RIVERDALE Comic Con Panel Part 1 – Season 2, News & Highlights

RIVERDALE Comic Con Panel Part 1 – Season 2, News & Highlights

David Anderson

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13 thoughts on “RIVERDALE Comic Con Panel Part 1 – Season 2, News & Highlights

  1. Flicks And The City says:

    Hey guys if you enjoyed the Riverdale panel, you can now watch Part 2 here ► http://youtu.be/jvHBfyJ9vYA

  2. Bella Blue says:

    Did anyone notice how close Lili and Cole were sitting compared to the rest of the cast? 😍

  3. Laney Sudz says:

    19:38 Cole couldn’t drink fast enough so he didn’t have to talk and got to he’s lili’s angel voice❤️

  4. Kendalisa Brady says:

    Love how everyone is saying “ LoOK hOW ThEy LoOk aT eaCh OtHer” meanwhile there looking at each other like this 🤨🤪🤓😒👻🤡

  5. Serana Oswald says:

    i feel like cole drunk his water to make lili talk about it so he won't have to

  6. Anastasia says:

    16:40 Lili and KJ awwww

  7. Rachael Vibesʘ‿ʘ says:

    What did lili say to cami at 11:58

  8. Audrey Muir says:

    The cheers for the cast:

    Everyone: woohoo!
    Cole: omgyaaaaaaaaaaassssswooooyaaaaaaaaasyesyesyeysyeysyeswoohooIIWOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOomgysssssss

  9. Riverdale says:

    He always says uh uh

  10. I Ship Shyland says:

    They didn’t show Casey once.

  11. Alivia Conticello says:

    I kinda felt bad for the pussycats that didn't get to talk or no intention and also for Casey

  12. Cassie Knudson says:

    I love how people scream for each person, then when cole comes on they scream so loud that it ruptures eardrums

  13. Genesis Olivarez says:

    I think Lili likes kj tbh

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