Ragnaros Trailer – Animation – Heroes of the storm

Ragnaros Trailer – Animation – Heroes of the storm

David Anderson

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15 thoughts on “Ragnaros Trailer – Animation – Heroes of the storm

  1. soer8899 says:

    Haha, made me laugh, you earned my thumbs up!

  2. OnetastyJoe says:


  3. Nick Caminita says:

    Lol. Well done!

  4. Kyp Durron says:

    i laughed

  5. J.A. Renau says:

    This is magic, I actually laughed out loud. Well done! Can't wait to see more.

  6. Androi Paranoid says:

    kakajakak muy bueno

  7. Neechay says:

    Really loved this,
    now please sit back while I nitpick your animation to an uncomfortable degree:

    You'd be better off without the shadow/texture stuff you did on that first wide shot of the lane, a smoother cell shading type technique with blocks of incrementally darker colours looks classier than those gradients.

    The perspective on Anub relative to the road in the background is…. wrong; the road looks more like a wallpaper.

    Anub should pull back more for those swings, lil more anticipation and they'd be a thing of beauty.
    laugh could use more frames ( I know, time constraints )

    Charred Anub looks amazing, just gotta say that, the goop pouring out his eyes really sells it.

    The white lines on the flamey head make it too busy, if you want it to look less simple then make the spacing of the colours non-symmetric.

    If you made the sides of his armour opposite his head fire a lil darker then he'd look a lot more 3d-ish, ( ie. in the close up of his face the left side of his armour spike could be a slightly darker brown )

    keep up the good work!

  8. pyrokatie says:

    My love <3 you will inspire thousands of souls 🙂 besitos de tu kati ??

  9. Tyson Krehnke says:

    Really clever and funny man, I hope this gets some exposure.

  10. decentradical says:

    Subscribbled. Have a look at Carbot's first episodes and you'll see you're WELL on your way to equal greatness.

  11. Crisalid X says:

    Muy bueno me rei un monton!

  12. nazrer two says:

    very goofy

  13. Senpai Deew says:

    dude this is lit conent

  14. jejeba86 says:

    hahaha, nice pun!

  15. fabian vasquez saavedra says:


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