Rabbids Short Stories: 10 animation studios play with the Rabbids characters

Rabbids Short Stories: 10 animation studios play with the Rabbids characters

In a near future, the Rabbids have won and human beings went back to their primive state. Today was the inauguration of the human zoo. Visitors seems to be both schocked and dubious. [Jean-Rabbid]
Wow! Unbelievable! [Monique-Rabbid, Animal Behaviourist]
Hm indeed, unbelievable that such a theme park has been created. Just look at them, indulging in those primitive rituals! This is outrageous. Humans -Love you
-Me too -You OK bun? Not Bwaad Not Bad Here is a human Let me show you [Hervé – Rabbid, Veterinarian]
Come on, get out of here Here we go Ge’ up then Ay! Easy easy! Hey! Down! Who’s the animal now?

David Anderson

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29 thoughts on “Rabbids Short Stories: 10 animation studios play with the Rabbids characters

  1. Gilberto Tirado says:


  2. Martín Sáez says:


  3. Alex e Leon says:

    This is a new game

  4. TheOnlyNevec says:

    I remember when I Played rabbids on the Wii

  5. Sandy Lamprey says:

    Miranda's favourite.

  6. juice hedgehog says:

    Ubisoft: our financial situation is pretty bad… I know, let’s make animated shorts!

  7. juice hedgehog says:

    Kid: Dad says you never do anything fun!
    Mom: If that’s true, you wouldn’t exist, kiddo!


  8. lucas figueiredo says:

    The stooipid, mostapes and the invasion team are the best

  9. NorgThefish says:

    Hey these are actually pretty good

  10. FieryGarfield says:

    Rabbids animated shorts return!!! Been waiting forever

  11. FieryGarfield says:

    Live action Rabbids

  12. Siliconia EXE says:

    FINALLY some adult like content for Rabbids I was seriously hoping when Ubisoft will make this happen… THESE ARE ALL SO AMAZING ??

  13. Im2Rudi4u says:

    Bruh it's love,death and rabbits

  14. Jackson Switch says:

    1:10 oh my god he straight up died

  15. Lucifer 0022 says:

    The last one is from ubisoft and you can very clearly feel it, that it is well made and the music just puts the whole short film into action mood and pumps you up. Music is so strong…

  16. Andrei Minesu says:


  17. weeeeeeev says:

    This is super fascinating, I appreciate these attempts to make different interpretations on what rabbids can be

  18. Glynn Hilton says:

    Plz turn this in a video game

  19. KoopaDerp848 says:


  20. Woomy boy says:

    Thank you so much for this! I love the Rabbids and more adult looking content is awesome!

  21. El Nigaman says:

    Me ase recordar a sierra serie de Netflix love x robot

  22. 오사이 says:

    "출발하라고 말하세요 ㅎ"

  23. joter twój babcia szatan. says:

    This is what we got instead of pacman 4

  24. Jonno Gaming says:

    So proud of Explosm ??

  25. Mario's Blocks says:

    Rabbid Peach..Wow

  26. Carlos Muñoz says:

    I love and hate you Rabbis.

  27. Mw Glitcher says:

    Ubisoft please rabbids go home 2

  28. HUNTERRR says:

    I want Prince of persia again ??

  29. AKP Zamhar says:

    Rabbid + Human = an intelligent Rabbid human thing.

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