RIX Wiki Animation

RIX Wiki Animation

What is a Wiki? Rix Wikis are a web based tool that can be used to support education, health, and care planning for people with special educational needs. Wikis are simple, accessible, easy to build personal websites. Wikis are completely private, secure, and password protected. No one can see a wiki unless the Wiki owner chooses to share their Wiki. Wikis can be accessed over the web using a personal computer or a device like a smartphone or a tablet. Each Wiki has a homepage with a simple home face and up to seven sections. You can add pictures, video clips, sound files, words, weblinks, google maps, files and documents to your Wiki. Wikis can be used to create multimedia person-centered plans. that genuinely capture the voice, skills, aspirations, and needs of the individual. Wikis give ownership of the planning process to individuals and their families. They facilitate genuine collaboration between parents, teachers, and professionals. This is done through a simple ‘Invite’ feature. The Wiki owner can the invite feature to share their wiki with friends, family education, health, and care professionals. They can choose exactly which parts of the Wiki they would like to share with each invitee and they can remove the invitee’s access to the Wiki at any time. Another type of Wiki is also available This is a public RIX Wiki Public Wikis can provide accessible information For example about local services in a simple online multimedia format. Public Wikis can be seen by anyone. Rix Wikis have been especially designed with people with learning disabilities to be person centered, easy to understand and fun and exciting to use. The process of planning a Wiki and working with multimedia provides new and exciting ways to work together. Taking and choosing pictures recording clips adding text and building a Wiki together gives you fresh ways to communicate and have conversations. People can share new information about themselves when working with multimedia. This will help them to shape their goals and aspirations. As RIX Wikis take shape they can then be used to help people have a voice in various different settings. They can work really well on a one to one basis with individuals. They are great for classroom sessions, presentations, and for person-centered reviews. They can be used to collaborate remotely between young people their families, and various professional supporters. Wikis are flexible and inclusive tools. People with disabilities and their supporters are constantly coming up with new ideas and new ways in which they can use wikis to improve their lives.

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