Pre-sident Obama – GAME GRUMPS Animated

Pre-sident Obama – GAME GRUMPS Animated

[GG Animated Intro music] [News music] [Crowd sounds] I’m uh… I’m gonna pre [laugh] I’m gonna pre dude [laugh] I’m gonna fucking pre [laugh] [snort] Holy shit! How am I supposed to fucking golf at a time like this? [outro music] Michelle, get in here! Michelle, they’re… they’re doing an impression of me!

David Anderson

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10 thoughts on “Pre-sident Obama – GAME GRUMPS Animated

  1. Generic Lets Play Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy says:

    Thanks for doing this.You always choose the best moments

  2. Zaptimon says:

    Already, it has started.
    Do this and bring Obama on Guest Grumps!

  3. Caroline Groat says:

    Trump at the end!! I love it!!

  4. Jack PoppyBro says:

    Obama set it up, the Trump bit at the end drove it home.

  5. andrewkful says:


  6. MySocksDrawer says:

    The translator made me laugh so hard!

  7. Kevin says:

    This should have way more views!! Very funny stuff!!

  8. SaintSentry says:

    0:39 Is that Mr. Enter?

  9. LiCuKi says:

    the man translating was on point! great fucking job dude, i've worked on that shit to translate and holy shit when that happens is exaclty like that OH THE PAAAIN!!

  10. HyenaDip says:

    nice so they just took this joke from supermega?

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