wow awesome video thank you

  92. Rahul M. Prathap says:

    The animation is well made. It looks spooky at first, t helped me understand easily.

  93. WhoAmI says:

    She talks so fast:/

  94. Ben Black says:

    this music slaps, easily the best part of the video

  95. Peter Scheen says:

    Creationists and ID should try to make sense of this. I bet they cannot.
    A pity a large part of the US still lives in the dark ages.

  96. Frances Torrey Sirdevan says:

    Animation and explanation (but animation OMG) were STUPENDOUS ???

  97. Fly on the wall says:

    999k before I clicked watch. Now its 1M. First, millionth.

  98. Pete says:

    CRISPR bitch!

  99. Таня Рясина says:

    Decoding nucleotide sequences into exact stereometric structures

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