Review CTT National POGO | Analysis Tsui Pao-Wen | #tabletennisexperts

Review CTT National POGO | Analysis Tsui Pao-Wen | #tabletennisexperts

Defensor’s decalogue Defensor is patient Defensor is durable Defensor reads opponent’s spin Defensor has got strong legs Defensor use his brain by the table Defensor is fast Defensor constantly passes the ball Defensor never give up Defensor is mentally strong Defensor uses opponent’s spin CTT national POGO Speed: 9 Spin reversal: 7 Kontrol: 11 Extra-long thin pimples structure makes the ball very deceptive. In addition to deceptiveness, the pimple structure allows for maximum spin reversal when facing heavy loop or spin. Pogo is a strange rubber capable of many forms of spin variation that will keep your opponents on their toes. Rubbers from CCT as the only are approved by Chinese Table tennis association We compare National Pogo OX and 0,6mm sponge. Test will be based on typical defensive shots. To the analysis we took today Tsui Pao-Wen. She plays in Polish superleague in KS Bronowianka Kraków and comes from Taiwan. Tsui Pao-Wen is currently at 386 seed in ITTF rank. Her highest position was 119 in 2014. We can say this player has a very good technique and we can cheat out a few shots from her Exercise 1 Modification of a very popular exercise. Top spin from 3 places is played by offensive players. Now we pass pimples out from three places. 0,6mm sponged rubber gives us high stability. Ball goes with quite high backspin. Rubber is easy to master and we feel the ball well soon. Ball flies quite high so it is easy fo fit it to the table. We produce not as high noises. Its a rubber for classic defense. Rubber with no sponge is a little heavier to master. It’s harder to pass the ball with the same effectiveness. We pass the ball which is harder for the opponent, but if it come back, we are in troubles too. Defensors on the highest level rather prefer pimples out on sponge. Exercise 2 Defensor has to have good footwork. Very popular tactics vs defensors is the change of the tempo. This exercise enhances the footwork. 0.6mm sponge rubber gives us more control and more predictable ball’s trajectory. Shots this kind are easier to do when we have a sponge. Good Defensor tries to put as much rotation in the game as possible. If can make it, rotating the bat and playing backspin pimples in rubber is advisable. No sponge rubber is slower. Pass and continuing the game is harder. Backspin on both rubbers are fast similar. They generate strong backspin. No sponge rubber can’t generate repeatable ball. Is more dangerous by the table. Exercise 3 Defensor has to place the ball wisely. Felling of the ball matters. A good quality pass is the basic when we want to be a good player. Spin on both of the rubbers is comparable. Placing of the ball is better on 0,6mm. The more we go back, the better the 0,6mm is. When somebody has a good technique, will prefer the version with a sponge. Exercise 4 Next exercise is based on passing the ball. We did today a complete workout which enhances the feel during the pass. In this exercise player again have to work on foots The rubber National POGO is easy to master. After one practice every player who player pimples out before will get it. Players who prefer classic defense will we pleased by this rubber. Players who want to swap from smooth rubber to pimples out can use National POGO Quality of this rubber is on a very high level. We don’t see any defects. Price is low. For a good Defensor with well control of the ball can be a very dangerous weapon. For players such as Tsui Pao-Wen this type of rubber is proper. Technique of this kind of player requires the rubber to have 0,6- or 1,0-mm sponge. Thanks for watching. Write in a comment what we should show. What interest you? Ask your questions, we will try to answer every comment. On the channel you will find Women’s super league games playing such players as Tsui Pao-Wen. Welcome next week and don’t forget about a like!

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    I have Pogo 0.6mm. There is nothing special about it except that it is relatively cheap.
    The drill and the match play could be with any chopping rubber.

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