Raging at Pogo stick man – Happy Wheels

1 million thirty six thousand eight
hundred seconds later yo guys what’s up TheThunderLamp here and today I’m playing happy
wheels because it’s been like ten eleven days or something I don’t even know
I lost count but guys don’t worry I’m freakin back because I don’t know I just
want to come back I really want to come back to make some videos that that is a
ginormous progress on my channel okay so without any further to do let’s go ahead and browse
levels I put the rating on the best rating everyone and today I’ll put that
like the level was uploaded today so let’s do this bottle flip hard H.A.R.D H.O.P.E Y.O.U E.N.J.O.Y for Kuplenov [>Play !! nose play well that was that was my best
english yet rate 5 okay
Noob oh wow that’s impossible yay come on
siren five and I’m not falling for that trap don’t worry guys I playing for my
past mistakes burn right I’m gonna try much more Oh perfect bottle flip mate
mate did you even see that Pogo fight 3D let’s do this find a clicking trigger okay let’s find oh wait I think
I found it no no okay i didin’t okay newb Justin Bieber why does
everybody hate them Bieber like oh okay there’s nothing good hahaha
you’re freaking dead mate aah oh my god what the frick does not see anything and
you just don’t know anything then forget it yeah okay
sorry noobs okay Justin Bieber do this drag okay nope oh yeah oh okay that’s a
very unpleasant pose oh my god dude why are you freaking
feeding my freaking mouth what the Frick is going on man
ah dude yeah I’m licking your toes SLPPLSPLLSPLSPLF okay let’s move on oh come on okay oh well I
fixed it come on old man stop doing watch oh oh
my god no DAMMIT come on okay oh come on
Justin Bieber you freaking Frick I’m going to freaking kill you you see I’m a
freaking caterpillar no okay wait shut yer freaking mouth man shut your freaking
me Oh bro okay sorry we understand your hurting what tha frick DAMMIT next one
in the list is gonna be pogo jump this is my first level which I ever created in
in the whole world so please rate fairly again I’m gonna rate 0 out of 10 million
again I drew this thing portrait of publicness okay well here’s to freaking
fabulous than me I gotta say that oh my goodness oh my
welcome to pogo jump okay so Oh
what what the Frick guys if you see ever a person freaking raging like me just don’t care they’re not really raging haha they’re not raging now what
you’re saying a marriage wrong what the Freak man
okay oh yeah how the heck did that even happen let’s let’s just restart really what
come on hmm
do not see anything of my rage thing free kick come on dude
hey there there there there there there there yeah they’re here yeah I got no come on round to you free
ok JB can pass this amazing come on bro he’s got this come on
no oh yes oh yeah that’s the freaking tactics ok ok you mad bro yeah yeah you
mad what the Frick is that up ahead is that even possible no one is in I
think I think that is a freaking light because you cannot do it yeah okay I
knew okay round three okay great oh my god okay do you think that I can
pass is right in the freaking cup steady I’m never gonna beat this up because I
don’t have my helmet like that other guy okay how did you manage to pass this you
can and you will pass oh my god I just don’t want to die man that is my only goal
for today I come on yes my god this Fricking level is long as my channel
name [TheThunderLamp] ah my jokes are just the best thanks for playing my first level what
the Frick what man what the friick FRICK THIAS cough cough cough cough okay sorry
for the rage guys I just couldn’t do it
alright like I was at a freaking end and then you come like Hulk smash me like that’s it okay rope swing raid whatever
you want by fire sword one two three four five all play that’s cause my man no he
is not the character that we need okay the Segway guy is what we need we can do
this yeah Bam Bam Bam Bam Yolo yes haha I gots you good
what the Freak is that okay so this is a level little down from the list okay my
first Bottle run hello guys is my first ball run world and my first level I hope
you like it guys Vixel by Vixel Worlds all good oh no
it’s a bottle run thing possible that if it’s a ball yup
okay welcome to my first bottle run okay let’s do this where the proooooooo… I was just gonna say yeah we were the pros add the freaking know what the Frick they
started yeah ah I guess is this whoa okay so this level falls on heart
donation I guess they exploded those to get our
heart and that is only it going down more down okay that’s
amazing whoa more down wow even more down downer down down down now extremely
more down now up down there you go the heart donation was right at your feet
and then just that heart it’s just going away because you see oh my god I’m
not gonna go in dat body no Frick this at a guy’s away
okay so the level is called rope swing EEEAAASSSYYY rope swing ) MrLOL1 2 3 3 1 2 okay
Segway guy we got this 1 2 3 TARZAN
what the Freak okay I didn’t even know who that that’s frickin thank you go
hi freakin mouth to the freakin game oh my god don’t be stuck okay guys if you
don’t move it don’t I came not gonna move okay just I just want to see sorry
for that sound that I made earlier oh no no no no no I’m not like that no okay then I’m dead Oh GRAB hey hey hey okay because I’m a bad person
okay so this is gonna be the final level for this video I’m cold
both row and it was made from mustard mm okay Segway guy we got this I love
bottle what the free cook oh my god okay wait wait but okay I’m dead I get this
oh well I’m just got a double death nice okay
come on NO! yeah haha my ow okay my
thing is ok how is called man I don’t know balls I love the good ol balls balls
win come on win you frick okay hey guys that does for this episode of happy wheels
I’m not going to scream my outro as I do every single time because my neck ow
it’s hurting very much because all of this freakin episode there was only screens
so um welcome back to my channel click the like button in that subscribe button
if you are new and enjoyed this video good bye guys have a nice day goodbye
guys again yes double yeah

David Anderson

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