Princess Kidnapped – Chhota Bheem in English

Princess Kidnapped – Chhota Bheem in English

how dare they keep Daku Mangal Singh in jail..ha ha ha ha ha Let’s see how long will they keep in prison, the day i come out then i will show them what i am Uh?here come my men hahahah My dear beautiful princess is finally sleeping No prison can hold me for long..its now my turn to take revenge on the king..ha ha ha No one will ever dare to arrest me now…everyone will now see how dangerous i am listen…listen…listen the most dreaded Mangal singh has kidnapped our princess Indumati whoever helps in her rescue will be handsomely rewarded by the king listen…listen…listen the most dreaded Mangal singh……… Bheem…Bheem what happened? why are you screaming? Did you hear that I didnt hear anything…you tell me what it is Our princess Indumati has been kinapped by Daku Mangal Singh whattt!! this reward is only mine we were thinking of what to ask as our reward Lets ask him to make us landlords of Dholakhpur hey Dholu Bholu I am sure that Bheem will also start searching for Daku Mangal Singh we should save the princess before he does Bheem is it true Mangal Singh….. Yes Chukti we should try our best to rescue our dear princess Bheem, but how will we know where Mangal Singh has hidden our princess All dangerous people hide in the jungle…so its better if we search in the jungles will there be tigers in the jungle hurry up come on.. yes coming boss kalia look at that…its a necklace come…come hey…bosss…!!! Oh what do i do Hope no tiger comes here Bheem take care….i heard hunters make hug pits and cover it up with tress in the jungle, as traps for elephants and tigers dont worry chutki…Jaggu is keeping an eye on such traps come …come its safe its very hard to find Mangal Singh if we keep searching him in groups.. yes your right…lets look for him in seperate directions yeah good..thats a nice idea hey idiots get me out Dholu tigerrr…. jump hey..that sounds like Raju looks like he is in some danger did you guys hear that noise yes, looks like Raju is nearby I think the sound came from this direction Lets go n see come I warned you all to be careful This definitely must belong to our princess That means Raju has fallen in Mangal Singh’s trap. i got it…i got it where is it its here this is a huge pit yes, yes thats what I am saying, there it is Hey idiot! are we looking out for pits or Raju?? This pit will lead us to Raju And that will take us to the princess But I cnnot see Rau in this huge pit..where is he? Look at that!! there is some light in the pit!! hmmm…this means there is a secret tunnel in the end of the pit yesss…let me go and check it ok…but be careful…i will go find another way as well hey Chutki is that you Yess…I was sure that I will meet you somewhere here how? This is how Mangal Singh enters his secret place…and that huge pit was his emergency exit or a trap for his enemies So this is how our innocent Raju has fallen in his trap yeahhh hey..who are you how did you manage to enter here where are you taking away this princess?? come Jaggu let us tell him about us yeah..yeah yeah yeah Boss…how strange..this monkey can talk oh your Mangal Singh hey kid…your talking as if you will catch and tie me with ropes and take me to the King Bheem…ropes Jaggu get the ropes! Chutki..take the princess and go back to the palace yeah..lets go princess Now how shall we take him to the king Let us use his own horses to take him there Take him away….this time throw him up in the dark cage and lock him down you guys have done a brave job….tell me how do reward you dear King, we dont want anything We will ask you when we really need something dear king ok fine…Minister take them to their village in my royal carriage

David Anderson

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