Rabbids Short Stories: 10 Animation Studios Play with Rabbids | Ubisoft [NA]

Rabbids Short Stories: 10 Animation Studios Play with Rabbids | Ubisoft [NA]

In a near future, the Rabbids have won and human beings went back to their primive state. Today was the inauguration of the human zoo. Visitors seems to be both schocked and dubious. [Jean-Rabbid]
Wow! Unbelievable! [Monique-Rabbid, Animal Behaviourist]
Hm indeed, unbelievable that such a theme park has been created. Just look at them, indulging in those primitive rituals! This is outrageous. Humans -Love you
-Me too -You OK bun? Not Bwaad Not Bad Here is a human Let me show you [Herv� – Rabbid, Veterinarian]
Come on, get out of here Here we go Ge’ up then Ay! Easy easy! Hey! Down! Who’s the animal now?

David Anderson

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67 thoughts on “Rabbids Short Stories: 10 Animation Studios Play with Rabbids | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. N0mad2676 00 says:

    This is the very first time I’ve actually seen rabbit casualties

  2. Arcade Assassin says:

    The rabbit Easter egg on outback is pretty epic

  3. Lugubriously says:

    Neato… y’all gonna bring back Rabbids Fr now?

  4. Lugubriously says:

    Wow. That one about the hikikomori overcoming his social anxiety by way of friendship was really unexpected

  5. SolarFarle says:

    Some shorts were good. some were a bit uncomfortable to watch.

  6. Raykid says:

    This was amazing! My favorite shorts have to be: ''Artificial Stupidity'' and the one made by Stoopid Buddies.

  7. Harry Book says:

    I really really enjoy this!

  8. Alice Smith says:

    squints throughout the whole thing looking for rayman

  9. Yolli Boolka says:

    0:16 Meat Dept
    2:59 Explosm
    4:44 Kanaban
    6:20 Souviens Ten-Zan
    8:25 Stoopid Buddies
    9:48 Mostapes
    11:35 Machinima
    13:15 Hierro Animacion
    15:01 Fanworks
    16:42 Rabbids Invasion Team

  10. Jackson Arreola says:

    Give nokk mp7 with acog plzz

  11. Λάμπης Φιλιππής says:

    Wow this is how we look in the eyes of them!

  12. J. Smith says:


  13. Creeper6677 says:

    Amazing Stuff. ( Random Rabbids are very Surprising. )

  14. Jeff says:

    I love how this is just a parody of “love, death and robots”.

  15. NEZZER ODEN says:

    I miss rayman 🙁

  16. Ruby says:

    Why does the Explosm one looks like something out of Cyanide of Happiness?

  17. Nickkyyy 6 says:

    A saw a rabbid bleed how should I feel?

  18. Ghastmen says:

    The last one is the best xd

  19. Jebfrombritain says:

    Idk how to feel about this also what’s with the peach

  20. Matt 55 says:

    A rabbid saying "start the car" is a significant part of rabbids history for me

  21. Raccoon Gaming Department says:

    Rabbids are wrongfully hated and highly underrated.

  22. SharkVids Yt says:


  23. Mw Glitcher says:

    Rabbids go home 2 please

  24. Mr. Cerianes says:

    Is this a reference to love death and robots?

  25. Mr. Cerianes says:

    I would love to see more

  26. Mr. Cerianes says:

    My favorite is bromance

  27. RABBIDS FANBOY says:

    Is that that BARRANCO 3!!?! 16:52

  28. sponge king says:

    Lol i been watching this before Ubisoft bought this game or did they make it?

  29. sponge king says:

    6:11 oh my god wtf

  30. Thatone Personw2 says:

    Where’s rabbids kart

  31. Sergio Guerrero Miranda says:

    Ubisoft please i really want a Rabbids game

  32. TrashDemon YT says:

    I've Loved rabbids ever since I've seen them in Rayman, now seeing them die isn't as hurtful as it would've been a couple years ago

  33. TrashDemon YT says:

    Weird obsession with the peach emoji

  34. Reapermint says:

    Kanaban Graphics? I sense Rabbids x Usavich might be happening!

  35. IDALGAME says:

    The very first video about the pixel platform, I just neighing with laughter!

  36. Cheezitnator says:

    O_O this exists

  37. kd says:

    Love, Death, Rabbits

  38. GAMERZ LOL says:

    Last one was epic

  39. Igor Levchenko says:

    Love, Death & Rabbits!

  40. Mia Van Rijn says:

    Love the first one (by Meat Dept.)! Best style and cool vision on the Rabbids' existence, trapped in a russian doll matrix of video-games. They're getting more and more real, but in the end, they're still video game characters. Very clever!

  41. Elis V says:

    Stoopid Buddies WTF!… I usually love what they do, I'm really disappointed on this one.

  42. KenanA says:

    I want more!

  43. RayNight says:

    11:18 Rayman Raving Rabbids cover reference?

  44. Cleven says:

    Nio honni

  45. Unitaire says:

    What in the actual fu**

  46. martha nuvia zorro coronel says:

    Buenos vídeos, saludos desde Colombia

  47. Raving Rabbid says:

    My favorite video XD❤?

  48. Mizuki the Magician Sylveon says:

    Ok, I hate Rabbids but this's was fun!

  49. Al FA says:

    First and last nice other NOT

  50. Sir rays Knows alot says:

    Can u do dis w rayman?it will be nice to have a rayman show like this.

  51. Radicola says:

    I hope Ubisoft throws a bone to the Rayman fanbase and make a video similar to this.

  52. Coralhorse10 /a lenstar production company says:

    It's like of the Love,Death & Robots Rabbids version of this video But thanks Ubisoft

  53. Spiky Demon says:

    How I left your father

    10/10 the best tittle ever

  54. Cedreace WalksOverIce says:

    Poor little Rabbids
    I like Rabbids

  55. Cedreace WalksOverIce says:

    I just want to say OMG All Reanimated Rabbids Collab

  56. Cedreace WalksOverIce says:

    I hope someone will make another Rabbids short stories animation again
    of Collab

  57. Fadlullah Malla says:

    What am i watching

  58. Raydiel says:

    Rayman shorts animated ???

  59. Inkling Logan says:

    The rabbids looked like in a real life movie 1:46

  60. Trismorazan’s VIDS! says:

    Me: This ones a Blast
    Everyone else: (don’t get it)
    Me:a blast in the PAST
    Rabbids: 12:03

  61. Brandon Triste says:

    Es la raja wn!!

  62. officerapple247 says:

    This is so funny!
    I love it!

  63. Solo Sergio HD says:

    Rabbids Go Home Remastered on Nintendo Switch?

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